A Guide to Creating a Fully Optimized Listing on GetApp

A Guide to Creating a Fully Optimized Listing on GetApp

by Christophe Primault
Published on 20 May 2012


GetApp is the largest independent marketplace for business apps. It is one of the leading destinations in the world for small and medium-sized businesses looking for the best SaaS software to fit their needs.

So what if you are already on GetApp - or about to be - how can you make sure the right prospects find your listing?

Below is a step-by-step guide, filled with useful tips and pointers, that will help to multiply the conversion rate of your listing.

Following these steps will not only help you generate more leads but it will help your app to be found by the right type of customer, meaning more leads converting to clients.

Take 20 minutes and start building a beautiful listing and most effective campaign. Read on!

Log in your Control Panel , click on "Create New Listing" and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Basic Information

Application Name and URL

Fill in the name of your application and company, along with your application URL. If you are tracking conversions, it is best to use your sign-up or free-trial page here, rather than your home-page.


This tell users exactly what kind of software you offer, e.g. "Human resources software for SMBs"; "a Cloud-based Customer Relationship System for all business owners"; "Invoicing tools for service professionals".

It should be short, straightforward and to-the-point, without unnecessary sales copy. It should be 4 or 5 words in length and should contain keywords.

Good Example: Inventory Management solution for small businesses

Bad Example: Get your people moving!

TOP TIP: Be sure to include key words for Google ranking and on-site searches

Short Summary (Overview)

This will appear under the title "overview" on your listing page and is intended to be exactly that. Aim for one or two paragraph in length, As with all copy in your listing, this should be informative and descriptive. It should succinctly describe the core functionality of your software. It should contain keywords and popular searched terms, particularly in the first one or two sentences as this is what appears in search results.

TOP TIP: Use appropriate keywords. You might already be implementing SEO terms on your business website - what are those terms? What works best? Make sure you include those terms in your description with the right density.

Step1 Creating a listing

Filling out your basic information on GetApp - keep it simple!

Add Google Analytics code

When you build your listing make sure that you add your Google Analytics code in it. This will enable you to track all the traffic coming from GetApp at a detailed level .

Step 2: Add your Pricing and Landing Pages

Users want to know approximately how much your solution will cost them. This page allows you to detail your various plans and pricing models.

You can also set-up additional landing pages to redirect traffic from potential buyers to your best converting pages on your website or on dedicated pages.

TOP TIP: Try not to leave this section completely blank. If your prices are calculated on a case-by-case basis, then you can add a bit of text that says to contact sales for a quote.

Step 2 2

Pricing and additional landing pages - don't skip this important step!

Step 3: Choose Your Categories Carefully

Although you can choose up to 2 categories yourself, we can place your listing in a total of 8 categories. Why can you choose only 2 yourself? It is important to choose the most relevant categories for your application so that you avoid generating sign-ups that will never convert to real customers. This is why we allow you to choose 2 yourself. From here, our experts choose further relevant categories for your listing.

TOP TIP: To find the best category for your application go to the Browse Category page and search for a word related to the core function of your project i.e. inventory, customer, marketing, billing etc. Another way to find the most appropriate categories is to look at your competitors and see what they have chosen.

Step 3 Creating a listing

Choose the most appropriate categories - use the "Browse Category" page on GetApp

Getapp categories

The Browse Category page on GetApp

Step 4: Features, Benefits and Full Description

Features List

This is your chance to list up to 20 of your product's core features. Try to fill this out as completely as you can. These should include actual software features rather than simply benefits (this section comes later).

Try to keep each feature as short in description as possibly, avoiding long sentences. Aim for 3 or 4 words.

Good Example: Post and schedule messages; reporting and analytics tools; content and media management, keyword monitoring.

Bad Example: Beautiful and intuitive interface that all your employees will love

Features example

The features list. You can include 20 features, choose wisely!

TOP TIP: Did you know that your conversion could increase 200% by just clearly outlining your solution's key features? List as many features as possible.


This is your chance to expand on the features you have listed. So if you wish to expand on the short explanations in the features section, you can do this here.

You can also use this space to list any additional benefits your software offers over others. Think about what makes you stand out from the competition. Again, this is not a place for the sales copy invented by your witty website copywriter. It should include honest, to-the-point, factual information.

Good Example: Keyword monitoring allows you to discover what people are saying about your brand on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Bad Example: We will make your life easier and all for one great price!


List your product's benefits

TOP TIP 1: Provide a long list of features and benefits of your solution but stay away from adjectives and superlatives. Be precise in your choice of keywords

TOP TIP 2: Frequently review your features and benefits information. Don't forget to schedule recurring updates in your calendar to update these when your software evolves.

Full Description

This should expand on the overview. It should go into further detail about the main features and functions of your software.

Sales copy and superlatives such as "beautiful" , or "the best" should be avoided here. If your application is truly great this will be reflected in what it can offer in terms of features.

After reading the full description, the user should have a pretty good idea of what exactly your software does.

