• Vend 

    POS software retailers love to use.

    Vend is retail web-based point-of-sale and inventory management software you will love to use. Vend is easy to set up, operates on any device with a web browser, and works with the cash drawers & receipt printers you already own. Plus it continues to work even if your internet connection doesn't. Say goodbye to unfriendly point-of-sale for ever.

  • SendinBlue Email 

    Easy To Use Email Marketing Service

    SendinBlue is an email marketing software that let you easily manage your email marketing campaigns, transactional emails and SMS messages all in one simple and powerful platform.

  • Algolia 

    Realtime Search API for Developers

    Algolia provides a simple search API to find anything in your website or app with minimum effort. Performance and simplicity are our obsessions. Algolia allows a unique find as you type experience for your end users as results are returned in less than 10ms in average. For the developers, Algolia's hosted engine handles all the search backend heavy lifting and provides an unmatched flexibility and easiness of configuration.

  • Qwaya

    Facebook ads tool for professionals

    Qwaya is a self service Facebook advertising tool for performance marketers and other sophisticated advertisers. It's powerful features and nice web interface helps you run Facebook campaigns more efficient with less effort. The pricing is a simple mothly flat fee starting at $79/month which makes it highly affordable compared to other providers. Collaborative plans for marketing teams and agencies also available.

  • PrestaShop

    Free Ecommerce Software

    PrestaShop was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide world class ecommerce software for free through open source innovation. Today more than 200,000 ecommerce stores run on PrestaShop technology. The company provides software that enables users to have a fully functional online store at the lowest cost possible. The PrestaShop open source community includes 700,000 merchants, developers and web agencies from around the world. PrestaShop is the proud winner of the 2014 Best eCommerce Solution for SMB and 2014 Best eCommerce Solution for Enterprise, from CMS Critic.

  • CloudHub

    Integration platform as a service

    CloudHub is the most widely used integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for connecting enterprise applications on-premise and in the cloud. With simplified development tooling, an extensive library of connectors built and managed on a cloud based platform, CloudHub allows leading Enterprises to connect and automate business processes across their environment. Connect SaaS to other SaaS, on premise and social applications in a matter of days not weeks or months

  • Zoho Connect

    Enterprise private social network

    The new age communication tool for companies, aimed at facilitating better workflows through knowledge exchange, file sharing and collaboration. An evolved confluence of intranet and social network for a workplace free from silos. Rediscover and unleash your company's latent talents with this platform for ideation and innovation.

  • truDigital Signage

    Cloud Based Digital Signage

    We provide a premier, cloud-based digital signage solution. One low monthly price. No long term contracts. No setup fees. Unlimited access. Increase your sales and accelerate your business with our digital signage platform today!


  • ShippingEasy 

    Powerful, Yet Simple Shipping Software

    ShippingEasy is easy-to-use, cloud based software that makes it easy for online retailers to print labels fast and save up to 46% off USPS postage.

  • INinbox 

    Email Marketing, Superpowers

    Easily create, send and track emails plus automate time consuming tasks by connecting INinbox click-easy with 200+ popular business apps like salesforce, paypal, woocommerce and magento. At INinbox we make sure that your emails reach the inbox.You can create & send email campaigns that are true to your brand. On top of that we fully support responsive email templates, your designs will NEVER break. This is 2014! Join forces with us and 1000's of other superhero's today.

  • StrikeBase 

    Work Better Together.

    StrikeBase is an Online work platform for collaboration and Project management in one central place with Tasks, Time-tracking, web and desktop Chat, File sharing, Notes and more.

  • TrackVia 

    Application Builder for Business People

    TrackVia's easy-to-use application platform empowers non-technical users to build their own web applications, mobile apps or online database in minutes with clicks, not code and for a fraction the cost of generic off-the-shelf software or SaaS solutions. More than 2,000 businesses have built their own custom versions of CRM, contact management, inventory or asset tracking, vendor management, project management, internal workflow and reporting, HR or employee management and more. Users can even build web applications tailored for specific industries, such as healthcare, construction, technology, retail, manufacturing, real estate and more. It's 100% free to try and we offer simple month-to-month pricing starting as low as $49 per month for 10 users.

