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5 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Professional Services Firm INFOGRAPHIC

by Julia Rozwens
Published on 9 October 2013

iStock_000012736008XSmallProfessional services organizations are facing a lot of competitive pressure. The right Professional Services Automation software might help you with avoiding common mistakes and get ahead of your competition.

According to the Aberdeen Group report " Professional Services Automation: The Secret to Successful Projects and a Profitable Services Group", top challenges in the field of Professional Services include:

  • Lack of available skilled resources
  • Increased competition for customers
  • Shrinking timeframe to complete projects
  • Market volatility makes it difficult to predict the demand. came up with some handy tips to help you meet these challenges.

Infographic PSA Mistakes


All these mistakes can be avoided by using the right software. In the growth of every business, there comes a time to consider the advantages of Professional Service Automation tools and their features. These include project management, billing, resource management and much more. Most systems will also integrate with finance, quoting and proposal tools.

PSA tools may prove to be a great investment for your business, so check out now the solutions that are available on GetApp.


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