Featured Field Service Management Apps
  • Synchroteam 

    Software by Synchroteam

    Field Service Management - FSM

  • Synchroteam helps businesses in many industries efficiently manage their mobile workers, simplify their processes and optimize their costs per revenue. It is a complete and intuitive field service management solution (FSM) with Scheduling Assistance, Dispatching, Tracking and Reporting capabilities. It shows you in real-time the location of your offices, workers, customers and displays them on a map. It is very easy to drag and drop a job onto the right worker based on his availability, competencies and location. You can also use ScheduleAssist module which will find the best Field Worker based on his Skills and Availability and Operation Hours of your company. The mobile client that comes with Synchroteam is available for iOS and Android platforms.

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Field Service Management App Directory
  • GeoOp 

    Software by GeoOp

    Cloud based job management software for trades & services

  • GeoOp - The cloud based job management software for trades and services. Produce online job sheets, schedule staff and invoice on the go. This is what GeoOp is and we are ready to unleash the potential in trade and service businesses globally. Our complete workflow is wrapped into our low cost, simple to use GeoOp App and website console for MAC & PCs. Started in 2009, GeoOp listed on the New Zealand Exchange in October 2013 and is fast growing with staff and offices in Australia, United States and the UK. Pricing starts from just $19.95/month. See http://www.geoop.com for more details and a free trial.

  • Loc8.com 

    Software by Loc8.com

    Full spectrum field service for asset maintenance and job management

  • Many of the world's largest businesses rely every day on Loc8's tightly integrated, asset-centric maintenance, help desk app, and field service software to run their operations, manage their facilities, and maintain their assets. Loc8 delivers the most powerful integrated, asset-centric maintenance, help desk, and field service platform available today. We give companies total visibility and control of their fixed and IT assets including the location, condition, value, and maintenance status. Loc8 provides simple email templates, Internet and intranet integration, automated ticket creation, and even automated ticket allocation with job dispatch to our smartphone and tablet applications. Throughout Loc8 you can view the history of changes to all items, including help desk activities. Various levels of logging give you a powerful audit trial should it be required, or simply user-input logs for tracking changes to items

  • Connect2Field - Job Management Software 

    Software by Connect2Field

    Field Service Mobile Job Management and Scheduling Software

  • Connect2Field is field service solution for your service business hosted in the cloud. It allows you to schedule work to your staff and dispatch the work to their mobile device of choice. Any device can be used to access Connect2Field including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and more! Our customers are from a wide range of industries including; plumbing, electrical, pest control, locksmith and pool maintenance companies - any company with a team in the field! Our happy customers have been able to throw away their paper job sheets and have moved to a completely electronic system. Our job management and scheduling solution also includes features such as Inventory Management, Invoicing and Quoting. Once jobs have been invoiced, you can download these invoices into your accounting system of choice including Xero, Quickbooks, Saasu, Kashflow and MYOB. Sign up for a free 14 day trial to see how Connect2Field will improve your field service business!

  • vWorkApp 

    Software by vWorkApp

    job dispatching software

  • vWorkApp is an award-winning software as a service (SaaS) application and tool for the transport and services industries. It's an online dispatch and scheduling product for small and medium-sized businesses. The product is sold and distributed over the Internet with Cloud Computing. vWorkApp works in real-time and doesn't require any contracts. vWorkApp has two parts. One part is for a dispatcher. A dispatcher signs into his account on vWorkApp to dispatch jobs to his mobile workers. The second part is for mobile workers. Mobile workers download the vWorkApp application (for iOS or Android mobile devices). They then receive dispatched jobs on their mobile application from the dispatcher. vWorkApp is designed for industries that utilize dispatching. These industries include taxis and limousines, HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, truckers, towing companies, food delivery companies, mobile pet groomers, couriers, and more.

  • ServiceM8 

    Software by ServiceM8

    We're for small business

  • ServiceM8 is a powerful iPhone and iPad app used by businesses around the globe to control work from a client’s first call through to invoicing. ServiceM8 manages and coordinates the interactions of a business between its staff and its clients, simply and cleverly. ServiceM8 is designed to be used by everyone in your business, from each individual field staff member, to back office staff, through all levels of management. It is simple and effective, and best of all, it's available anywhere, anytime. Customer Testimonials:

  • Autotask 

    Software by Autotask Corporation

    IT Business Management Software Platform

  • Autotask is the all-in-one web-based software that helps VARs, MSPs and IT Service providers to sell, implement, deliver and bill their services. Thanks to Autotask´s automation and management of your people, projects and processes your business performance will be improved significantly. That means greater efficiency, and more profitability. A bold promise, yes. But we deliver by getting your entire team all working off of literally the same customer and business information, all in real time. How does this help? By eliminating duplicate data entry, automating numerous functions and giving you complete visibility into: -What's due -What's billable -What needs to be scheduled -Which employees are under-utilized -How long specific tasks are taking -Which clients are most profitable And, because everything is kept in one database, Autotask gives you the power to mine your data to answer virtually any other question about your business.

