Articles by Stephanie Miles

  • 5 Handy File-Sharing Apps for Small Businesses  

    9 January 2017
    If you are still struggling to organize your (digital) files, collaborate with annoying coworkers and clients with cumbersome attachments, or fumbling with your thumb drives, it’s time to get modern and use a file-sharing service. There are dozens of document sharing and knowledge management apps currently on the market, but the quality and the features […]
  • Top 7 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems  

    26 April 2016
    Today’s educators and human resources departments are increasingly relying on cloud-based learning management systems for running their online classrooms. There are plenty of ways that an educator or trainer can utilize a learning management system (LMS), with the most popular applications offering tools for the delivery, documentation, tracking, and reporting of online training and education programs. By managing […]
  • 7 Best Free Android Finance and Accounting Apps  

    21 April 2016
    Busy professionals shouldn’t have to wait until they’re sitting in front of a computer to check their company account balances, manage their cash flow, and invoice clients. A slew of Android finance and accounting apps are changing the way people do business, making it easier to handle everyday accounting tasks when they’re on the road or […]
  • How to Use Forecasting to Plan for Future IT Spending Requirements  

    20 April 2016
    If you’re pouring over this year’s budget you might wish you had a crystal ball to help you look for clues into the future of your company’s IT spending requirements. But even without a crystal ball, you can now use sophisticated forecasting technology to predict future trends for monitored infrastructure, based on the prior performance […]
  • How Cloud Monitoring Enables Better Analytics  

    11 April 2016
    The rapid adoption of cloud computing and the proliferation of mobile devices are two factors driving the complexity of modern IT infrastructures. With new components added each day, including new infrastructure, sources of applications, and a rising number of devices with access to corporate resources, IT professionals and in-house teams are now playing a role […]
  • Benefits of All-in-One Business Management Software for Savvy Entrepreneurs  

    1 April 2016
    Small business owners are being pulled in all different directions. In an effort to cut down on the time they spend managing billing, project management, help desk, and business operations tasks, many have turned to single-purpose applications. According to a survey by AT&T, 94 percent of small business owners are now using smartphones to conduct […]
  • How IT Management Solutions Can Help Monitor Apps and Minimize Downtime  

    5 October 2015
    The sale has just started in your favorite store and you want to pick up a bargain online, or you’re finally booking flights on your much needed holiday and only a few seats are left. But when you try to complete your purchase you get an error message and the website seems to be down. […]
  • Top 3 Benefits of Integrated Help Desk Systems  

    25 September 2015
    Duplication of effort is a hot button issue within the business community right now, as organizations large and small search for more strategic ways to streamline operations. With the average small business using a whopping 14.3 apps — or 5.5 apps per employee, according to a report by Osterman Research — employees tasked with the […]
  • Help Desk Software: Why SMBs Need More Visibility at the Customer Level  

    7 September 2015
    The use of help desk software among businesses of all sizes is on the rise. However, a deep disconnect still exists between the features that companies are asking for and what many customer support solutions are providing. Often used by internal IT departments and support teams, help desk software is commonly relied upon to manage […]
  • WorkTrail Review – Time Tracking Without Interruptions  

    16 September 2014
    WorkTrail Review – An excellent solution for individuals and small teams, providing all the necessary tools that a time tracking application should offer Time tracking tools that require users to continually press buttons each time they switch between projects and tasks can oftentimes cause more headaches than they solve. That’s why WorkTrail was created. The cloud-based work tracking platform records […]
  • Tealium IQ Review – Bring Order to Marketing Chaos  

    28 May 2014
    Tealium IQ Review – Marketers that use Tealium IQ are able to exchange rich data about their online visitors without the help of IT experts and can dramatically improve the efficiency of their campaigns Big data can be a big pain for marketers, and particularly for those managing third-party vendor tags on a regular basis. Tealium […]
  • Xplenty Review – Data Integration on the Cloud  

    26 May 2014
    Xplenty Review – Businesses can save both time and money when they start using Xplenty to take advantage of big data For too long, small and mid-size companies have been scared away from doing their ETL with Hadoop—the open-source software project that facilitates the distribution of processed data sets across clusters of servers—out of concerns over […]
  • Talygen Review – Automate & Enforce Business Management Processes  

    22 May 2014
    Talygen Review – From time tracking tools to automated screenshot features, Talygen provides employers with all the data they need to make smart business decisions Serious businesses need serious software. Talygen is an incredibly reliable time tracking tool that organizations can use for business management automation. Built with a touch-friendly user interface (UI), Talygen enables its […]
  • Vocalcom Review – the Future of Contact Centers  

