Articles by Stephanie Watson

  • Dozeo Review – Beautify Digital Encounters  

    5 July 2013
    Once upon a time, dozeo founder, Maximilian Mack of Stuttgart, Germany, had to travel all around presenting seminars, or worse, rely on inferior webinar software to help him make his point from a distance. He didn’t like operating that way and an idea was born that would, two years later, revolution the way businesses conduct […]
  • WinWeb Review – the Future of Business  

    27 June 2013
    The world was not enough for James Bond, perhaps because he didn’t have the WinWeb family of apps at his disposal. Q is good, but even he has his limitations. This WinWeb review will attempt to tell you what WinWeb can do for your business. Starting with the Projects & Helpdesk and moving on to […]
  • Zendesk Review – Support and Engage Your Customers  

    26 June 2013
    Customer engagement must be high on the list of priorities for almost any business today. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the tools, tactics, and talents to properly engage their customers before and after the sale. That’s where Zendesk comes into the picture. We’ve taken the time to review this help desk app to make sure […]
  • Marketo Review — Powerful Marketing Automation  

    12 June 2013
    If you want to improve your entire sales, marketing and customer service cycle and save both time and money then you’ve probably looked into various forms of marketing automation software.  Founded in 2006, Marketo seeks to simplify, streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and work flows in order to increase efficiencies and grow revenue. With […]
  • Colibri Tool Review – Measure Trends & Analyze Conversions  

    10 June 2013
    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a SEO tool tool for businesses and Internet marketers that allows you to track inbound links to your sites as well as your competitors, track SEO performance, analyze keyword positions in search engines, and pinpoint under-served niches in your industry? These are just some of the features Colibri Tool […]
  • Infusionsoft Review — Automation Marketing Software for Small and Medium Businesses  

    6 June 2013
    Time is the one commodity in life that can never be recovered. There are only so many hours in a given day. No one understands this better than busy business owners struggling to juggle the demands of their businesses with the demands of their families and their own desired qualities of living. This Infusionsoft review […]
  • PostScan Mail Review — Manage Your Post Mail as Email  

    21 May 2013
    How many times have you wished your postal mail was as easy to manage as your electronic mail? If you’re anything like me, it’s a wish you’ve made on more than one occasion. Email is simple to deal with and you don’t have to worry about recycling, shredding, or someone sifting through your garbage to […]
  • AtMail Review – Email Management for Small to Medium Sized Business  

    9 May 2013
    Businesses today need every edge to ensure that they come out ahead of their competitors. Thankfully programs like AtMail come along. The problem for many small businesses trying to make it big on the World Wide Web is that there are many tools and programs promising impressive results. Because there are so many, it it’s […]
  • Cyfe Review — All-in-One Business Dashboard  

    7 May 2013
    Businesses today live and die by having access to the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, most businesses have the tools they use to analyze and understand various data points scattered from one end of the World Wide Web to another. It makes it difficult to keep up with all the information, as it’s […]
  • Vivocha Review – Convert Online Visitors Faster  

    25 April 2013
    This product is essential for meeting and talking with your customers choosing between different communication media and, if your desire is to convert visitors to customers, it allows  you to proactively engage with them, based on their navigation behavior. Easily meet with your customers and conduct a one on one conversation via this platform. Vivocha allows you […]
  • Marketing Optimizer Review – Customer Relationship Management for Internet Marketers  

    17 April 2013
    Marketing Optimizer (formerly AIMcrm) offers unique and powerful software and apps for customer relationship management (CRM). The software goes above and beyond the CRM you will find elsewhere, offering excellent tools, Internet marketing advice, automation software, up-to-date technology and the ability to capture and track customer relationship information with ease. As a freelancer who uses […]
  • Lexity Review – Beneficial Suite of Apps for eCommerce Owners  

    10 April 2013
    Lexity is an excellent source of tools for e-commerce websites including real-time analytics, visitor tracking and several other insights. It includes a variety of tools such as extensions, apps, plugins, Amazon Shopping, Google Shopping, Facebook Retargeting, Facebook Live Store and other marketing tools. If you want to run an e-commerce site, Lexity offers all the tools and […]
  • Vorex Review – User Friendly Project Management  

    5 April 2013
    Vorex provides an excellent Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that is above anything you may have considered before, a true project management tools and resources to help you simplify your projects and entire business. In this Vorex review we will describe some of the high-quality tools offered that include expense tracking, time tracking, reporting, HR, invoicing, […]
  • Outright Review – Automated Bookkeeping That’s Easy  

    15 March 2013
    If you run a small business and are have been struggling with excess amounts of paperwork and confusing spreadsheets, you’re in luck. Outright is a comprehensive and easy-to-use online accounting program that simplifies the bookkeeping process. With Outright you will be able to organize your small business income and expenses, link your bank and credit […]
  • Ideascale Review – Share Ideas Simply and Effectively  