Full description

Add a clear and informative full description

TOP TIP: Showcase your product with fresh, complete and objective information. The more accurately you describe your solution, the better.

EXTRA IMPORTANT TOP TIP: We know you are busy and it's very appealing to simply copy-paste your information. However, increasingly, that duplicate content hurts both our SEO and yours. Make sure to try to make your listing as unique as possible. And don't forget, Google looks for information longer than 300 words!

Step 5: Define Your Target Market & Audience

Select only the countries, type of customers and languages that your solution actually supports. This is very important in capturing the best traffic and leads.

Target Market

Be honest about your target audience!

TOP TIP:Tick the boxes that are most relevant for your solution, this will ensure your leads actually convert. Don't just tick them all for the sake of it.

Step 6: Show Off Your Mobile Strengths

We are seeing a steep increase in searches related to the terms "iPod, "iPad" or "Android". Not very surprising, so if you have a mobile version of your solution, let our users know and you will get the extra traffic you need.

Choose the platforms your app works on and any certifications it has. If you have a great knowledge base, on-line support or video tutorials, this is also the place to show that off.


Check box all the technical capabilities of your application

Step 7: Upload a Nice Square Logo, Add Screen Shots and Videos

You have a great company logo, so make sure it looks good everywhere! We use square logos and the ideal format is A PNG of 150×150 pixels. But if you have something bigger, or even slightly smaller, it is OK as we will reduce it to 60×60.

TOP TIP: Grab your logo from your Twitter Account!


Add in an attractive logo and screenshots to improve your listings

You can upload up to 20 screenshots and two videos on YouTube and Vimeo to describe your product. Try to include at least 3 screenshots and 1 video.

Users love these and vendors that post the most multimedia, such as videos and screenshots, have increased their click-thru rate by over 30%.

TOP TIP: When you upload screenshots, pay a special attention to the caption. It will pay off in dividends.


Add a video that gives an overview of your product

Once you are done with these first steps, click on "Publish listing". You are almost done…

Now, go back into your listing using the "Edit" button and complete these important extra steps.

Step 8: Add a conversion-tracking pixel on your sign-up confirmation page

This is a very important step, as it will allow you to measure more accurately the volume and quality of the leads generated by GetApp and the ROI of your campaign.

In the list of options on the right hand side, below Preview Listing, click on Conversion Tracking.

It is very simple, you add a value for the lead, generate a tracking code and ask your web developer to add it to your confirmation page.

Conversion tracking

Use the conversion tracking tool on GetApp

Step 9: Feature your integrations

This is a specifically important step on GetApp as we put a lot of emphasis on inter linking your product with other apps you are integrating with.

A new feature on GetApp allows you to create a separate integrations page for your listing.

Also located in the list of options on the right hand side there is an option called "Manage Integrations". Click on this and from here you can select an application from the drop-down menu, these include only products listed on GetApp.

You will then need to enter a landing page, preferably one that explains your integration with this app. When you have listed all your integrations, don't forget to hit "Publish" at the top of the page.

TOP TIP: Adding your five more important integrations with third-party apps will considerably increase your visibility on GetApp. If you are think of building integrations, the GetApp integrations team offer a service that can do this for you.

Workable integrations

Update your GetApp Integrations Page


You are now done with creating your listing.

You can improve the results of your campaign even further with a few more steps:

Call for user reviews

Prospects consistently state that user generated reviews are the most valuable information when evaluating an application. All our reviews are now validated through LinkedIn, giving them extra clout. Don't be shy about asking existing users to provide feedback on their experience, if you ask for reviews, you'll be surprised to see how many of your clients are ready to support you! Just remember that they must do this through their LinkedIn account. They have the option to remain anonymous on GetApp if they wish. Listings with over 10 reviews have systematically a better conversion on GetApp.

TOP TIP: You have the ability to respond online to user generated reviews and comments about your product, this is a great way to connect with your users and improve brand management.


Solicit valuable user reviews via LinkedIn

Add a badge to your website

Add a link from your home page or product page to your GetApp listing. This will make your listing more relevant for search engines and increase the chances of the link being found online by potential customers.

GetApp is considered as a site of reference in the business apps industry (featured in TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, The Financial Time, InformationWeek, SmallBizTrends, SitePoint, Wikipedia …). Displaying a GetApp badge is an equivalent to a "business app that counts" sign of approval.

Select a badge from this list and paste the code in your site.


Choose the GetApp badge of your choice

Share fresh content with us

Our social media team will do a great job of promoting your listing, but their efforts will be more effective if you share with them important news or relevant marketing collateral (whitepaper, eBook, case study…).

Follow and send content to our marketing team via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook so we can share the love on social media

You are also free to write a guest post for our popular blog about business apps.

All the previous steps are free and available to all our clients, Following these steps will have a significant impact on the performance of your GetApp listing.

There are additional paid options to benefit from the GetApp Integrated Partner Network.

If you want to get more visibility with paid advertising campaigns or use our platform to build integrations and co-marketing programs with selected partners, please get in touch.

Good selling from the GetApp.com team