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Agendize Review – Improve Customer Communication

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 29 April 2013

Two in three Americans said they would spend more with a business that provided "excellent customer service," according to a 2012 survey by American Express.

Agendize is an all-in-one platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to offer exceptional customer service. By adding online scheduling, click-to-call buttons, and live chat windows to their websites, companies of all sizes can open up the lines of communication and increase overall satisfaction rates with customers.

In this Agendize review, I will take a close look to determine which of the platform's tools and features are most useful for users with small to medium size businesses. I will also find out how companies can use Agendize to increase conversions and promote loyalty among current customers.

About Agendize

Agendize offers one of the most complete suite of customer interaction tools that utilizes online scheduling, analytical CRM, click-to-call, live chat, form builders, and call tracking services to help improve the way business owners with small to mid size companies communicate with customers.

Businesses that integrate Agendize into their existing websites can answer customer questions in real-time and measure the success of their online initiatives with the platform's advanced analytics features. Agendize makes it easy for businesses to collect referral data and contact information - including phone numbers and email addresses - from online visitors, and ultimately use that information to cultivate qualified sales leads.

Main Functionality of Agendize

Customer service email addresses and online request forms are of little use to people who need immediate resolutions to their issues. Agendize offers dozens of web-based tools to decrease the time it takes businesses to respond when interacting with current customers, as well as prospects. In particular, the platform's click-to-call and live chat features give businesses a way to answer customer queries and resolve immediate issues in real-time.

Get started with Agendize by creating your first button. Decide whether to add a click-to-call, live chat, online appointment, form builder, save a URL, save an event, or save an address button (you can add more than just one), then copy/paste the provided code directly into your website. Head back to the dashboard to review the data that Agendize collects on your behalf. The platform's reporting and analytics tools keep track of the number of calls that have come in through your click-to-call button, along with call details like the duration, date, and originating phone numbers.

Add an online scheduling button to allow customers to book appointments through your website. Follow the steps in Agendize's creation wizard and input information like company hours, name, time zone, and currency. Next, you'll need to enter the name, price, and duration of each service you offer. Not only can customers book services through your website, but they can choose the staff member they'd like to book their services with.

Benefits of Using Agendize

When businesses improve customer interactions, they increase conversions and turn one-time customer in loyal fans. By implementing real-time communication tools, businesses close the feedback loop and answer customer queries in minutes rather than hours or days. This leads to more satisfied customers, and encourages repeat business.

Although Agendize offers a very comprehensive set of tools to interact with clients, its core features are online scheduling, click to call, live chat, and call tracking.

By adding online scheduling to their websites, businesses increase the number of appointments booked after business hours and save their staff members time by decreasing the number of phone calls coming into their offices each day. They can also decrease no-show rates by automatically sending email, SMS, or IM reminders through the Agendize platform.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

The Agendize platform is designed to be easy for business clients to use. Getting set-up is a one-time process, and it requires no software downloads. From the dashboard page, new users can follow Agendize's three-step startup process.


Users can select which type of button they'd like to create first, choosing between click-to-call, live chat, book an appointment, form builder, save an URL, save an event, or save an address button.


Agendize allows users to customize any buttons they add, selecting the text, personal messages, and button design that front-end visitors will see.


From the reporting pages, businesses can see the number of total engagements that have come through the Agendize platform over the past day, week, month, or year. They can also export there reports as Excel, PDF, or CSV files, or share their with colleagues via email.


Support Information

Agendize offers stellar customer support. New users can review screencasts that show step-by-step how various tools (like online scheduling, live chat, and click-to-call) are set up. Users can also ask questions in the Agendize support forum, or they can get immediate help by communicating with a representative in real-time through the platform's live chat feature. Live chat is available between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Pricing Information

Agendize offers flexible pricing for small and medium size business owners, as well as resellers, agencies, website builders, and large enterprises. Businesses can pay $20 per month for a single feature (like click-to-call, online scheduling, or live chat), or they can pay $50 per month for Agendize's full suite of online tools. Users can change their plans or add additional features at any time.

The Bottom Line

Research shows that companies that invest in improving customer service see an excellent return on their investments. Customers who feel like their concerns are being listened to, are more likely to return for future purchases, and they're more likely to share their experiences with friends. Agendize's roster of online tools has been strategically crafted to help businesses strengthen their online presence and close more sales. The platform also offers an exceptional online booking system, which businesses in a wide variety of industries can use to grow their client bases and save their staff members valuable time.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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