    11 March 2013
    Ideascale is a simple and straightforward place for customers, clients and stakeholders to come together and share ideas. Feedback and ideas from a variety of sources is shared on Ideascale, which has been a cloud-based system since 2008. IdeaScale uses the tagline “Empower Innovation,” describing their value-add as the ability to bring out the best […]
  • Sendloop Review – Email Simplicity, Reliability, and Metrics  

    7 March 2013
    The heart and soul of any online business effort is the mailing list. Sendloop says they are making it easy to send good looking emails and conduct effective ad campaigns. If it makes my email process simpler, it’s worth checking out. In this Sendloop review, the app creator Cem Hurturk says that he created it […]
  • Team Insights Review – How to Motivate a Team With a Web App  

    5 March 2013
    Performance Review Pro has been developed by a Brighton based company, HowToMotivateATeam Ltd, and that is exactly what it does. It works alongside existing HR software and process to survey your team and identify exactly where you need to focus to engage and motivate them. Why is this important? Well there is a lot of research […]
  • KiSSFLOW Review – Keeping Google Apps Workflows Simple  

    1 March 2013
    This week we review KiSSFLOW that offers a streamlined option for managing for workflow. Creating and managing workflows can sometimes be frustrating but KiSSFLOW takes the work out of by offering a more simplified process. They have created the first known business workflow application used with Google Apps to allow for an easy-to-follow workflow system. […]
  • TimeOffManager Review – Keep Track of Employees Leave  

    27 February 2013
    Keeping track of who is off work, how much time each employee has used and the vacation schedule for the business year is complicated. So is keeping everyone happy about time off, from workers to managers. TimeOffManager says it has organized this tricky part of business life. Let’s take a look in this TimeOffManager review. Who […]
  • Payment Evolution Review – Finally Payroll Software That Works  

    25 February 2013
    Doing the payroll for a small to medium size business is no fun. Who am I kidding, it’s not fun for any business! Getting the hours right, calculating taxes, adding commissions, bonuses, subtracting the coffee fund fee—it’s complicated and easy to make mistakes. PaymentEvolution says it makes doing a Canadian payroll fast and user friendly. […]
  • SalonBooker Review – Make Appointments With Ease  

    21 February 2013
    Salon owners are experts in hair color, pedicures, and makeup application. They don’t have time to become booking software experts too. Trust me, I know this because my mother was a cosmetologist, and so are several of my friends.  I’m a beauty school dropout. As cosmetologists, we just want to do hair and service our […]
  • LinkGard Review – Manage Work Processes Efficiently With Google Apps  

    19 February 2013
    Imagine being able to collaborate in real time on group projects, share files, surf the web, send emails and chat all in one secure location? Well, you can…with LinkGard’s Google Apps offering, a way to manage all your work processes efficiently and effectively. Their full range of IT services include software development, information security, cloud computing, […]
  • QuickBooks Online Review – Reliable, Recognized, Double Entry Bookkeeping Online  

    14 February 2013
    QuickBooks by Intuit is now available in an online version to allow you to keep track of your accounting and bookkeeping tasks all in one place. We will see in this QuickBooks Online review how you can get immediate access to secure online accounting software and the ability to keep everything organized in one place. […]
  • GimeTalk Review — Interact With the Customers That Visit Your Website  

    13 February 2013
    As a business owner, you know the importance of having a web presence. You know that more people are finding services and shopping on the Internet so you are always looking for a way to make sure that your website has something your competition lacks. This week we review GimeTalk a live chat app that […]
  • Mad Mimi Review – Email Marketing Made Beautiful  

    12 February 2013
    Email marketing can be intimidating. Beyond trying to figure out what to say, how do I make it look nice? Mad Mimi says they are for people who want email marketing to be simple. That sounds like me! Let’s give it a try. Mad Mimi was started by a couple who wanted to send stylish […]
  • GooodJob Review — Turn Your Employees Into Recruiters  

    11 February 2013
    With the unemployment rate so high, you would think that finding good employees would be easy. Unfortunately you still have to interview many candiates you find one who fits the position properly. In this GooodJob review, we will explore how GooodJob Mobile, the new referrals app from GooodJob, makes it simple for your current employees  to […]
  • Basecamp Review – Project Management for Everyone  

    8 February 2013
    Basecamp isn’t the first project management app to be introduced here (we already reviewed Mavenlink, Clarizen, Attask (now Workfront), etc,..), but it is one of the most popular ones, and for good reason. It offers so many features as standard, such as having single-page projects and a place to combine your projects, employees, companies, vendors and […]
  • Store, Search, Backup Documents and Emails in Google Apps — Cloudfinder Review  

    6 February 2013
    Cloudfinder is a web-based product that works with your unique domain to store files and emails, enable you to search for files and emails, restore previous versions of files and even get back deleted files and emails. You cannot delete anything accidentally, any longer. It seamlessly links with your current Google apps (and in the future […]
  • Doing Magic With Membership Management — Review of Wild Apricot  

    10 January 2013
    Setting up a membership site can be intimidating, especially if you have different member levels, want to accept payments and have limited tech skills. Poetically named membership management app Wild Apricot says it provides Member Management Magic. As a freelancer, I have worked with a client who used Wild Apricot before and I must confess I […]
  • Finally a Cloud-Based POS System for Small Business — a Review of ShopKeep POS  