  • Clockspot 

    Software by Clockspot


  • Clockspot is the leading time and attendance tracking service, trusted by thousands of businesses. Whether your employees are stationary or on-the-go in the field, Clockspot will help you keep track of their hours. Clockspot can perform time tracking via the web or the phone. It is designed for small businesses, but easily scales to enterprise business with thousands of employees. We track absences and can accrue paid time off (PTO) as well as calculating your payroll and job costing.

  • Oxygen Help Desk 

    Software by E-Warehouse

    The all in one Service Desk Software to Manage your Business Processes

  • Oxygen Service Desk is a professional fully integrated Service Management tool and offers a low cost of ownership yet comprehensive service desk, whether you want an ITIL "Out of the Box" solution for your IT service management or simply need to map clearer business processes in customer services or facilities management. Supporting your internal or external customers, Oxygen is aimed at the service desk where speed of deployment, ease of use, low cost of ownership and rapid user adoption are paramount.

  • ProntoForms 

    Software by ProntoForms Corporation

    Collect and Connect field data faster

  • ProntoForms™ is a leading mobile business process solution for mobile devices. Convert and mobilize all your business forms, it's easy! Build unlimited custom mobile forms and dispatch them to smartphones and tablets. Mobilize your inspections, sales orders, work orders and more...and collect data in the field faster and more accurately. Connect collected field data to popular cloud services (SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, etc), back office systems, and more.

  • Caretime 

    Software by Caretime

    Employee Management System For Home Health

  • Caretime provides a simple and affordable integrated suite of homecare software applications that include telephone timekeeping, a webclock, scheduling, 2 way voice mail, random voice verification, payroll and billing, Quickbooks interface and SMS text messaging for employee no shows. This robust web application uses a standard telephone or cell phone and a computer to provide timekeeping, employee location verification, activities, schedules and communication with anywhere, anytime access. With 20 years experience, 3 redundant call centers across the US, reliability and excellent customer service we are simply the best choice for your agency!

  • Chronotek Telephone Timekeeping 

    Software by Chronotek


  • Chronotek is a telephone timekeeping system designed to help manage, track, and report on remote employees. Users clock in by using our 1-800 number, and this data is immediately available via an easy to use web interface. Supervisors may also track employee data from any web enabled mobile device, using the Mobile Chronotek system.

  • ScadaVisor 

    Software by Fielding Systems

    ScadaVisor - Remote Oil and Gas SCADA Monitoring and Field Automation

  • ScadaVisor is the only cloud-based automation and monitoring hosted application on the market that provides upstream and midstream companies with the ability to monitor their assets, analyze production, and notify personnel in the event there is a problem. All of this translates into less downtime, increased production and the ability to manage and increasingly complex operation with fewer personnel. ScadaVisor monitors all kinds of remote devices including: flow computers, compressors, pump off controllers, plungers, artificial life devices, vapor recovery systems, and dehydration systems. Since ScadaVisor is a web-based service, the only thing our customers need to start monitoring their field devices is an internet connection and a browser. We also include free of charge ScadaVisor Mobile, the industry’s first and most advanced mobile SCADA solution for oil and gas producers.

  • Cortado Corporate Server Second Edition 

    Software by Cortado


  • Cortado offers advanced print technology plus instant access to the enterprise cloud and a variety of output, all via your BlackBerry® smartphone and coming soon to the iPhone. Cortado Corporate Server 4.0 Second Edition includes cross-platform support and new features to make your smartphone a complete mobile desktop.


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What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software (FSM), also known as field force automation (FFA), is used to optimize processes and information needed by companies who send technicians or staff "into the field" (or out of the office.) It involves intelligent scheduling and dispatching of multiple technicians to different locations daily, while minimizing cost and maintaining good customer service. FSM software is most commonly used by companies who need to manage installs, service or repairs of systems or equipment.

Field Service Management Software Comparison

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