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Top Apps for Business That Do Just What You Need

by Christophe Primault
Published on 4 October 2011

While millions of individuals spend their days using apps for playing with wingless birds or for mobile entertainment, there are many online applications built to improve business productivity. According to our research at, there are more than 10,000 active business web applications designed specifically to improve business practices.

Many business apps have been developed in small chunks to serve specific business or vertical needs and they offer free basic versions, affordable subscriptions and some are available free of charge for a limited number of users. While there are many apps to you help you run your business or department - determining which are the right solutions can be daunting. One way to gage whether or not an app is the ONE for your business is to better understand which products are popular with other small businesses. Which ones are affordable or scalable to your size?

The "Cloud" is a buzzword for anything done online but this is where the future of small business productivity lies. More and more businesses are using cloud based applications to manage tasks that they paid IT or admin staff to handle. With the cloud you can forget about installing software locally and paying costly updates. You can pay only for what you need and our data is safer with vendors applying best security practices that could not afford in house.

But here's the quandry many businesses with or without an IT department suffer from - which apps are right for me? Afterall, migrating software and tasks to the cloud holds the potential for big savings and productivity improvements. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can improve your customer loyalty; project management can help your staff organize their work; online collaboration and live meeting solutions can reduce the need for travel; help desk apps can reduce your customer support cost; workforce management will enable your remote staff to work more efficiently; and finally, asset management to keep control of your assets.

As a dedicated small business applications directory, we receive some great insight and helpful feedback from thousands of small businesses using our business apps discovery services. As such we can determine the popularity of certain solutions - which could help you determine which product is right for your business.

25 recommended business apps to consider for boosting your productivity

The top five applications this month are:

  1. Zoho Suite: an integrated suite of online web applications for small business geared towards increasing productivity and easy collaboration including: CRM, Accounting, Applicant Tracking, Help Desk, Project Management, Document Management…
  2. AtTask (now Workfront): a Project and Work Management solution that provides a 360-degree view of all workplace activities, helping both team members and management alike to better understand and organize their work, improving workflows and productivity
  3. Mavenlink: a fast growing cloud-based project management and collaboration suite including time tracking, expense reporting, invoicing & online payments and more.
  4. Assistly: a customer support app that pulls your customer service conversations into one collaborative desktop. Assistly helps delivering customer support by email, phone, chat, Twitter, Facebook
  5. Loc8: is an integrated, asset-centric maintenance, help desk, and field service app that give companies total visibility and control of their fixed and IT assets including the location, condition, value, and maintenance status.

For more information on which productivity apps are right for your business - whether it is for accounting, customer support, workforce management or marketing automation - check this list of the 25 most popular web apps:

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