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Avoid Rent Discontent: 5 Fully-Furnished Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents

by Abhishek Singh
Published on 28 July 2017

Being a landlord or a property manager can pay handsome dividends, but it can also be a living nightmare. From trying to get your properties listed, through managing a bunch of maintenance contractors, up to trying to squeeze rent out of your tenants, the process of property management is fraught with headaches.

Thankfully, help is at hand as there are plenty of mobile apps for real estate agents that can help you with managing leases, renting, maintenance, and more, for all types of property, including:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • University housing
  • HOA's (Homeowners' Associations)
  • Vacation rentals

We've picked out some of the top apps for real estate agents based on GetApp user ratings. These apps can help you manage your property in the palm of your hand, enabling you to list your property for lease, schedule automatic reminders for rent payments, manage payments, and much more. Just sign up for a real estate management solution then download the corresponding Android and iOS apps mentioned below.

What does a real estate management app do?

Real estate apps help real estate managers or property owners manage tenants, payments, administrative requests, property listings, lease tracking, and building maintenance. The main aims of these apps are to enhance communication between the tenant and real estate manager, track payments, address tenant issues, and track building maintenance. Here are some of the essential features commonly found in a real estate management app:

  • Schedule rental payments through email notifications or text-based notifications.
  • Track tenant and lease payments.
  • Manage accounts to help maintain a general ledger with payables and rent collections.
  • Monitor administrative expenses, schedule preventative maintenance, improve communication with maintenance staff, and generate work orders.

What are some of the top apps for real estate agents?

Here are five real-estate management apps, selected based on their functionality, the highest number of user ratings from GetApp's real estate management software directory, and their availability on Google and iTunes app stores.


Buildium is one of the most reviewed real estate apps on GetApp. The software boasts an iOS app, which lets you manage property prices, generate reports, manage multiple client portfolios, and take care of bookkeeping. Buildium's iOS app features an intuitive and streamlined interface that gives you access to the following real estate management features:

  • Track payments by recording and viewing refund, rent payments, and deposits. The app also lets you take transaction notes to track residents that make late payments.
  • The Common Allocations function enables your residents to pay for extra administrative tasks such as managing trash, plumbing, electricity, and local area maintenance.
  • View property information with in-depth details related to tenant information, vendor, and owner information
  • Contact tenants through calls, emails, or text messages by adding tenants to your contact list of your iPhone

Buildium screenshot

Reviewer Cory O'Hanlon said of Buildium:

"The ability to automate monthly charges for each unit according to the percentage of equity saves me a lot of time every month. The reports are all extremely easy to generate, and very customizable. This is a low-cost solution that has been invaluable when our accountant passed away. It has brought us forward 20 years in terms of the technology we can utilize to manage ourselves, and all in the span of a few weeks and at no cost beyond our time."

Pricing: From $150 per month.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is another highly reviewed app for real estate managers on GetApp. The iOS version of the software helps you screen tenants, manage vacancies, market property listings, and much more. The app is custom made for your iPhone or iPad with a streamlined interface so that you can manage multiple tasks by just swiping through the touch screen. Here are some key features of the app:

  • Manage your lease, vacancies, and tenants by displaying vacant property listing and receiving online rent payments on your iPhone or iPad.
  • The Tenant portal helps you to receive rent payments and manage maintenance requests.
  • Screen tenants by conducting an exhaustive background check to choose the best tenants based on credit and eviction reports of each tenant.
  • Synchronize your vacancies with leading property listing services in your local area.
  • Provide online applications and accept application payments for your vacancies.

Rentec screenshot

Reviewer Connie Bryant-Paynter said of Rentec:

"I have greatly appreciated the checking in and assisting with all the additional account set up items. You guys are top notch with contact and follow up. Professionally I've worked with large software companies like Yardi and Onesite as well as smaller groups like manage America. Rentec was my choice after reviewing and working with others. It had what I wanted and needed a scalable platform that can grow with my portfolio."

Pricing: From $90 per month for property 100 units.

Realpage OneSite

Realpage OneSite helps real estate managers monitor their facilities with real-time data to enhance maintenance of their property and offers a listing of vacant rooms. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and lets single and multifamily rental property owners find the right tenants, streamline the rental management process, and increase revenue. Key features of the app include:

  • Manage inspection reports directly from your smartphone.
  • Monitor data on the number of units rented and streamline the tenant payments through sending notifications and email updates to tenants at monthly intervals.
  • Enhance tenant satisfaction by addressing queries related to rent payment and maintenance through the Tenant portal.

RealPage screenshot

Reviewer Carlos Galvez liked the integration feature of the app:

"I love how RealPage has so many different products that integrate with OneSite making our day to day tasks easier to accomplish and manage…Always being updated and is very straight forward. You can learn your way around this software very quickly."

Pricing: Available on request.


TenantCloud features Android and iOS apps to help you manage rental property accounting. The app features dedicated portals for property owners and tenants to manage rent, administrative requests, and communication. As a multitasking app, TenantCloud helps in rental accounting, advertising, invoicing, tenant screening, and status tracking of applicants. Key features of the app include:

  • View and manage multiple properties from your smartphone.
  • Filter property information based on units and tenant details.
  • Integrated maps that help locate your multiple property units in a city.
  • Maintenance request management features that allow you to submit requests from administrative teams in your locality regarding maintenance issues.
  • Tenant portal for online rent collection.

TenantCloud screenshot

Reviewer Raj Seshadri said of the application:

"Tenantcloud is very easy to setup and use. It took me a couple of hours to set up my 5 rental properties. I also like the fact that I can advertise my vacant properties online using the software [and] communicate with my tenants through the software, plus there are plenty of features in the free package that I have not yet explored."

Pricing: Available on request.


Propertyware's Android and iOS app is designed to help you ensure flawless financial transactions between you and your tenants. The app features an Owner portal that allows you to view and manage tenant transactions such as rent, maintenance costs, and lease amount. The reporting tool of the app lets you generate reports based on real estate audit standards. The app has the following key features:

  • Create a contact list on your iPhone or Android device to view tenant information and contact them to address any property related query.
  • Manage property portfolios with detailed financial and owner contact information.
  • View floor plans and buildings through photos and edit maintenance work orders.
  • Manage lease agreement documents with vendors and tenants.

Propertyware screenshot

Reviewer Scott Powell says of Propertyware:

"The software is easy to navigate and simple to use. The different areas are easy to identify and give us the ability to use the security features to limit employees access to only the areas of need. We also really like the tenant portal."

Pricing: From $80 per month.

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