    9 January 2013
    It costs money to buy cash registers, software, hardware. My friend who runs two small espresso spots gets frustrated because he wants to know how sales are going when he’s out and about. Training his clerks to use the cash register software takes time. ShopKeep says it can help a retailer like him out, calling […]
  • A Survey Tool for Everyone — Review of Survey Expression  

    8 January 2013
    Surveys for your blog or surveys sent out to readers via email are limited in most free online survey tools. The number of questions and how they can be asked are capped. It can also be difficult to know how to organize and design them. Survey Expression calls itself the best free online tool you […]
  • Keep Better Track of Billable Time — Review of Time Cockpit  

    28 December 2012
    Keeping track of time spent for billing is a necessary, but often irritating and complicated task. As a freelancer, I have some projects that are billed at an hourly basis. To do this I must keep track of my time in a way that works for me, as well as my client. time cockpit says […]
  • Employee Training Has Never Been Easier — Review Inquisiq r3 LMS  

    21 December 2012
    As a business owner, you understand the importance of making sure that each and every one of your employees are working the way you need them to be working. You know how things should be done and want everyone doing things the same way. Training can be a big issue when things are changing all […]
  • Create Attractive, Working Forms for Your Small Business — Review of 123ContactForm  

    20 December 2012
    As a small business owner, I really need forms to find out what my website visitors are thinking. But designing the form and installing it can literally take me days. So I am totally excited to review 123ContactForm. They say form building and publishing is as easy as 1-2-3. Let’s see! How to Get a […]
  • Collaborate Effectively and Efficiently — Review of Threads  

    18 December 2012
    Working with a group in which some are freelance, some are telecommuting, some working out of another office, can be confusing and frustrating. As a freelancer, I am always on the lookout for an easy-to-use and accessible tool that helps a group connect. Threads says it makes online collaboration simple. Let’s take a look. If […]
  • Make Online Learning Easy – Review of TalentLMS  

    12 December 2012
    Setting up a learning course for your employees or customers is a lot of work. TalentLMS feels it offers a simple way for you to develop a program of study and an attractive platform for your students to take it. I’ve encountered some pretty ragged looking training sites when I’ve taken classes online. I’m looking forward to […]
  • 13 Terrific Apps for Usability Experts  

    7 December 2012
    In a survey about user experience, conducted by Compuware, results show that a bad web experience will drive 46 percent of tablet users to competitive web sites and 33 percent are less likely to purchase from that company. That means for businesses that run a website that the work of a usability expert can be critical for the success […]
  • A Great App That Helps Keep Everyone Organized — Review of Hello Scheduling  

    6 December 2012
    Today’s technology has given us a number of ways to keep communications open between employee and employer, it can be quite confusing. Using Hello Scheduling keeps everything in one place so there are no misunderstandings. When everyone is up-to-date with what is going on and organized, things get done much more efficiently. No More Schedule […]
  • A CRM Designed for Nonprofit & Associations — NeonCRM Review  

    30 November 2012
    Confusion is common with the volunteer organizations I belong to. That’s why I was interested to review NeonCRM by Z2 Systems, Inc. They say they can offer nonprofit organizations and associations an easy-to-use, accessible platform to house all of their most important information about their members, donors, event attendees, Board members, and volunteers in one system. […]
  • Save Money and Time by Making Better Use of the Tools You Already Have — Review of Help Scout  

    27 November 2012
    As a small business owner providing that personal touch is so important in helping you stand out from the “big guys”, but using a support system that can scale with your growing customer base is also needed so that you can continue to make excellent support a consistent part of your business. I often find […]
  • Answer Your Customers Questions Right When They Have Them — Userlike Live Chat Review  

    23 November 2012
    Getting answers as soon as possible as a customer is a wonderful thing, being able to deliver those answers as a small business, is priceless. I checked out Userlike, live chat software for websites and iOS apps. I know if I have a question about a product and can’t find the answer quickly, I simply […]
  • Why It Is Time to Get Your Business Plan Done  

    14 November 2012
      Creating a business plan is the first step to starting a successful business. I stress the word “successful” because it’s a proven fact that people who have a plan, even when they modify it as time goes on, are more successful than those without a plan. Having a business plan shows how serious you […]
  • What Apps Are Needed to Create a Successful Etsy Business  

    13 November 2012
    Etsy is an awesome and busy place in which you can buy and sell handmade items. Thousands of business minded crafters, artists, and creative people use the platform to sell their products. Most are handmade but some are vintage items and supplies for crafters. Etsy has a great set up that is easy to understand, […]
  • Eliminate Paper Without Losing the Trail — Review of Turbine  

    12 November 2012
    Every single business, no matter how big or small has paperwork. Pretty much all businesses have purchase orders, expense reports, performance appraisals, and more. TurbineHQ was created because of Matthew Stibbe’s, CEO of Turbine, personal experiences running a company in the 90s with 70 people and way too many forms. He sold the business in 2000, […]
  • Design Without the Designer Price Tag — Review of the PDF Chef  

