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  • Load Impact - Performance Testing 

    Software by Load Impact

    Automated and on-demand performance testing for developers.

  • Load Impact is the leading cloud-based load testing software trusted by over 131,000 website, mobile app and API developers worldwide. Companies like JWT, NASDAQ, The European Space Agency and ServiceNow have used Load Impact to detect, predict, and analyze performance problems. Load Impact requires no download or installation, is completely free to try, and users can start a test with just one click. Use Load Impact to establish a long-term baseline for your performance on which to validate the impact (good and bad) of infrastructure changes over time; and use it to determine your maximum capacity in order to understand which components fail first, in what order and what the nature of that failure is. Load Impact specializes in load, stress and endurance testing of websites, web-apps, mobile apps and APIs. Register for a free account and get immediate access to all features. Run 5 free tests a month with up to 250 concurrent users.

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  • New Relic 

    Software by New Relic

    Performance testing and monitoring

  • New Relic is the all-in-one web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. More than 70,000 organizations use them to optimize over 100 billion metrics in production each day. They provide 24x7 real user monitoring and code-level diagnostics for production apps deployed on dedicated infrastructures, the cloud, or hybrid environments and real time end-to-end monitoring for your iOS and Android apps. New Relic provides support for applications written in Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, .NET and Node.js and related frameworks. New Relic also partners with leading cloud management, platform, and hosting vendors to provide their customers with instant visibility into the performance of deployed applications. New Relic also has an open SaaS platform that enables its community of developers, partners and customers to build plugins using open API’s to monitor any technology of their choice, from databases, networks, caching layers and more.

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  • CopperEgg 

    Software by CopperEgg

    Server and website monitoring tool

  • Monitor the health and availability of your hybrid cloud in a single pane of glass with intuitive red, yellow, and green dashboard indicators. Alert and report on the health of servers, EC2 instances, EBS Volumes, applications, websites, and more. Simple copy/paste install gets you up and running in less than 5 minutes.

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  • PractiTest - Test Management Tool 

    Software by PractiTest

    Don't Just Test, PractiTest!

  • PractiTest is an Innovative end-to-end QA and test management tool that is easy and affordable, yet flexible and methodological. PractiTest is a technology and methodology leader in the field of Application Life Management (ALM), providing its customers with the best in class system to meet their Testing and QA needs.

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  • Testuff Test Management 

    Software by Testuff

    Simply #1 SaaS Test management Solution

  • Testuff test management is a SaaS service for managing and executing software tests and for reporting defects. Immediately as you download our client, you'll notice that we have worked hard to make it look fun and simple-looking. We pride ourselves for making it intuitive, easy to use and a "no training required" type of service. But don't let this look fool you - we mean business when it comes to giving you an end-to-end solution with all features included. Our test management suite includes: Requirements management, test cases, test planning and execution, defect reporting, video recorder and player, time management, integration to all bug trackers and automation tools and much more. Download a free 30 days trial and work yourself easily through the full end-to-end testing cycle options.

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  • Clickthroo 

    Software by Clickthroo

    Landing Page Marketing Platform

  • Clickthroo is a landing page marketing solution for brands, advertisers, and agencies. It enables marketers to easily and quickly design, build, publish, segment, and test landing page experiences without the need for coding or I.T skills.

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  • Loadster 

    Software by Loadster Performance

    Load testing for high-performance websites

  • Loadster is a load testing tool for websites, web applications and HTTP web services. Loadster Workbench can simulate up to 25 concurrent users for free, or purchase more engines to simulate thousands of concurrent users. Load testing helps to discover performance bottlenecks, predict and prevent crashes, and ensure your application can handle high traffic events.

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  • Quiz Software 

    Software by

    Build and Test Knowledge

  • ProProfs Quiz Software is a leading quiz site, ideal for teachers or trainers to create & deliver online assessments to learners. The quiz software comes with an intuitive and interactive interface and supports multiple question types such as checkboxes, fill-in-the-blanks, true or false, multiple choice, essay types & more. Instructors can easily assign quizzes to learners via online classrooms and get advanced reports and feedback from learners. Creating a quiz is easy with ProProfs. There are millions of quiz templates on various topics which instructors can use to create their own assessments. The quizzes are automatically graded saving them time & effort. Instructors can also award learners with custom test completion certificates. In addition to these benefits, ProProfs Quiz software is a fully hosted solution, which makes it possible for trainers, schools, universities, SMEs or large enterprises to access it 24/7 online from any browser, platform or mobile device.

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  • Mockup Tiger 

    Software by Rudrasoft


  • MockupTiger helps you build wireframes, mockups and prototypes. It is very unique web based Rapid prototyping application and offers the best widgets to build Dashboard Wireframes or website Mockups. Provides scalable library of vector Icons, powerful Text widgets, containers and boxes and Dashboard Chart widgets. The best web based HTML5 prototyping application. It is fast, flexible and super fun to work with

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  • QTestin 

    Software by QTestin

    Real Time Global Application Performance Monitoring

  • QTestin provides real time performance monitoring for mobile applications, content and services. QTestin measures performance & availability across a global network of devices connected to live mobile networks, enabling developers, publishers & operators to gain an “outside-in” understanding of the end-user perspective and quickly detect, diagnose and solve performance issues before the customer encounters them. QTestin supports mobile web, HTML5, native and hybrid Apps.

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"Monitoring Internal & External (Cloud) servers & Services"

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Load Impact - Performance Testing

"Easy and well done load testing tool"

  4th of July 02:35

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New Relic

"Amazing service"

  4th of May 00:40


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