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  • Published 13 January 2017 by Suzie Blaszkiewicz
    Choosing a content management system (CMS) is a big undertaking. In simple terms, a content management system is the hub from where you create your website and house all of the content that you publish there. Whether you’re designing a website from scratch or looking for an out-of-the-box option, you’ll want to make sure that your CMS has all … Continue Reading
    Choosing a CMS: A Handy Check List of Content Management Systems
  • Published 13 January 2017 by Bhaswati Bhattacharyya
    The right sales training software can be a powerful tool for organizations to increase sales and drive business growth. It helps sales reps get access to relevant information at any time of the day on any device they are carrying and the analytics help organizations understand what is working and what needs improvement. It’s importance … Continue Reading
    Top Sales Training Software That Will Help You Learn New Skills to Better Serve Your Customers
  • Published 12 January 2017 by Karen McCandless
    According to recent research, only 15 percent of sales people are using social media to contact potential customers. This is despite the overwhelming case for social sales: 78 percent of salespeople outsell peers who don’t use social media, while more than half are likely to meet quota, according to LinkedIn. The benefits of social selling … Continue Reading
    10 Social Sales Tools to Help You Connect and Close Like a Pro
  • Published 11 January 2017 by Rhian Davies
    As a former freelance English teacher in Spain, my bags were perpetually crammed full of teaching materials, class schedules, and homework that I would lug across a scorching hot city, on airless metros and buses. It was one of my least favourite things to do. The companies and schools I worked for would insist upon … Continue Reading
    Rise and Sign: Find the Right Electronic Signature App for iOS and Android
  • Published 9 January 2017 by Stephanie Miles
    If you are still struggling to organize your (digital) files, collaborate with annoying coworkers and clients with cumbersome attachments, or fumbling with your thumb drives, it’s time to get modern and use a file-sharing service. There are dozens of document sharing and knowledge management apps currently on the market, but the quality and the features … Continue Reading
    5 Handy File-Sharing Apps for Small Businesses
  • Published 4 January 2017 by Rhian Davies
    How many times have you made the trip to a specific store for a specific item – having purposefully checked the availability online in said specific store – only to be told, “We’re out of stock, have you checked online?”? In my case, it’s too many times. Sometimes, I’ve also then encountered the added bonus … Continue Reading
    Keeping Track of Inventory: 5 Apps That Can Help Organize Your Stock
  • Published 2 January 2017 by Matt Mullarkey-Toner
    If you’re on a small team or work for a small company that thrives on flexibility, an easy way to save some money and streamline your business is by saying sayonara to your telephone line, and instead investing in a VoIP solution. Most people don’t know what VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) means because it’s most … Continue Reading
    How to Choose VoIP Software: A Handy Checklist
  • Published 30 December 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    Happy New Year! We hope you took some time to spend the holidays with loved ones and celebrate your achievements this past year. We did the same thing here at GetApp; for us, that involved reviewing our top 10 posts of 2016. And we discovered few interesting trends. Two of our 10 most-viewed posts discussed Skype for Business. One reviewed … Continue Reading
    Android and MailChimp and Skype, Oh My! GetApp’s Top 10 Posts of 2016
  • Published 30 December 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    Project managers wear more hats than they can count. From prioritizing project tasks and milestones to linking each project back to business strategy, even the best project manager can feel overwhelmed. That’s why the right project portfolio management (PPM) software is a lifesaver.   PPM software helps project managers centralize the time, resources, skills, and … Continue Reading
    How to Choose Project Portfolio Management Software: A Handy Checklist
  • Published 22 December 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    QuickBooks Online is a giant in the world of accounts payable software. The popular cloud-based bookkeeping tool has earned the top spot in GetApp’s Category Leaders ranking of accounts payable solutions. But that does not mean it’s absolutely the best choice for your own small business. One GetApp reviewer says that while QuickBooks is a … Continue Reading
    7 QuickBooks Replacements for Accounts Payable