    9 November 2012
    Though it is easy enough to put a document into PDF format, making it look interesting costs you either money to hire a designer or time to figure out how to get the business graphics and type arranged well. Thankfully, the The PDF Chef offers an alternative. Tired Of Designer Fees And Long Learning Curves? […]
  • Speed Up Your Billing Process — Review of ChargeBee  

    8 November 2012
    Recurring billing can be a recurring headache for small businesses and new startups. One company has stepped in with automated billing and subscription services. Today I am reviewing ChargeBee, a company that is focusing on subscription and billing management. These tedious but essential jobs are not my strong point, tasks that many small Internet businesspeople […]
  • A More Efficient Way to Manage Your Subscriptions — Review of Think Subscription  

    7 November 2012
    Think Subscription is a subscription management service offered to companies that have subscriptions for their services or products. If you run a company that has a large number of customers or clients who subscribe to your various products or services, you will find benefits to using the service Think Subscription provides you. Some of the […]
  • Alternatives to Traditional Recruiting Tools  

    2 November 2012
    Traditionally, recruiters spent a lot of time creating job advertisements, reading applications and resumes and meeting with candidates before hiring a new employee. References and any required certifications and licenses need to be verified. The whole process was very time-consuming and frustrating. While meeting a prospective employee face-to-face has its advantages, the process up to […]
  • Apps Bundle for Small Business Recruiters  

    30 October 2012
    One of the biggest problems small business owners deal with is staffing. Many employees consider a position within a small business a stepping stone to something bigger, often leaving with little or no notice when something else comes along. Owners or supervisors end up having to take care of their own duties, fill in for […]
  • Be Awesome: Customize and Promote in Social Media — a Review of GroSocial  

    18 October 2012
    Manage your social media with new flair. Small business owners use social media with the intent of improving customer relationships, expanding their brand, and ultimately getting more customers. But, it can take a lot of time, effort and skill. Graphic design, writing, and business knowledge are all required to create a successful social media campaign. […]
  • Alternatives to Salesforce for QuickBooks Users  

    15 October 2012
    Customer Service Relationship Management is one of the most important functions you will perform in your small business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. If you have customers, you need to form and maintain relationships with them. Whether you need to have a simple way to store all contact and correspondence with […]
  • Understand Your Sales Pipeline — Review of Membrain  

    9 October 2012
    Membrain is a unique sales pipeline service that offers a variety of sales tools you haven’t seen anywhere else before. With the sales tools provided by Membrain, you will see increased sales margins, improved sales coaching, improved win rates, increased revenues, accelerated new hires, and the ability to stand out like never before. Having been […]
  • Manage Goals & Objectives for Free — Review of Objectiveli  

    27 September 2012
    Objectiveli is a free service offered to individuals and professionals who are looking for a better way to organize goals and objectives. Objectiveli is a user-friendly program that lets you stay focused on your goals and objectives in order to improve your success. No longer will you need to use post-it reminders and spreadsheets, thanks […]
  • Common Small Business Challenges — Five Tips to Overcome  

    18 September 2012
    All small businesses have challenges. A question was asked on recently — “What most common problems face small business today”. Most of the answers related to the five issues I’m going to talk about today. CRM, Money, Marketing, Core Mission and Technology. These five issues can stump many small business owners, but thankfully they […]
  • Manage Your Open Source Assets Efficiently — a Review of White Source  

    17 September 2012
    White Source is an open source license management software  and organization program that makes the management of your open source software (OSS)licenses easy and simple. With the cloud-based program, everything is web based so you never have to download or install anything. It is accessible from any computer, as is true of all cloud programs. […]
  • Learning Management System That Works — a Review of Litmos  

    11 September 2012
    Litmos is a web-based, user-friendly learning management system (LMS) offering online training, monthly membership fees with no setup fees or long-term contract requirements, and exceptional customer support. When you choose Litmos for your learning management system, you benefit from the cloud-based program that can be accessed from anywhere, from a SCORM certified company, and the […]
  • Share Workflow and Data Quickly, Securely, and Easily With WorkStream — Review of Yousendit  

    10 September 2012
    Workstream by Yousendit is a cloud-based collaboration tool that helps you manage and organize your workflow. You will find a wide variety of special features and helpful tools with the web-based program, including the many benefits of using the cloud. When you have a web-based program for managing your work, you are able to share […]
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Engineering Companies and Virtual Engineering Teams – a Review of DEXMA PLM  

    5 September 2012
    DEXMA PLM is a web-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that provides cloud-based technology to businesses, primarily those in the engineering field. DEXMA PLM offers extensive project management and product data management, with advanced software that includes updated information on parts, materials, equipment logistics, and a manufacturing management system unlike any other system available. If […]
  • Simplify Your Quality Management System — Review of ISO Tracker  