    21 May 2014
    Vocalcom Review – Customer support agents will appreciate the flexibility that Vocalcom provides, while their managers will appreciate the results that it delivers In order for businesses to make their call centers profitable, they need to utilize contact center software that’s fast, powerful, and easy to manage. Vocalcom fits all three of these descriptions, providing businesses […]
  • iCIMS Applicant Tracking System Review – Efficiently Recruit Quality Hires  

    19 May 2014
    iCIMS Applicant Tracking System Review –  A solution that bridges the divide between departments within large companies, providing users with the right tools for engaging, communicating with, and tracking top talent throughout the hiring process. With millions of people currently out of work and looking for jobs, you’d think that talent recruitment would be easy. Unfortunately, […]
  • Cheqbook Accounting Software Review – Simplified Accounting Tools for SMBs  

    16 May 2014
    Cheqbook Accounting Software Review – Simplified accounting solution that allows business owners to better understand how their companies are performing at any given time, enabling them to make more strategic business decisions about where to focus their resources One-in-seven small business enterprises is still using outdated paper accounting methods, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, […]
  • RealtimeBoard Review – Digital Whiteboards for Virtual Teams  

    14 May 2014
    RealtimeBoard Review – A solution for teams that rely on visual workflows on a day-to-day basis. Brainstorming sessions and product design meetings can be managed more efficiently thanks to RealtimeBoard’s tools, which operate in real-time Large whiteboards are a ubiquitous element in corporate conference rooms around the world, in part because they serve the functional […]
  • When I Work Review – an Employee Scheduling Solution  

    5 May 2014
    When I Work Review – A streamlined employee scheduling solution with mobile capabilities and a strong focus on end users A disorganized employee scheduling process can do more than just waste time and cause confusion among staffers. In some cases, it can actually cost a business money due to unnecessary overtime pay. When I Work is […]
  • Promys PSA Review – PSA & Integrated Quoting Solution  

    24 April 2014
    Promys PSA Review – With real-time inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities, Promys PSA makes it easier to track projects and support related work orders throughout their lifecycles For big customers handling big projects, proper planning and forecasting are incredibly important. Promys PSA offers cloud-based professional services automation software with built-in quoting tools. The solution can be […]
  • Freshservice Review – a Modern Approach to IT Service Desks  

    22 April 2014
    Freshservice Review – The online software turns on the autopilot for service desks, automatically handling mundane tasks, so that admins can focus their efforts on more important matters.  If there’s one department that gets labeled as complicated, it’s usually IT. Information technology departments deal with complex systems and detail-oriented tasks that other groups within large organizations […]
  • FinancialForce ERP Review – Financial Management on the Salesforce Platform  

    21 April 2014
    FinancialForce ERP Review – The vendor has made the smart decision to build its solution on top of the Salesforce platform, making it incredibly easy for Salesforce clients to use FinancialForce ERP Mid-market organizations are continually looking for ways to increase operational speed and efficiency, and FinancialForce ERP is a cloud-based tool that can get them […]
  • Innotas Review – Seamless Tools for Project and Application Portfolio Management  

    17 April 2014
    Innotas Review – Project and application portfolio management, with detailed reports and straightforward dashboards that provide users with top-level analysis of complex situations PPM and APM are more than just acronyms for businesses that rely on project portfolio management and application portfolio management systems on a daily basis. For these organizations, PPM and APM are […]
  • WebMerge Review – Create Documents on the Fly  

    10 April 2014
    WebMerge Review – For organizations that frequently deal with customized documents, this web-based application can streamline workflows and save countless hours Businesses waste thousands of hours each year manually creating the same documents again and again, as associates copy and paste the text from one Word document or PowerPoint presentation to another. WebMerge has developed […]
  • Zuora Review – Recurring Billing and Payments Without the Finance Headaches  

    7 April 2014
    Zuora Review – Grow your subscription service and automate your business operations Forget whatever preconceived notions you may have about traditional recurring billing and subscription management software. The team behind Zuora has gotten rid of the limitations that businesses once struggled to overcome. Now, the popular subscription commerce, billing, and finance solution offers a streamlined […]
  • NetSuite Inventory Management Review – Effectively Meet Customer Demand  

    3 April 2014
    NetSuite Inventory Management Review – Cut costs and time associated with supply chain management Efficiency is everything for wholesale distributors and other retail suppliers. Rather than relying on paper-based purchasing tools, NetSuite Inventory Management offers a cloud-based solution that can lower costs and streamline the distribution process. In this NetSuite Inventory Management review, I will take […]
  • Fusebill Review – Automate Recurring Billing  

