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Last review:15 December 2014
First review:13 January 2010

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Logo for Hightail


Software by Hightail

The professional way to send & share files and folders with anyone. Hightail is the professional way to access and share files with control, from any device. Trusted by more than 45 million people worldwide, Hightail will help your business be more productive without putting your valuable information at risk.

Latest reviews for Hightail

“Affordable as You Send It but not now”

(2 November 2014)

“Nice service... but promising more than it can accomplish.”

(14 August 2014)

“Ridiculously slow download speed”

(19 June 2014)

Logo for LogicMonitor


Software by LogicMonitor

Cloud Based Performance Monitoring. Your IT team faces tech overload – they need to manage an ever-increasing number of critical applications. The solution: an automated monitoring solution that enables you to easily and cost-effectively track the performance of your complete infrastructure (including public and private clouds and on-site stacks). With easy, cloud-based LogicMonitor, your team can: • Monitor complete infrastructure with one unified tool, tracking performance to ensure optimal service and uninterrupted uptime • Respond to issues fast with instant alerts routed via phone, email or SMS • Keep an eagle-eye watch over trends with powerful dashboards and reports • Efficiently conduct root-cause analysis with historical data to identify issues • Optimize utilization and make informed decisions on when and where to scale

Latest reviews for LogicMonitor

“Best support from any tech company on earth. ”

(10 September 2014)

“Excellent tool”

(7 August 2014)


Gilbert Zammit, Founder, IT Channel Insight (31 July 2014)

Logo for CloudEntr


Software by Gemalto

Single sign on access to all your cloud applications. Managing access to your cloud applications doesn't have to be hard. CloudEntr gives you one secure place to manage access to all your cloud applications. Login once and get secure, one-click access to all of your cloud applications, on any device, without giving up control over who gets access.

Latest reviews for CloudEntr

“Great Solution”

(15 December 2014)

“Excellent for developers.”

(15 December 2014)

“easy to use for my entire staff”

(15 December 2014)

Analyst Reviews for System Administration Software

Logo for Vivantio Pro

Vivantio Pro 

Software by VivaDesk

Flexible, Trusted, Reliable Service Desk Software

VivaDesk is a great way to manage help desk and customer service tickets. With an interface that features full flexibility, VivaDesk can be set up to work with any type of IT help desk or customer service desk. VivaDesk offers different Ticket Types (such as Incident, Problem, and Change) which can be individually configured to have its own unique categories, priorities, statuses, custom fields, business rules, etc. Additional benefits around Ticket Types include the ability to support requests for service outside of traditional IT or customer service. The likes of Facilities, HR, Marketing, and even Health & Services departments receive requests for service. VivaDesk can ensure these requests become serviceable tickets with service level agreements to ensure prompt fulfillment.

GetApp Blog (24 March 2014)

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Logo for ServicePattern


Software by Bright Pattern

Next generation cloud contact center.

Bright Pattern’s Service Pattern is a powerful, flexible and cost-effective next-generation cloud-based contact center platform for effective customer service management. It is an integrated, multi-channel platform that empowers frontline agents and supervisors and helps companies manage the complete cycle of customer experience.

GetApp Blog (19 September 2013)

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Logo for Intralinks VIA

Intralinks VIA 

Software by

Try Intralinks VIA for Free !

One of the primary factors that sets Intralinks VIA apart is control. If a user changes his or her mind about a file that has been shared, that file can easily be removed from other user accounts through Intralinks VIA’s UNshare feature. The person who shares the file has lifetime control of that file, with the ability to delete it or update it at any time. Intralinks VIA was built specifically for businesses, taking into account the security concerns and control needs many businesses have. An audit trail allows administrators to monitor daily activity to see which documents are being viewed, by whom.

GetApp Blog (17 September 2013)

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Logo for Bitium


Software by Bitium

Securely manage and provision your company’s apps, users and passwords in one place.

I think the application is extremely useful. It is a productivity enhancement app as well as an operating system that connects multiple elements of your SaaS ecosystem into a single cohesive whole.

