5 Tips to Use Mobile Apps Effectively for Your Business

5 Tips to Use Mobile Apps Effectively for Your Business

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 3 September 2012

We all love the idea of being on the go and still doing business from any location, at any time.

Thankfully with the advent of mobile and cloud-based technology doing so is within your grasp. Mobile apps allow you to remain organized and keep up with scheduled meetings and events, even while on business trips or out of the office. And, since most people now have a smart phone with mobile app technology, it opens up doors for communicating with employees and customers.

1. Maintaining Files And Folders On The Go Is A Snap

If you travel for business or spend a good deal of time outside your office, you may find it difficult to manage your important files and folders. Without access to the hard copies, or to electronic files on your computer, how will you conduct business? Luckily, if you have a smart phone, you can do just that from any remote location, in a snap. Electronic files and other pertinent data can be uploaded to cloud-based applications that wok on your PC, tablet computer, and smart phone application. This gives you instant access to important information from anywhere in the world. As an added bonus, file storing apps act as back-ups in case your computer crashes or becomes corrupted.

2. Payment Processing At Your Fingertips

Getting paid is an important aspect of business, regardless of your industry. If you are getting late payments from clients, the problem may be that conventional payment methods like mailing checks or calling you with their credit card number, is inconvenient. With mobile apps, you and your clients have an instant payment processing solution at your fingertips. Many payment processions apps are available for mobile phones which let your clients input their information and how much they need to pay for invoices. These apps often have invoicing capabilities too, so that you can send an invoice, and with a click of a button, the client can have it paid in full. You get paid faster, and clients are happy with a more convenient payment method.

3. Organize Your Business No Matter Where You Are

If you tend to miss important meetings or events, the lack of organization in your business life may be the culprit. One way to remedy this is by obtaining an organizational app. There is a long list to choose from, most of which are free or very inexpensive. Many cloud-based apps offer mobile versions as part of their service. These mobile apps let you organize your business and events, including adding your schedules and tasks into a calendar, and scheduling employee meetings or job duties. If there is a conference you would like your colleagues to attend, send an invitation to them and have the even automatically added to the app's calendar. Alerts can be programmed to let you know when something important is coming up.

4. Keep Track of Finances On The Go

Another important element of business is tracking your budget and finances. Thanks to mobile apps, this is easier than ever before, with the added bonus of accessing the information from anywhere. You can enter your bank accounts, company budget, personal finances, and other information into the app and easily keep track of all important financial data. Financial planning is easily done with mobile apps, as well as tracking savings goals and organizing transactions.

5. Communication From Anywhere

Communication is key in business, whether it is with colleagues, employees, supervisors, or your clients. Effective communication is often made difficult with busy schedules and on-the-go business personnel. However, it is now easy to do with mobile apps that keep communication simple and effective. Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others make it easier than ever before to keep the lines of communication open. This means if you need to send a quick reminder to your employees, or encourage potential clients to order from you, you can do so. Marketing on the go, is simply another perk of communication and social media apps available.

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