    26 March 2014
    Fusebill Review – A complete solution for organizations with complex billing issues Inflexible billing platforms make it difficult for businesses that offer client subscriptions to manage their company finances. Complex price lists, annual renewals, and pro-rated fees are just a few of the advanced-level billing practices that are impossible for most traditional invoicing platforms to handle. […]
  • ConversionSweeper Review – Improve the Quality of Digital Leads  

    25 March 2014
    ConversionSweeper Review – An excellent solution for organizations that are interested in streamlining their lead management processes Although digital innovations have streamlined the sales process in many ways, they’ve also added complexities that make life more difficult for sales teams trying to convert qualified leads. In an effort to reduce this burden, many sales teams […]
  • MineralTree Review – Simpler Processes for Business Payments  

    19 March 2014
    MineralTree Review – A great solution for businesses that are interested in streamlining their accounts payable processes.  When it comes to payment software, most businesses are looking for a product that is two things: simple and secure. MineralTree Secure Business Pay is an application that comes through on both counts, providing its users with a straightforward […]
  • Workfront Review – an Enterprise Work Management Solution  

    17 March 2014
    Workfront Review – A work management solution that makes it easier for teams to stay on track when juggling multiple projects All big tasks and milestones may be accounted for in project management systems, but what about the smaller duties that come up at random while staffers chat at the water cooler or when they […]
  • BIME Review – Business Intelligence on Any Scale  

    4 March 2014
    BIME Review – Powerful and collaborative business intelligence run on a pure cloud model When it’s looked at as a silo, big data has very little value. It’s only when that data is processed, combined, and turned into actionable information that businesses are able to benefit. BIME is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that organizations […]
  • Comindware Project Review – Collaborative Project Management Solution  

    24 February 2014
    Comindware Project Review – A complete project management software that takes collaboration to the next level Project management platforms are a dime a dozen, but Comindware Project still manages to stand apart from the pack with its professional planning capabilities and simplified project scheduling features. Built on top of the company’s enterprise social tool, Comindware Team […]
  • 71 Pounds Review – Fast, Free Shipping Refunds  

    20 February 2014
    71 Pounds Review – Helping businesses collect on shipping refunds Shipping costs can eat away at a company’s bottom line, but 71 Pounds has created a way for its users to get some of that money back. 71 Pounds is a software company that helps businesses collect on unpaid FedEx and UPS shipping refunds — potentially […]
  • Oktopost Review – Sophisticated Social Media Marketing  

    19 February 2014
    Oktopost Review – Social media management tools that B2B marketers are looking for B2B professionals have unique needs when it comes to social media marketing. Most of these marketers are looking for strategic ways to get in front of their desired audiences, and they need to be able to measure the true value and ROI […]
  • NetSuite OneWorld Review – Cloud-Based Business Management for Mid-Sized Companies  

    17 February 2014
    NetSuite OneWorld Review –  Financial management for high-growth and mid-sized businesses  Global businesses have unique needs when it comes to management and consolidation controls. Being able to handle different currencies, varying taxation laws, and ever-changing reporting requirements is the hallmark of a top-grade enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Since its debut, NetSuite OneWorld has risen to […]
  • Review – All-in-One Professional Phone Services  

    12 February 2014 Review – Even the smallest company can appear large and professional on the phone is an all-in-one telephone service solution that is ideally suited for small businesses and virtual companies without physical locations. makes it possible to forward incoming calls to mobile phones, tablets, desk phones, and even desktop computers. In this […]
  • CatchApp Review – Catch Up With Your Team  

    11 February 2014
    CatchApp Review – Worthwhile tool if you use business apps on a regular basis When you’ve got an office full of colleagues working at warp speed, it can be difficult to keep up with what everyone has going on. Although popular business tools like Basecamp, Box, Google Drive, and Yammer help individuals stay on top […]
  • 3 Tips When Implementing an Online Booking and Reservation System  

    29 January 2014
    More than 148 million travel bookings are made online each year, and over 76% of U.S. travelers are now using digital tools to plan their trips. Businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry that do not accept reservations through their existing websites may be missing out on a significant chunk of potential revenue. Speed, simplicity, […]
  • Gem Accounts Review – Serious Business Accounting Tools  

    27 January 2014
    Gem Accounts Review – Online accounting for medium and large-size businesses Managing financial accounts for a large company is serious business, but that doesn’t mean accounting professionals shouldn’t have a little fun in the process. Gem Accounts is a full-featured cloud accounting system that walks the fine line between light and simple, and heavy and […]
  • Review – Hosted Elasticsearch for Developers  

    22 January 2014 Review –  Sidestep the most common challenges associated with implementing internal search engines is a hosted solution for Elasticsearch, the open source distributed search engine developed for implementing internal site search and data exploration. By taking a product that is incredibly complex and distilling it down to its simplest and most intuitive form, the creators […]
  • Review – Standout Customer Support  