    4 September 2012
    ISO Tracker is a revolutionary hosted quality management software that gives you a variety of tools and features for ISO management. Unlike other ISO software programs, ISO Tracker makes it easier for you to maintain your ISO standards, it is cloud-based software with a strong Return on Investment (ROI) and is accessible from anywhere at any time […]
  • 5 Tips to Use Mobile Apps Effectively for Your Business  

    3 September 2012
    We all love the idea of being on the go and still doing business from any location, at any time. Thankfully with the advent of mobile and cloud-based technology doing so is within your grasp. Mobile apps allow you to remain organized and keep up with scheduled meetings and events, even while on business trips […]
  • Amp Up Your Marketing — Review of Constant Contact  

    30 August 2012
    Constant Contact is a cloud-based system offering a variety of marketing and coaching tips and features including email marketing, event marketing, social media, online surveys, and more. They give you a place upload your contacts, create professional newsletters with interesting surveys, and help you reach your existing customers and build your list with their different special […]
  • Collaborate Effectively With HRM, Task and Document Management, CRM, Service Desk and IP PBX — Review of TeamWox  

    24 August 2012
    TeamWox is online team collaboration software that uses advanced digital technologies for efficient management systems. With TeamWox, you are able to use the many features on the program such as access to documents and tasks, IP telephony, service desk, CRM and more. It is easy to sign up and you have instant access to the […]
  • Customize and Manage Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contacts, and Inventory — Review of Invoicera  

    23 August 2012
    Invoicera is a cloud-based program that not only lets you create invoices online, but you can customize and manage invoices, manage purchase order numbers, add contacts and inventory, and a number of other tools and features. By creating and managing your invoices online, you will be able to access them from anywhere. So if you […]
  • Lose the Pen and Paper — Review of Evermeeting  

    22 August 2012
    Evermeeting is a distinctive app for iOS operating systems and mobile devices that completely eliminates the need for paper and pen, often used by business professionals. It is an app meant to improve your productivity, as it provides a variety of features to allow transcription, note taking, scheduling tasks and appointments, recording of online meetings, […]
  • Save More Money on Your Cloud Computing Operations — Review of Cloudyn  

    21 August 2012
    Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular as small and large businesses realize the benefits and advantages that the cloud’s scalability and flexibility delivers.   However, calculating and controlling costs in the cloud is extremely challenging and many companies end up spending much more than they need to. To address these issues, Cloudyn  offers premier cloud-computing management services making it […]
  • Get Your Workflows Automated on Google Apps — Review of KiSSFLOW  

    20 August 2012
    KiSSFLOW is a comprehensive web-based platform that lets you simplify the process of managing your workflow. It is the first business workflow application built for the use of Google Apps and transforms a typical and sometimes time-consuming workflow into one that is much more straightforward. With KiSSFLOW, business professionals can streamline their workflow by creating […]
  • End the Paperwork Madness With CRM — Review of Salestrakr  

    20 August 2012
    Salestrakr is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software company that gives small businesses a way to escape the monotony of manual processes and instead develop automated processes. In addition, they help small businesses get away from paper processes and databases which can be time consuming and risky. With Salestrakr, business owners and administrators are able to […]
  • Using Social Proof to Get More Customers — Review of Testimonial Monkey  

    16 August 2012
    Testimonial Monkey is a web-based program that allows you to request, collect, and share reviews and testimonials from your current and past customers. By using their simple feedback management program, you are able to ask your customers for testimonials which will then be shared with prospective customers and clients. Testimonial Monkey has created a very […]
  • Simplify Your Entire Management Process — Review of Interlink Web  

    14 August 2012
    If you’re looking for a way to simplify your safety, environmental, or quality programs, then you have found the right place. Accupoint Software has created the Interlink Web system that provides a secure and efficient way for incorporating web ISO software and risk management into organization and management of your various systems. It is not only […]
  • How Sharing and Collaboration Can Improve Your Business — a Roundup  

    11 August 2012
    The success of and should prove to any small business owner that file sharing and collaboration tools are a necessary aspect of doing business today. Collaborative all inclusive systems such as Soonr, Workstream, and other workplace applications, specifically made for small business, are making it easier for small businesses to compete with bigger […]
  • 5 Tips for Using File Sharing and Collaboration Effectively and Efficiently  

    10 August 2012
    Today small businesses must find efficient and effective ways to share files and collaborate on a multitude of projects across all channels of business. Sharing files and collaborating go far beyond just having the right tools, but also to the attitudes of the company in regard to accepting input from employees and stakeholders. To have […]
  • Five Tips on How Business Intelligence Tools Help Make Better Decisions  

    7 August 2012
    Smart small business owners know that they need to be able to take into account various metrics of their activities in order to gather knowledge to use in running their business properly. The following types of business intelligence can help support making informed business decisions: On Time Business Intelligence — Metrics collected at the time […]
  • Do Small Businesses Need a Dedicated Customer Service Agent?  

