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Alternatives to Salesforce for QuickBooks Users

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 15 October 2012

Alternatives to SalesforceCustomer Service Relationship Management is one of the most important functions you will perform in your small business. It doesn't matter what type of business you have. If you have customers, you need to form and maintain relationships with them. Whether you need to have a simple way to store all contact and correspondence with a client, or a way to assign customer service tasks to employees and contractors, having a way to do this in the most efficient and cost saving measure is paramount to being successful in your small business.

Salesforce for QuickBooks is a powerful cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) program used by many sales oriented businesses. It has many bells and whistles and is a terrific CRM and combined with QuickBooks it also seamlessly handles invoicing and billing. However, for some small businesses the price is prohibitive. Fortunately, there are alternatives for smaller businesses that also need robust solutions that don't break the bank, but offer the types of service they need to run a successful business and manage client relationships.

CRM for Small Businesses

Zoho CRM

Zoho allows you to do the books, invoice clients, create reports and other functions that QuickBooks does. You can read more about Zoho Books here. But did you know that Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management app (CRM) targeted to small and mid-sized businesses that offers customer relationship management too? Offering three separate editions makes it easy for any small business interested in using a robust CRM to improve their company's bottom line. Your business can start with the smallest version, expanding with a simple upgrade as the need arises.

Being customer centric makes the most sense in today's competitive environment. Having access to a CRM is essential for survival in today's competitive marketplace. The downside to Zoho is that some features such as CTI, IVR, ACD and flexible call routing is unavailable so it might not be a good choice for multi-channel contact centers. But, if you need a simple help-desk, or operative a small contact center, it is a viable choice over Salesforce.

Who should use Zoho CRM?

With Zoho you can be super productive, track sales, connect with customers, and also use it with Google Apps and with your mobile device! If you have a small to midsized business and you need a good CRM to use, and don't want to have to worry about in-house tech support, or space for your CRM then check out Zoho. It may not have all the frills of a software like Salesforce, but it offers just what you need, with the online access you want, for less. Zoho CRM is good for most companies who desire to combine online bookkeeping with customer relationship management.

CRM Application

Service Sidekick

The whole job of Service Sidekick is to make your business run more smoothly from customer relationship management to managing your staff. You can easily input follow up tasks for customer service professionals with the CRM, and schedule new jobs and tasks right from the easy to use calendar, which incidentally integrates with other calendar apps too. You can even have a shared calendar so that your whole team stays on the same page.

What's really awesome is your receptionist can schedule calls right from the calendar, and everyone can be kept up to date automatically with mobile access. Even better, it integrates with QuickBooks whether you have QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. Service Sidekick has a lot of useful videos to help you set up your Service Sidekick the best way so that you can run the most useful reports including the ability to manage estimates from one central location without the need for a technical expert on staff.

Who should use Service Sidekick?

Do you have a service business? Maybe you run a plumbing business, computer repair service, air conditioner service, maid service, or really any type of service industry at all, then you're in luck with Service Sidekick. With a team of 2 to unlimited team members you can use Service Sidekick to organize employees, contractors, and work with customers too. Start with a smaller version and work your way up as your business expands. This is truly a useful application for any type of service business.

Let us know if you have experiences with Zoho CRM, Service Sidekick or any other CRM App that you consider an alternative to Salesforce for Quickbook users. We are always happy to hear from you!


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