  • Instiller 

    The email marketing solution for agencies

    Take control of your clients' email marketing projects and save time by managing everything in one place with ease. Instiller is the only email marketing solution designed specifically for agencies. Enabling you to manage all of your clients in one professional easy to use application that’s feature-rich, branded and can be individually customised for each of your clients.

  • LiveChat 

    Beautiful Online Chat for Amazing Customer Service

    LiveChat turns support teams into customer service rockstars. Customers love chatting and answers to their questions coming within seconds, not hours or days. Gain an advantage over competitors and win hearts of customers with amazing customer service using LiveChat.

  • 71lbs 

    Free, fast, and automatic FedEx & UPS shipping refunds

    Did you know that if your overnight (works on ground too!) FedEx/UPS shipment is late, --even by 60 seconds-- you should get 100% of your money back? Not many companies do. Up to 6% of shipments are late. Billions of dollars are left unclaimed. You're seconds away from 71lbs easily automating this for you. Did you know you should get 100% of your money-back when a FedEx or UPS shipment is late? - Takes 45 seconds to sign-up. We audit your shipments. You collect your refunds - No sign-up fees. No monthly fees. It's free to sign-up!

  • Shopify 

    E-commerce Shopping Cart Platform

    Shopify provides everything you need to create a beautiful online store. Shopify powers more than 30,000 online retailers including Amnesty International, Evisu Jeans, and Tesla Motors. Ecommerce website hosting with unlimited bandwidth is included in all packages. Shopify includes mobile commerce features and can be managed with an iPhone.

  • Caspio Online Database 

    DIY Online Database Apps Without Coding

    Caspio is the #1 online database platform for creating business applications, custom forms and reports fast and without coding. With an intuitive point-and-click app builder, non-technical business users will be able to create custom web apps fast and at a fraction of cost compared with traditional software development. All Caspio-powered apps can be seamlessly deployed on your own website, intranet, CMS, blog, or any other web property. With Caspio’s online database platform, you can create apps 20 times faster than conventional development. Your apps are very easy to maintain and you can scale up or down as your needs change. Since 2000, organizations of all sizes have been utilizing the platform to create custom apps that streamline processes, enhance workflow and experience much more agility. Caspio is a certified partner of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. All pricing plans include UNLIMITED USERS. Try it for free!

  • AdClarity for Display 

    Competitive intelligence for media

    AdClarity is one of the leading Competitive Intelligence SaaS Solutions for Digital Media. With AdClarity you can see which campaigns, creatives and traffic sources (i.e. websites that sell ad inventory) are working best for your competitors, and where they're not cost-effective.

  • Redbooth (formerly Teambox) 

    Business collaboration software

    Try Redbooth if you are looking to boost employee productivity by 40% and drive up workforce engagement. Redbooth is the best single place for shared tasks, discussions, file sharing, chat and HD video conference meetings. Intuitive, effective, secure and trusted by more than 750,000 users worldwide. Our featured customers include many from the Fortune 100 and major organizations such as Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Ebay, IBM, Dell, Novartis, and more. The software is free to try and only takes 1 minute to register on our website. Invite your co-workers and be up and running in minutes. With Redbooth's mobile apps (iOS and Android), you can access all of the tools you need to get your job done when on the move or working remotely.

  • Vidyard 

    Business Video Hosting and Analytics

    Vidyard hosts your videos, analyzes their effectiveness, and transforms them into powerful marketing tools. Using Vidyard eliminates the barriers to using video as an online marketing tool by integrating configuration, security and analytics into a unified solution. Customers choose Vidyard because: 1. Our simple interface makes it easy to get started with online video as a marketing tool. 2. You can syndicate content to multiple outlets (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) with a single click, driving more viewers to your video. 3. Integrated Call-to-Action tools make it easy for viewers to become customers 4. Comprehensive analytics provide deep insight into viewer's behaviour, helping you measure how your content is performing. You've likely spent a lot of time producing a quality video, make sure you're maximizing its effectiveness with the Vidyard platform!

