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What Apps Are Needed to Create a Successful Etsy Business

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 13 November 2012

Apps for EtsyEtsy is an awesome and busy place in which you can buy and sell handmade items. Thousands of business minded crafters, artists, and creative people use the platform to sell their products. Most are handmade but some are vintage items and supplies for crafters. Etsy has a great set up that is easy to understand, however, there are definitely applications that you can use to be more successful if you want to start an Etsy business.

All businesses have similar needs such as accounting needs, financial needs, marketing needs, inventory needs, communication needs and more in order to be successful. The following apps and services give you an answer to most of your business needs to make your Etsy business super successful. - This is a wonderful accounting program that automates much if not most of your accounting process by connecting with your bank accounts, Etsy Direct Check Out and Paypal account in order to eliminate a lot of data entry normally associated with bookkeeping. What's more is that it's recommended by Etsy to help you keep your business organized.

Run Inventory - With this application you can manage your Etsy inventory very simply, you just supply your Etsy ID at sign up and Run Inventory takes care of the rest! They also have awesome step-by-step videos to help you. - A way to borrow money to help your business grow. They have a partnership with Etsy which enables you to get money if you qualify to grow your business faster. - Use Aweber to automatically add people who pay by PayPal to your mailing list, then you can thank them for their orders automatically, and use the nifty blog broadcast tool on Aweber and your ETSY feed to tell buyers when you add a new product! This is an excellent way to keep your business in the mind of your buyers. - This is an awesome and simple and free application that enables you to quickly build a website to promote your Etsy business. Even if you don't really know totally what you're doing you can figure out It's also simple to find professionals who can build your site for you for as low as $500.00. - The US Postal Service is set up to help your small business with all your shipping needs. You can print postage right on your computer, pay electronically via credit card, and that's it. You can get a scale, boxes and many tools delivered right to your home or business address.

Use Etsy's Apps - They have a great app that lets you put your store on Facebook, plus many other useful applications that are very simple to set up. Use everything Etsy has to offer to make your shop stand out from the others. There is a lot to choose from, but you can discuss it on the forums Etsy provides to their sellers.


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