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  • LightCMS 

    Software by NetSuite, Inc. (LightCMS)

    Build a Website and an Online Store

  • LightCMS is the simple way to build a website and an online store. With tools anyone can use, LightCMS makes it easy for businesses and organizations to manage their own websites and find success online. LightCMS provides the tools to create blogs, calendars, image galleries, forms and much more through an intuitive interface that's a snap to learn. Plus, LightCMS offers a full-featured eCommerce solution. Create products, manage orders, communicate with customers and more. A streamlined and fully-secure shopping cart and checkout experience is built right in. LightCMS is also the premier platform for web designers and people who make websites. Used by hundreds of designers around the world, LightCMS offers unmatched design flexibility with no special languages to learn. Plus, the LightCMS Partner Platform offers a host of tools designed to get rid of the hassles and help designers scale their website businesses faster and with less overhead.

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  • Folloze 

    Software by Folloze

    Win More Sales. Know What Wins

  • Easily share content, track engagement and get real time notifications. - Invite your prospect to a personalized private board, get better response. - Respond in real time when your prospects interact with content. - Provide confident forecasts based on actual customer activities. - Continuously drip content to position yourself as a trusted advisor.

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  • TallyFox Cluster 

    Software by Cloud collaboration space with built-in knowledge management.

    Integrated knowledge, content & project management

  • Clusters provides projects, events, and entire organizations with a cloud-based community for collaboration & knowledge management. Clusters can be customized to meet your individual needs, whether you need a content management, project management or knowledge management solution. Clusters allows you to categorize content, share it and make it searchable. You can assign and track tasks, collaborate on documents and set up online meetings. Set up wikis for knowledge sharing and manage contact communication within the integrated CRM. Clusters can be set up in 60 seconds and managed without any IT support.

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  • EditionGuard 

    Software by Kodelite LLC

    Securely distribute eBooks with Adobe Content Server DRM

  • Based on Adobe Content Server, EditionGuard is an affordable hosted eBook DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution for ePub and PDF eBooks. It can be integrated with any website via platform independent APIs, allowing for secure delivery of eBooks to dozens of compatible mobile devices and apps.

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  • iCloud 

    Software by Apple

    Multi-device cloud content storage

  • iCloud from Apple is a secure cloud storage solution for storing multiple types of content online, and across all your devices. The data storage platform provides a single place to store all your documents, music, photos and other files. By using iCloud, you can get access to the same content from different devices, removing the need for multiple uploads, downloads and transfers. The iCloud app also provides a file sharing solution that lets you share photos, videos and more with groups and individuals.

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  • Nextopia 

    Software by Nextopia

    eCommerce site & navigation search

  • Nextopia is an eCommerce search and search API tool that links site visitors with the products based on your preference. The Nextopia platform lets you create search result preferences based on ratings, price, colors and even mispellings/typos. Nextopia is fully integratable with Magento, Yahoo, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor and provide online customer support, free demos, one-to-one support/sales chats, webinars, case studies and success stories to assist with your decision making process.

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  • Contentful 

    Software by Contentful

    API-first Content Management System

  • Contentful is the flexible and future-friendly content management platform that lets you easily publish content across platforms. Create content once and publish it beautifully, anywhere! Editors manage content interactively in an easy-to-use editing interface, while developers set up delivery of the content with the programming language and template framework of their choice.

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  • SDL BeGlobal 

    Software by SDL

    Your app's content, in any language, right away

  • SDL BeGlobal is a translation-as-a-service platform that is revolutionizing translation by making multilingual content capabilities easily accessible to every industry and for every use case imaginable. Powered by SDL, the leader in translation for over 20 years, SDL BeGlobal offers best-in-class machine translation or "good, better, best" human translation based on cost, quality and turnaround time requirements. SDL BeGlobal quickly and easily integrates into existing business software to provide in-context translation capabilities directly to the end users of any application that touches content. Through a simple self-service translation API, software vendors and global businesses can translate real-time, dynamic or static content types through integrated translation capabilities. Learn more at or call 1-855-229-4471.

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  • Bravo 

    Software by Bravo

    User Generated Video

  • Instantly capture video from customers, users and fans - right over the web.

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Jake Zeller reviewed


"Awesome collaboration app"

  12th of August 00:31

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"Content Management done right."

  15th of July 08:52


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