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actiTIME Review – Track Time With Ease

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 5 September 2013

When you are running a business, you are looking to keep the teams efficient and organize services to come in time. However, having to carry out numerous spreadsheets can be a hassle. In this case, a web-based time-tracker might be the way to go. One of those time tracking apps, actiTIME is well worth a talk.

In this actiTIME review, I will check out software's key features and describe how it works for regular users, team managers, and accounting managers.

About ActiTIME

Put down the stopwatch and close the spreadsheet you've been using to keep track of the time you spend on different projects. With actiTIME, you can track time seamlessly via your web browser. As a web-based system, it is available from anywhere. It is a perfect solution for teams working from different locations.

actiTIME offers two package options: it's up to you whether you will install Downloadable version on your side or use Hosted and store your data on actiTIME secure server. No matter which version you are using, both of them feature a mobile application for iPhone.

When you need to simplify the traditional corporate workflow actiTIME also gets the job done. This tool provides you with various features to increase employee productivity, organize client billing, and improving existing collections and payroll structures.

Main Functionality of ActiTIME

Although actiTIME offers a number of billing and task management features, it's a time tracking tool in the first place.. Teams can enter the time they've spent working on certain projects, and include comments for managers to read about the work they've completed each day.

This software also helps to monitor overtime, vacation time, leaves and sick days, for further analysis of performance of individual employees or teams.

In addition to its primary timesheet tools, actiTIME also provides businesses with a powerful reporting system and task management platform.

Benefits of Using ActiTIME

When it comes time for managers to conduct a performance review, actiTIME comes to the rescue. The platform provides users with staff performance reports that give exact details on the amount of work completed by each employee over a selected period of time.

Business owners can use the system to create custom reports for management and accounting purposes, and get a good outlook on projected revenue.

Accountants can use actiTIME tools to assess the cost of work performed by each employee, based on hourly user rates. These calculations can be compared with the projected revenue within a detailed profit/loss report.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Convenient User Interface is probably the strongest part of actiTIME software. It makes any process in actiTIME - whether it is submitting time or generating a report - very clear and easy to follow.

Click on the Time-Track tab on actiTIME dashboard to enter the hours you spent and opt for including some comments that will explain your colleagues what exactly has been done.


Although the product misses the task importing functionality, it allows you to create new tasks in a bunch or by copying them from other projects that you already have in the system.


AactiTIME Invoices can show specific details about the hours spent working on each task of a project. And accountants have an option to edit and customize certain sections before saving invoice into PDF document.


Here is a report example showing one of the dozens reports options and variations available with actiTIME. It's worth mentioning that report data can be exported to CSV file for further use in MS Excel or other application.

Actitime review

Support Information

actiTIME provides free support to all users. With a number of articles and guides on the website, it is easy to quickly get on board when you start working with actiTIME for the first time. Support articles are organized by topic. Users with more detailed queries can contact actiTIME directly via phone, email, Skype, or a request form on actiTIME's website.

Pricing Information

There is a freeware version of the product that offers very basic (but yet powerful) set of features. If you need more then you can choose between downloadable trial limited to three user accounts and hosted trial for 30 days.

actiTIME has different pricing plans depending on type of package (downloadable or hosted) and number of users. In average the cost of one user account vary from $3 to $5.

The Bottom Line

Businesses that bill clients based on the time spent working on their projects rely on accurate time tracking tools. ActiTIME is incredibly reliable, and the platform's innovative features make it an excellent solution for businesses of many different sizes. Bonus features like performance reports and invoicing tools only serve to strengthen the usefulness of this time tracking application.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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