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Key Features of Speak2Leads

  • Simple to start
  • Connect with prospects quicker
  • S2L by Phone
  • Significantly increase conversions
  • S2L by Text
  • S2L by Video
  • S2L by Chat

Screenshots of Speak2Leads

Screenshot #1 of Speak2Leads (S2L Admin Panel)
Screenshot #2 of Speak2Leads (S2L Performance Dashboard)

Overview of Speak2Leads

Immediately after a prospective customer submits their inquiry via from any web form, you will receive an automated inbound call from Speak2Leads notifying you that you have a hot new Internet lead with their name and nature of inquiry. Just follow the prompts and press “1” to speed dial the lead and you will be speaking to them in seconds. This ensures every internet lead will get an immediate response every time. And you do not have to be at your desktop using a dialer to do it. Not all leads are reached on the 1st attempt so we automate reattempts to ensure every lead gets the same level of effort. Our customers have seen dramatic increases in lead conversion as a result of using S2L tools.

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Intended UsersFreelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices SupportedWeb-based
Supported CountriesAsia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, Japan, Latin America, United Kingdom, United States
Supported LanguagesDutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese
Categories· IVR · Telephony · Online Marketing · Contact Management · Sales Automation · Lead Management · Sales Management

Speak2Leads Pricing

Starting from: $1.25/month
Pricing model:
Free Trial: Available

After 2 week free trial we charge $1.25 per lead that generates a call to your business. No set up fee and $125 per month minimum. 30 day cancellation policy.


Increased Conversions - Higher connection rate = higher conversion of all online leads.
Ultimate Receptivity - Ability to connect with prospects at their peak of interest.
Competitive Advantage - 78% of prospects who buy, do so from the first company to contact them.
Flexible Call Routing – Calls can be delivered to any number(s) based on your business rules.
Custom Call Distribution - Your leads can be delivered to your reps using round robin, step ringing, simultaneous ringing and based on %'s.
Voice Lead Delivery - All online form leads are automatically delivered as phone calls anywhere anytime.
Sales Rep Satisfaction - Sales reps receive all incoming online leads as live phone calls.
Automated Persistence - Reattempts are automated so every lead gets the attention it needs for maximum connectivity and conversion
After Hour Lead Parking - All leads that come in after hours are parked and then activated the next business day so no lead gets left behind.

Zoho CRM
  • · Sales Force Automation
  • · Marketing Automation
  • · Customer Support & Service
  • · Inventory Management
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Zoho CRMCustomer Management
  • · Seamless integration with your inbox and calendar
  • · Automatic email and calendar logging so you don't have to
  • · Unified address book for your entire team
  • · Hundreds of supplementary data sources enrich your contacts
Visit WebsiteCompare with Speak2Leads
RelateIQCustomer Management
  • · Sales Pipeline View - great overview of sales
  • · Contact History
  • · Full Customization
  • · Email integration
Visit WebsiteCompare with Speak2Leads
PipedriveCustomer Management
Pipeliner CRM
  • · Sales Pipeline Management
  • · Sales Opportunity Management
  • · Sales Lead Management
  • · Business Inteligence Dashboards
Visit WebsiteCompare with Speak2Leads
Pipeliner CRMCustomer Management
  • · Lead Management for Marketers
  • · Phone Call Lead Distribution
  • · Automated Lead Distribution
  • · Advanced Lead Scoring
Visit WebsiteCompare with Speak2Leads
  • · Improve Lead ROI with Push and Pull Lead Management
  • · Sales Force Automation
  • · Lower Contact Time withLead Recycling for Lower Contact Time
  • · Collaboration with Calendar Sharing and Appointments
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