• BrainCert 

    Software by BrainCert, Inc.

    Cloud-based E-Learning Platform, Virtual Classroom, and LMS

  • BrainCert is a cloud-based e-learning platform, virtual classroom, and enterprise-ready online learning management system (LMS). A soup-to-nuts solution for students and instructors, BrainCert offers powerful tools to create (and take) online courses, tests, tutorials, and live & recorded classes. Instructors and organizations can host live seminars and conferences online using BrainCert Virtual Classroom, engaging with students located halfway around the world. Content and media publishing tools also allow instructors to publish content publicly or privately without dealing with the headaches associated with converting basic files into online courseware. Instructors can charge for their courses and tests, and collect funds via PayPal and Stripe. Recruiters use BrainCert Testing Platform to accurately pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate thus saving time and make faster hiring decisions. BrainCert is the easiest way to learn, teach, and collaborate Online.

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  • Flashcards Software 

    Software by

    Build and Test Knowledge

  • ProProfs Flashcards software is ideal for teachers, trainers and learners for creating different kinds of learning aids such as memory lists, review lists and more. You can create engaging and informational flashcards with ProProfs by adding photos and images. The interface is really easy and intuitive allowing you to create advanced flashcards in a few simple clicks. After you finish creating flashcard sets, you can share them on Facebook, Twitter or embed them onto your website or blog. Flashcards are an excellent way to review and record your knowledge and ProProfs let's you do that in a simple, fun and creative way.

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  • Dokeos 

    Software by StandingCloud

    Hosted by Standing Cloud

  • A learning management system for educators and medical professionals Dokeos is a learning suite designed to maximize student engagement by using collaborative teaching tools such as forums, wikis and other discussion-focused methods. It allows users to track students’ time and progress, assess learning, upload documents and templates, and manage users. It is especially useful for organizing study groups and video conferences; creating graphic organizers like mind maps; and making podcasts, tests, quizzes and other assessment tools. Instructors can use these tools to encourage students to work together and think critically in order to maximize their involvement and learning. Dokeos also offers a “Pro” edition that is tailored for medical professionals. Dokeos is one of the popular applications we support. Learn more about it at

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