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Project Management, Collaboration and Bug Tracking
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Key Features of Zoho Projects

  • Task Management and Time Tracking
  • Project Reports (Gantt Charts)
  • Project Calendar & Meetings
  • Online Project Chat
  • Bug Tracking Software
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Project Wiki (Intranet), Document Management
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Hourly Tasks and Sub tasks
  • Github Integration
  • Iphone App
  • eMail Collaboration

Screenshots of Zoho Projects

Screenshot #1 of Zoho Projects (Classic view)
Screenshot #2 of Zoho Projects (Gantt View)
Screenshot #3 of Zoho Projects (Projects Feed)

Overview of Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects, belonging to the best web based project management and collaboration tools, includes an issue tracking software that allows teams to collaborate and get projects done faster.

With Zoho Projects users can post their working status and project members can chat with each other. The Project Stream helps all the team members get immediate updates about the current status of their project. Users easily can keep all content organized and accessible by centrally posting files and easily creating a project web page or documentation.

Create project files directly on your browser, without any need to install additional software. Upload your Microsoft Office, Open Office, Star Office, AutoCad, Photoshop, ZIP files and any other kind of document that you might be necessary for your project.

Bug Tracking module is a powerful issue submission software using which you can define a structure and organize how bugs are to be handled.

There is a free trial available.

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Intended UsersFreelancers, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices SupportediPhone-iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows
Supported CountriesAsia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported LanguagesChinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Categories· Collaboration Tools · Project Management · Web Collaboration · Project Collaboration · Task Management · Time Tracking · Project Portfolio Management · Bug Tracking

Zoho Projects Pricing

Starting from: $99.00/year
Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Free for 1 project, Starting at 99US$ / Year for unlimited projects


Zoho Projects is a good fit for small enterprises without a PMO or certified PMPs on staff. Its application provides a common sense approach to creating projects, tasks, scheduling, planning, and collaboration in order to complete a project. This application enables organizations to manage projects without hassle, thus lowering administrative costs. For smaller organizations, excess features that can clutter or confuse and extend the learning curve are not present here. The interface is quite intuitive, and users can customize their own interface by using WSIWYG configuration options. Overall, Zoho Projects is a good small business tool that offers PM capabilities without a steep learning curve. By providing the correct PM tools, Zoho Projects enables organizations to complete their projects.

Very good integration with google services

AndyJ24th of October, 2013 12:54

Very good integration with google services makes life easy for google apps user like us to on board the service. Very reliable and easy to use and get others to use. One of the best features is real project management set up, with milestones and tasks associated with projects. There is also an iPhone app that must be enabled by the account admin before users can access projects on their iPhones (must be on a paid plan to use the app )

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Great Software but also a work in progress

BossHoss10th of October, 2013 09:23

Currently being used as a tracker for projects at our Engineering Firm. It seems to provide the "works" that our engineers like, such as Gantt Charts, different task views, and detailed task management. However, we require some customization because we use their "Projects" tab to report our overall progress. I've asked them to help add certain features (one of which was to add a % completion bar on the page next to each project) which they DID do! I was impressed that they made an effort to customize. However, there are additional requests I have put in that are on the "to-do" list which could take time. For the price we pay and functionally, its a great investment. Their email support is usually very responsive and address my issues in a timely manner. Plus they have a freemium version which, hey, would never hurt to try.

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Wrost Support Ever! Decent Product

Shawn3rd of April, 2013 12:09

The support is terrible. They have calls routed to India and no one EVER picks up and when they do its a US based company who can ONLY take messages. When you leave a message NO ONE calls back! They email you about it. If I wanted an email response I would have emailed you in the first place!

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  • · Team Collaboration
  • · Task Management w/ Task Dependencies
  • · Cross-project Task Management
  • · File Sharing (SSL Security)
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  • · Collaborative Planning
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  • · Live dashboard project overview
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  • · Tasks, Milestones, Interactive Gantt Chart
  • · Risk Management - Risk Register, Assessment & Response Plan
  • · Customization - Customize Project, Issues details
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ZilicusPMProject Management & Planning

Zoho Projects – Manage Projects from Beginning to End

Speed is everything in the project management world, as businesses look for ways to streamline operations and decrease the time it takes to complete important client tasks. Zoho Projects is a project management, collaboration, and bug tracking solution that provides users with a 360-degree view of projects as they’re happening in real-time.

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