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AtMail Review – Email Management for Small to Medium Sized Business

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 9 May 2013

Businesses today need every edge to ensure that they come out ahead of their competitors. Thankfully programs like AtMail come along. The problem for many small businesses trying to make it big on the World Wide Web is that there are many tools and programs promising impressive results.

Because there are so many, it it's difficult to know what you need for your business now, and what you can do without until a later date. One thing that no business is going to survive long without, however, is a solid email platform. In this AtMail review we will see how it delivers email for businesses in a really big way.

AtMail is much more than a simple email program for business. It's an email solution for small to medium-sized businesses that need the flexibility of shared calendars, seamless mobility, simple syncing, and easy-to-implement branding options from their email.

If you're on the go as much as I am, you'll see the real beauty of AtMail is that it allows you to switch from desktop to laptop to tablet to mobile phone without sacrificing any of the full, rich features you expect from the AtMail service.

Email Solutions for Today's Busy Marketers

Business owners today have sales teams that are more mobile than ever. Many managers, executives, and other workers take their work away from the office almost as much as they're in the office - if not more - in fields where the bulk of the work is done on the road. Even freelancers like me take a lot of their work on the road, to the park, the library, hotels, and well, just about anyplace other than the office.

Traditional email methods lack easy synchronization in the best of times. That isn't the case with AtMail.

Great Looking Email Management System with Clean Lines and Adequate White Spaces

You don't have to worry about losing the important stuff in the clutter when you use AtMail services. The pages are easy to read and navigate. The lines are clean and well-defined whether you're working on a desktop computer, tablet devices, or through mobile phone apps.

One area where other productivity-type programs fail is in finding the balance between work and home life. What I particularly like about the AtMail program is the fact that it allows users to identify personal and professional activities on the calendar as well as who has access to which calendar. This comes in handy for me.

In other words, not everything on the calendar is freely shared with the entire team. Anyone that has tried to juggle two calendars in the past knows how tricky that can be.

From a business perspective, the fact that you can truly take AtMail email and make it your own with logos and other branding tools is a huge plus for most small and medium-sized businesses. It gives a small business the ability to look "big" with these features.

You can also use as many domains as needed. You can even cluster domains to identify specific groups of people you'd like "read in" on your email, calendar, or to have access to your storage area. Users have the option of including everyone in their address books to make major announcements.

Many businesses struggle with the notable differences between different platforms. That isn't a problem with AtMail. The ActiveSync is another boon that makes AtMail really stand out from the crowd.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

The AtMail website provides important clues about the platform itself. The site is open, uncluttered, and attractive to visitors. This is also the case of the email and calendar.

Atmail Screenshot 2 - Landing Page

Once you sign up you'll want to get started right away. The great thing about AtMail is that they don't leave you wondering what to do. They take you to the page where you'll get things going for your business and the site offers easy-to-follow instructions about what comes next.

Atmail Screenshot 1 - Getting Started

Now that it's time to check your email, you're sure to love how simple it is to access and read.

Atmail Screenshot 3 - Email

The calendar is an organizer's dream with options to make some information public, keep other information private, and easily identify personal or family commitments and business commitments at a glance.

Atmail Screenshot 4 - Calendar

The Good: Easy to Use and Personalize The Bad: Not the Right Choice for All

AtMail is a fairly simple product to use. This means that it won't take a large amount of time to train team members and support staff to use the system. More importantly, the organizational aspect of this particular email program may actually help your team become more productive and profitable. That's the real reason businesses are interested in programs such as this in the first place.

Also worth note is the exceptional customer service you can expect when doing business with AtMail before and after the sale. That's a rarity in this day and age by itself. Not only does AtMail offer sales tickets that allow you to ask detailed questions about their services, but they also allow you to explore their own Wiki page that explains a great deal about what AtMail is and what their products and services have to offer before you even become a member.

However, it should be noted that this is not the right solution for all businesses. Large businesses may find AtMail somewhat cumbersome or restrictive where small and medium sized businesses are more likely to see broader appeal.

Pricing: Will It Fit Your Budget?

Perhaps the best news about AtMail to small and mid-size business owners is that it is a budget-friendly product. While it is still a "per user" it's not something that even a sole proprietor can't afford. It's priced much lower than its nearest competitor on the market and offers more features. You don't purchase the product outright. Instead, you purchase a yearly license that allows you one year of outstanding customer support and service.

Is It For You?

As I've mentioned before, AtMail isn't the right solution for all businesses. I've yet to see a one-size-fits-all platform that works well for all businesses all the time. However, for medium and small businesses in need of greater efficiency and time/resource management, it's hard to imagine going wrong by using AtMail for your email needs. Take advantage of the free trial and see how quickly AtMail has you ready to sign up for a longer-term commitment.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 3/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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