GetApp Blog (30 August 2013)

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Logo for Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management

Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management 

Software by Time & People Pty Ltd

You must know WhosOnLocation in the event of an emergency

The greatest benefit to using the application relates to its multiple use cases. Whether it is installing self-checking on your premises or managing visitor entry with your receptionist and security, Visitor Management software has multiple uses. I especially liked the fact that you can generate interesting and useful analytics related to visitor management. Other benefits and use cases, which may not be immediately evident, are also possible. For example, the solution’s smartphone app can be excellent resource for zoning off high-security areas or, simply, tracking specific visitors. The application can also be used in induction management to familiarize new employees with your facility. This can be especially helpful in the context of manufacturing facilities.

GetApp Blog (14 August 2013)

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Logo for New Relic

New Relic 

Software by New Relic, Inc.

Performance testing and monitoring

New Relic is, possibly, the only application of its kind. While most web analytics promise to measure website performance comprehensively, they do not measure the backend i.e., server activity or application activity. I especially like the fact that New Relic enables you to measure activity at the macro and micro levels. Thus, you can measure website performance with high-level data such as browser performance and relate it to your granular data such as individual application access time.

GetApp Blog (13 June 2013)

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Logo for PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail 

Software by Certifix Management, Inc.

Your Virtual Mail. Delivered.

There’s plenty of good to consider as you explore your options for dealing with the mail problem in your home or business. The service is fairly budget friendly, saves you time in your busy day, and helps you take care of a problem that’s plaguing countless homes and offices throughout the country – too much paper. The one biggest downside, at least at this stage of the game, is the limited number of facilities in the country to handle the PostScan Mail responsibilities. This is one business that will be interesting to watch and see what it becomes as it evolves to meet the needs of an expanding customer base.

GetApp Blog (21 May 2013)

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Logo for Oogwave


Software by Oogwave

Team Collaboration - Share and Work from Anywhere

. All said and done, Oogwave is an idea discovery platform. It enables businesses and corporations discover the best ideas in their setup and implement them. I also liked the fact that the team at Oogwave has borrowed and integrated the most popular elements from social networks.

GetApp Blog (16 April 2013)

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Logo for Dotcom-Monitor


Software by Dotcom-Monitor

Site Uptime | Page Speed | App Functionality

Websites are increasingly important components of a small business’s marketing and commerce strategy. Solutions such as Dotcom-Monitor enable you to manage your website monitoring needs in a simple format, without getting into the technical nitty-gritty. In addition, Dotcom-Monitor’s affordability only adds to the case for the solution. Highly recommended.

GetApp Blog (14 December 2012)

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Logo for White Source Software

White Source Software 

Software by White Source

Identify, manage, and audit open source licenses with ease.

With a free membership and instant access to the program, there is little reason not to try White Source. It is cloud-based so you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer, and you could be using the program in a matter of minutes. Give White Source a try and if you don’t like it, you can discontinue use.

GetApp Blog (21 September 2012)

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Tanner (13 February 2014)
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Brian Clark (18 February 2013)
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Mike (21 February 2014)
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nopstar (13 January 2010)
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MarkMayhew (20 May 2012)
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“Sharing Social Content Across An Enterprise”

Rakesh Sharma (16 April 2013)
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“Affordable all In One IT Services Management Software”

Rakesh (14 June 2011)
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Alice Akins (17 September 2012)
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Rakesh Sharma (14 December 2012)
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“Loving the un-share feature”

Brian (11 September 2013)
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“Great Service, Excellent Support”

Howard Ross, Lead Developer, Janny Montgomery Scott LLC (13 July 2010)
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“Incapsula also speed up your website”

Rakesh (12 May 2011)
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“Our whole IT world in one interface!”

ITSM_Helpdesk_Guru (28 June 2011)
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“BlazeMeter is a no brainer for JMeter users”

James Bennet (28 January 2013)
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“very flexible and powerfull”

Mike (6 February 2013)
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“Do not trust with your data”

(24 October 2014)
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Matt (19 September 2013)
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