    6 August 2012
    Small businesses owners have many decisions to make about their business, one of this is how to provide great customer service. If your business will be making sales or offering services you’ll need to answer the question: Do I need a dedicated customer service agent? To answer the question, you’ll need to know how many […]
  • Will Business Intelligence Tools Improve My Small Business Bottom Line — a Roundup  

    3 August 2012
    Business Intelligence (BI) is using data and metrics to help discover solutions to questions. Such as, what types of advertisements work better, banner ads, or text ads? What type of blog posts do my readers want to read? What parts of my business are providing an adequate return on investment and which are just sucking […]
  • Mobile Productivity, File Sharing & Collaboration on Steroids — a Review of Soonr  

    2 August 2012
    Soonr is a mobile content management and collaboration tool  that offers a comprehensive secure cloud-based system for businesses of all sizes and their employees who are looking for a way to upload and share large files, when working on projects involving multiple team members inside and outside of the office and/or across offices, using any device (desktop, […]
  • CRM That Integrates Seamlessly With Google Apps – MogoCRM Review  

    2 August 2012
    Mogo is a CRM solution that runs well with Google Docs and other Google Apps, tools and features such as Gmail, calendar, contacts, voice, and other websites. A CRM is a customer relationship management application which is used for managing customer interactions, communications, sales, and clients in one place. If you are an avid user […]
  • Grow Your Business With Email Marketing — Product Review for Mailigen  

    1 August 2012
    As a small business owner I often have need to manage email accounts including email lists for my monthly newsletters, reminders, and announcements. It can be hard to keep everything organized and up-to-date; thankfully that’s where Mailigen comes in. Mailigen is a cloud-based email system that includes email list management with the ability to create […]
  • Retain Customers With Surveys and Promotions — a Review of Merchant Conveyer  

    1 August 2012
    Merchant Conveyer is one of the many apps hosted on Google App Engine, created by developers and hosted by Google. Merchant Conveyer is a cloud based service for small businesses to manage and retain clients by the use of surveys and promotions. It is designed to integrate with, a service that brings customers and […]
  • Manage Your Projects and Documents Efficiently — Review of Projectplace  

    31 July 2012
    Projectplace is an online cloud-based project management software that lets you manage single or multiple projects with a quick method and easy-to-use interface. Projectplace allows you to choose from a variety of membership plans, depending on the number of projects you will need and how many members you need to add. If you have been looking […]
  • How Startups Use the Cloud — Round Up  

    27 July 2012
    Cloud computing is at an exciting time of growth with most software being created now being cloud-based instead of on premise software. This, in turn, is exciting for startups. Entrepreneurs everywhere can rejoice in the fact that they can now access enterprise level software for a fraction of the former cost. This fact is surely […]
  • Five Tips for Starting Your Business Right With Cloud Apps  

    26 July 2012
    Starting a business is an exciting and stressful time for any entrepreneur. You want things to turn out right. You want to offer value to your customers while earning a living. You also want your employees, contractors and vendors to be happy too. It’s a lot of responsibility wrought with pitfalls as well as opportunity. […]
  • 7 Mobile Apps for Your Business That Cut Costs  

    24 July 2012
    Business owners today know that they need to be mobile to make it in the business world. There are businesses that are conducted solely online as well, and those businesses need to be super mobile so that they can compete with larger businesses. Thankfully technology is moving with the times to let small business owners […]
  • Why Cloud Apps Are Cutting Edge for Small Business — Round Up  

    20 July 2012
    Small business owners are always looking for ways to improve their products, services, and how they relate to their clients, customers, and potential clients and customers in the most cost effective way possible. Cloud applications are a way for a small business to access enterprise level software at a fraction of the cost. It’s a […]
  • 5 Tips for Choosing Your Legal & Law Enforcement Cloud Apps  

    19 July 2012
    Due to the rise in cloud app proliferation it’s only natural that software makers want to offer legal services cloud-based applications. It’s also natural that lawyers want to level the playing field and take advantage of enterprise level law practice management cloud-based applications for their business needs. There are some very interesting and promising cloud-based legal applications […]
  • Five Tips for Choosing Cloud Storage Solutions  

    17 July 2012
    There are many different types of cloud storage solutions available for your small business needs. Whether you choose a solution like Dropbox Box, Google Drive, SugarSynch or something else entirely, will depend on how each service fills your needs. Today, a good storage solution isn’t only for large businesses with a lot of cash to […]
  • Storage Solutions in the Cloud for Small Businesses — Round Up  

    13 July 2012
    It’s clear that small businesses need get rid of the file cabinet and implement a data storage system. That cloud-based storage solutions will them them save time, money and effort. It’s important to define storage needs before choosing a data storage solution, as well as to define the difference between storage and back up. Storage can […]
  • Five Tips for Effective Small Business Online Marketing With Social Media  

    5 July 2012
    You may not realize it, but all social media is based in the cloud. Social media, whichever brand you use, is one way that small businesses become comfortable using the cloud. There are both free and paid social media tools available on the web. Many of us gravatate toward free software, but there are many […]
  • Simply & Easily Find the Right Employees – a Review of the Resumator  

