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Apps for Freelance Writers and 2 Use-Cases You Probably Haven´T Thought About

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 5 November 2012

Apps for Freelance WritersFreelance writers are their own bosses, often working with a variety of clients on a daily basis. There is a lot to keep track of, as well as important marketing activities a freelance writer has to do on a daily basis to keep the jobs coming in. After all, there is no paycheck of a freelance writer isn't writing.

Even if you happen to be the owner of a small business that has several editors under you, there are important tasks to keep track of, such as keeping writers organized, keeping writing on task, tracking and assign writing and editing and so forth. It's a lot to do for a freelancer. But, with the advent of so many fabulous cloud-apps, it's not a problem! Here are some great apps that freelance writers can use immediately.

To Keep Writers & Editors Organized With Ease : WordPress

We're talking about the WordPress that you can download and upload to your own server space. It's one of the most important apps for a freelance writer because it can be used in so many different ways. Articles can be written, uploaded, organized and scheduled all via WordPress.

In addition, writers and editors can have different administrative rights depending on what you give them to edit, approve and publish the work. A really fabulous feature is the ability to have a special profile with a picture of each writer and editor on your team. Best of all, this app is free of charge. The only charge you will encounter is hosting costs which range from 5 dollars a month and up depending upon the space you need.

To Manage Clients Relationships and Contacts: Zoho CRM

As with any business writers and bloggers need to establish relationships with clients, influencers, experts, other writers and their audience. Zoho is a customer relationship management app (CRM) that has many features to help you keep track of opportunities for interviews, guest posting, and more. It also allows you to assign tasks to your collaborators effortlessly. What's even better is that you can use the free edition for up to three people, perfect if it's just for you and a couple more writers on your team. What's more it integrates easily with other apps such as Evernote, Gmail, Freshbooks, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and many more so you can synchronize contacts, send notes and keep tracks with all the interactions you have with third parties in your Zoho CRM history.

To Automate Communication: Twilio

Twilio enables you to build easy communication solutions with your team and clients. You can assign cloud-based virtual numbers to your team, and easily integrate with other apps so you can be informed automatically when each new article has been published in WordPress as an example. Twilio is a great way to stay informed about where your team is in terms of accomplishing their tasks.

To Automate Marketing & Promotions: Twitter

We all know how valuable Twitter is for keeping followers informed about new articles, blog posts, and other information about your business. We also know how much time social media can suck from our day. As a writer, you don't have too much time to spend outside of writing. But, did you know that you can tweet your new articles automatically? Talk about freeing up your time and painless marketing!

Anything you can do to free up time for writing is an important part of being a freelance writer because you still need to market, track work, and run your business just like any other small business owner.

What Is The Total Cost?

WordPress - Free or if self hosted $5.00 per month

Zoho CRM - Free to 5.00 per month per user

Twilio - Depends on call rate about 1 dollar per user, per month

Twitter - Free

CloudWork (for apps integration)- Free

Is It Worth It?

You have to ask yourself if it's worth the price to stay organized, manage customer relationships, communicate with all your people, and manage marketing as easily as quickly as possible. As a freelance writer, it's always worth it if it gives you more time to write. Writing is where your bread and butter comes from. Any time taken away from writing is wasted and can mean the difference between failure and success for your freelance writing business.

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