  • adCore 

    FREE AdWords PPC Software

    PPC Automation & Management Software - For AdWords & Bing! adCore is a leading advertising technology platform, providing automated solutions for day-to-day Search Engine Marketing tasks. adCore is designed for in-house marketing professionals, freelancers and advertising agencies to scale your SEM activity and outperform your targets. Whether you’re building a brand, generating leads or managing online advertising for eCommerce adCore is fully customizable to fit any industry needs. Build dynamically updating campaigns & scale your activity to drive success. Easily build and manage dynamic campaigns for multiple search engines, automate your optimization and every day SEM activity and build your own reporting dashboard for client ready reports. Use adCore to create fully customizable reports and monitor campaign performance. Slice into data quickly, draw conclusions, and take action. Save time building the reports you need and share reports with clients and managers.

  • Direct Mail Manager 

    Amazing tools that turn you into a direct mail marketing expert. is an On-Demand Direct Mail Web App that will make you a direct mail marketing expert. It provides you with the ability to easily produce highly effective, targeted direct mail. Integrated directly with many popular CRM, Ecommerce and Financial Web Apps, the system gives you access to advanced direct mail reporting tools including USPS tracking, ROI Reports, A/B Marketing Testing and there is no minimum quantity requirement. With no minimum requirements, extremely affordable pricing and trackable reporting, this system is a perfect marketing tool for your business. The highest quality, full color, UV coated postcards are printed and mailed, first class, within 48 hours. The integrations to many popular CRM, Ecommerce and Financial Web Apps allows for simple list importing and advanced marketing reporting that provides in-depth direct mail campaign analysis. turns you into a direct mail marketing expert.

  • DeskAway 

    Simplify Work

    DeskAway is a web-based project management software that helps teams to organize, manage and track their work from a central location. We believe that teams can work smarter by automating and simplifying their communication/ collaboration. With the growing number of small businesses/ distributed teams, increased broadband penetration, and 24x7 mobile work culture, DeskAway is rightly poised to give teams an accurate view of how their projects are doing and help eliminate common problems that occur when multiple people are collaborating: email spam, multiple file versions, lost files, task accountability issues, lack of clarity & work transparency. DeskAway is positioned between the simple project tools and complex per user per month project management tools - its packed with powerful features and affordable plans (plans start from FREE to $99 per month, unlimited users) that can be used by even the most non-technical person in a team.

  • Email It 

    Easy to use email marketing service

    Email It is an email marketing software for all businesses sizes. You can easily create email newsletters, manage your contacts, and automate your marketing using our simple tools. It doesn’t stop there, we offer easy creation of RSS driven email campaigns, surveys, and powerful Autoresponders. Our software features an email designer with an easy-to-use editor. You have the flexibility to choose from 100s’ of RESPONSIVE pre-designed email templates or create your own customized one. We offer cloud hosting for all your image files too. Email It has great reporting features to allow you to see opens, clicks, bounces, successful deliveries, unsubscribes, spam reports, social shares, message forwards and much more. You can automate your sales processes by setting up automated campaign sequences and setup advanced subscriber actions. Learn why thousands of people are ditching their current email marketing & marketing automation providers to join us (FREE migration & account).

  • MetaLocator 

    Store Locator Software

    MetaLocator features one of the best store locator software on the market. It allows to search, display and manage a number of locations on your Web site in an extremely configurable and easy way. The software can be used to locate dealers and stores, as an atm locator, vendor list, store finder or for any other type of location directory. Display your results in a Google Map, Directory List View and Combined List & Map View. Test out the demonstration to see the different views the software offers. All views can be searched for locations within a configurable distance of a postal code, city, state or any other geo-spatial reference point which can be processed by Google. Each location is immediately geocoded (defined through latitude and longitude) by using the provided address. The Locator uses Google to geocode ZIP codes and addresses which means that our software can be used in all of the hundreds of countries supported by Google.

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