    4 July 2012
    The Resumator is an innovative cloud-based software program that allows you to keep track of your job applicants, create new job titles and descriptions, and find qualified, experienced employees in a quick and efficient manner. The Resumator comes with a wide variety of unique features that make it more advanced than many other applicant management […]
  • Five Tips for Choosing a Content Management Solution (CMS)  

    2 July 2012
    At some point, every small business needs a CMS. A content management solution (or system) consists of a computer based system that allows a small business to edit, modify, collaborate, maintain, publish, and manage work-flow for all your content needs from one central place. It doesn’t matter if you’re publishing a website, a newspaper or […]
  • Cloud-Based Content Management Systems Are Hot — Round Up  

    29 June 2012
    If you think you don’t need a content management system right now you might be wrong. If you have a website, you have content. If you have internal communications, you have content. If you have any documentation that helps your business run better, you have content. Every small business has content, and they have a […]
  • Why Startups Are Crazy About Cloud Apps  

    26 June 2012
    When you consider what small businesses are concerned about during startup, you can quickly see why startups are crazy about cloud apps. Startups are most worried about cutting costs while delivering topnotch service or products to their customers. Thankfully, with the advent of software accessible via the cloud, it is completely possible for a small […]
  • Extend Your Reach With the Cloud — Weekly Roundup  

    22 June 2012
    When I imagine all the possibilities for directions I can take my business the one thing that really gets me going is cloud-based computer applications. Honestly, without cloud-based apps like Google Apps, Dropbox, Social Media, Invoicing and Project Management Software I would be lost. I cannot be productive without a good amount of automation. After […]
  • Five Tips to Save Time and Money With Cloud Business Apps  

    21 June 2012
    Most small business owners not only want, but absolutely need to save both time and money. There is no better way to save both time and money than by strategic use of cloud business applications. Cloud applications are apps that do not require you to download software on your computer, that you can access from […]
  • Schedule Branded and Timed Post to Facebook: A Review of Post Planner  

    20 June 2012
    Post Planner is a specialized application that allows you to customize social media posts on Facebook, add custom icons, and dictate which posts go where. Post Planner helps businesses with their social media marketing strategies with scheduled posts, branding posts with business logos and icons, and adding their website link for increased advertising potential. Schedule […]
  • Quickly Create Employee Schedules From Anywhere – a Review of NimbleSchedule  

    19 June 2012
    NimbleSchedule is a unique and innovative cloud based service that offers comprehensive employee scheduling, reminder tools and features. The site has a variety of new features that make employee schedule quick and efficient. Since it is cloud-based, it is available from your web browser as well as a smart phone app. You will be able […]
  • Cloud Based Inventory Control – a Review of OfficeBooks  

    18 June 2012
    OfficeBooks is an online inventory and tracking service that will assist businesses in getting rid of out-of-date spreadsheets and ledgers in order to go digital for business management. Existing spreadsheets and data can be uploaded to OfficeBooks  or you can start from scratch. Multiple users gain access to the OfficeBooks account for adding, editing, and […]
  • Cloud Computing Is Changing the Face of Business — Weekly Roundup  

    15 June 2012
    It’s becoming clear that cloud computing is a game changer. Cloud computing is literally changing the face of business today. As a small business owner you have no choice but to adapt to the changing environment. From Internet only businesses, to Mom and Pop stores, cloud based software has changed everything. From how we place […]
  • Cloud Apps Save Time & Money — Five Tips for Choosing Well  

    13 June 2012
    It’s a foregone conclusion that software is migrating to the cloud. From MS Word, to totally new software and ideas, most productivity software for small business will be cloud based in the near future. In fact, pretty much any software you currently use, other than your operating system, will eventually all be cloud based. As […]
  • Five Tips for Managing People and How to Use the Cloud  

    7 June 2012
    One of the hardest parts of having a business is managing the people. People have different personalities, work preferences, and methods of communication. Due to the ease at which we can work via the cloud, a manager might even be working with people who speak different languages and through different time zones. In addition, as […]
  • Five Ways to Improve Your Small Business Data Security  

    6 June 2012
    As a small business owner one of your major concerns probably involves keeping all your personal and client data secure. Depending upon what kind of business you have and the kinds of data you keep about your employees and clients will depend on how far you go toward protecting that data. If you have credit […]
  • Embracing Disruptive Cloud-Based Killer Apps: Blog Posts Roundup  

    6 June 2012
    Cloud computing is not only changing how we work but who works. It is estimated that, by 2015, over 14 million jobs will be added to the worldwide economy. It’s clear that even naysayers are starting to embrace the cloud. Old software we’re familiar with like MS Office is now available as cloud apps, and […]
  • Small Businesses Look Like Big Businesses Using the Cloud — Weekly Blog Post Round Up  

    5 June 2012
      Many small business owners don’t even realize they’re using the cloud to do business. They may use email in the cloud, social media in the cloud, and might even do banking in the cloud and not understand that they are already, using cloud based apps. Many small business owners jump right in with both […]
  • Let Your Imagination Take Over Simulate Mobile Applications — a Review of From a Non-Coder  

    4 June 2012 is an innovative product that allows you to create a mobile prototype with the intention of simulating a mobile application for your smart phone or tablet computer. It works for iPhones, Android phones, as well as tablets PC’s with iPhone and Android operating systems. The web-based prototyping software lets you create the prototype […]
  • Five Tips to Help Small Businesses Organize Data  

    29 May 2012
    Most small businesses have extraordinary amounts of data to store, keep safe and organized. If it’s not stored properly it can be difficult to find the file you need when you need it. This can be a big time and money waster for a small business. Here are five tips to help your small business […]
  • Building Mobile Friendly Websites With Ease — a Review of Mob.Is.It Mobile Website Service  

    24 May 2012
    As the world becomes more mobile and more technological, consumers are turning to their smartphones and tablets to access information. As a small business owner, I would be lost without my mobile device. Business owners who have websites to foster enterprise of any kind, face the necessity of optimizing their websites for mobile access. Enter […]
  • Cloud Based Systems Assist With Disaster Recovery — Weekly Blog Roundup  

    23 May 2012
    Ever since the April 27, 2011 when tornadoes occurred in my area of Alabama causing a week long power outage, and destroying hundreds of homes and businesses, disaster recovery has been on my mind. Before the tornadoes, I wasn’t using the cloud in a way that best protected my data. I still used all the […]
  • Online Learning Platform Made Easy — a Review of Docebo Cloud  

    23 May 2012
    As a student of interactive technology, and online learning management systems (LMS), I was really excited to review Docebo, a cloud based E-Learning platform delivered “As a Service” designed to help employers train their employees in various professional development techniques by use of online training courses and games. The emergence of online training courses saves money, […]
  • Small Business Project Management: Five Tips to Help Project Managers  

    17 May 2012
    Every small business owner has to manage projects. Projects are temporary, deadline oriented events outside of the normal realm of business operations management. Managing projects requires a deadline, a budget, and a desired end result or deliverable. There can be one person or many people assigned to any one project. There are several common project […]
  • Grow Your Small Business Lean and Smart  

    16 May 2012
    The last three weeks has been full of exciting reviews of innovative cloud-based applications, great interviews with experts, and tips to help you run your small business that can’t help but make you more successful. We’ve shared how important it is to research any software provider, cloud-based or not, before purchasing to ensure the safety […]
  • Cloud Based Customer Service: A Review of Help Scout  

    14 May 2012
    Today businesses need a way to improve customer care. Most disgruntled customers leave a business, not due to a poor product, but due to poor and inadequate customer care. Many businesses use ticket based systems that send out emails that look automated and impersonal. In addition, these systems often do not allow for many customer […]
  • Team Knowledge Sharing: A Review of Bloomfire  

    8 May 2012
    Today, we review Bloomfire, Inc. company dedicated to team knowledge sharing. The big idea is to ensure that people who have questions are connected to those who have answers in an easy-to-use SaaS application. A team leader can create a personal Bloomfire with a customized URL, invite team members and start sharing tribal knowledge – […]
  • An Efficient App to Send Invoices in a Few Clicks: A Review of Send Invoice  

    7 May 2012
    As a small business owner I often have to send invoices to clients. The entire process of invoicing clients, storing copies, keeping everything on track, and looking professional all at the same time is no easy feat. Handwritten invoices, and even PayPal invoices, while charming, don’t really look professional. Being able to send or mail […]
  • Round Up: Now Everyone Can Enjoy the Benefits of the Cloud  

    7 May 2012
    Whether you’re an individual trying to plan a family reunion, a small business of one who needs project management and invoicing capabilities, or a business with hundreds of employees that need human resource solutions, cloud based applications offer access to technological solutions unheard of just a few years ago. The cloud has removed the barriers to […]
  • Online Survey Software for Everyone: A Review of FluidSurveys.Com  

    3 May 2012
    Online marketing has revolutionized the way in which an entire industry operates. And while the massive market of online users seems like an unlimited abyss of potential, the fact is that meaningful interactions with Internet users are becoming increasingly difficult to facilitate. What this translates to is tremendous difficulty in gauging responses and the overall […]
  • An Efficient Way to Manage All Your Digital Assets: A Review of eMAM™  

    30 April 2012
    Managing information such as audio, video, graphics, images, and documents in all their forms can be tricky when your company has a broad array of materials. It can be complicated to find the asset once you save it, as well as distribute it when you need to. It can also be difficult to have space […]
  • A Browser Based Invoicing and Time Tracking Tool: A Review of Paydirt  

    25 April 2012
    The Paydirt service is a browser based online invoicing and time tracking service for freelancers and consultants who need a way to track time and invoice clients. Every freelancer and consultant needs a method of tracking their time spent on a project, as well as a means of sending invoices for payment for their work. […]
  • A Project Management and Invoicing Tool for Freelancers: A Review of Bunker App  

    18 April 2012
    This review takes a close look at the program Bunker App, a system designed to help freelancers and those who hire freelancers, keep track of their ongoing projects. With Bunker App, you can create proposals, track milestones and tasks, keep track of time spent on projects, and collaborate with other workers on the same project. […]