    20 January 2014 Review – A platform that encourages customers to resolve their own issues A company is nothing without its customers. understands this, which is why the web-based customer support application has upped its game in 2014 with some of the most innovative client management, reporting, and profiling tools on the market. In this review, […]
  • Actionspace Review – Solve Corporate Challenges on the Fly  

    15 January 2014
    Actionspace Review – Useful tool for companies that are looking to get more out of SharePoint When it comes to collaboration software, it’s hard to find anything more ubiquitous than Microsoft SharePoint. In fact, SharePoint Server is now used by roughly 50% of corporations, according to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). The challenge, […]
  • BrainCert Review – E-Learning in a Virtual Environment  

    9 January 2014
    BrainCert Review – an e-learning platform that functions almost exactly like a traditional classroom Requiring students to be physically present in a classroom in order to enroll in a course is a barrier that prevents people who live in remote areas from taking full advantage of educational opportunities. BrainCert is aiming to bring down those walls, […]
  • RazorSync Review – Manage Business Services in the Field  

    6 January 2014
    RazorSync Review – Field service software for offsite technicians For the five million+ U.S. workers in the field services industry — along with the staffing teams working behind the scenes to support those offsite technicians — productivity is everything. A company’s profitability is closely related to the number of jobs a technician can complete each […]
  • What to Consider Before Using Collaboration Software  

    23 December 2013
    Collaboration software changes the way businesses operate. As the percentage of professionals who work remotely continues to grow — recent statistics by Forrester Research show that 34 million Americans now work from home, and that number is expected to grow to 63 million by 2016 — companies have struggled to find ways to continue fostering […]
  • 5 Things to Look for in Ecommerce Software Suites  

    20 December 2013
    Ecommerce software suites have never been that trendy. Ninety-five percent of American teens are doing their shopping online these days, according to a 2013 survey by Pew Research, and retailers are rushing to keep up with demand. As businesses with brick-and-mortar stores branch into the world of online shopping, many are relying on all-in-one ecommerce […]
  • PaySimple Review – Streamlined Billing and Payments  

    16 December 2013
    Without a way to easily collect funds from customers, businesses have no way to grow. Because of this, payments and billing are considered to be at the heart of every small business. PaySimple is a thoughtfully designed platform that companies can use to accept payments, streamline their billing practices and make smarter business decisions through […]
  • Five Tips for Secure File Sharing for Your Business  

    13 December 2013
    Online file sharing software is making it easier than ever before for professionals to quickly share documents with colleagues, clients and even vendors. Unfortunately, the speed with which people can distribute digital documents using online tools often comes at a price. It is not uncommon for privacy to be breached when businesses allow employees to store […]
  • 5 Reasons Smart Retailers Are Switching to Order Management Software  

    11 December 2013
    Order management is often referred to as the “least glamorous” part of running a retail business. While the majority of media ink gets spent touting flashy marketing platforms and cloud-based point-of-sale solutions, order management software are the real workhorses that keep online retail businesses moving forward. Once they’ve thought about developing products and marketing those products […]
  • 5 Tips for Building an Online Store With eCommerce Software  

    6 December 2013
    Building an online store with eCommerce software Seventy-one percent of adult Internet users are now shopping online, according to a May 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center. Although some merchants with brick-and-mortar stores see this statistic as a death knell for small town retailers, far more merchants view online shopping as an untapped opportunity. […]
  • How to Optimize Business Practices With Project Portfolio Management Software  

    14 November 2013
    Benefits of using project portfolio management software Project portfolio management is a standard set of business practices, also known as PPM. When used correctly, project portfolio management software and practices allow businesses to construct projects and initiatives that align with their organization objectives, maximizing time and efficiency at the corporate level. At the core of […]
  • Nimble Review – Nurture Your Business Relationships  

    13 November 2013
    Nimble Review –  Take control of your client relationships Relationships are built on communication. Nimble is a web-application that understands this concept, providing businesses with the tools they need to foster communication and engage with contacts across multiple channels. I found Nimble to be a social CRM platform unlike any other, as Nimble offers users a way to […]
  • How to Train New Employees With Learning Management Systems  

    7 November 2013
    Learning Management Systems – An easy way to onboard new employees Replacing an employee who has quit or been fired is a process that is both time consuming and expensive. Not only are human resources managers responsible for identifying and hiring suitable replacements, but they are also expected to manage the process of onboarding any […]
  • Five9 Review – Cloud Contact Center Software  

    31 October 2013
    Five9 Review – Virtual call centers with no hardware investment necessary Customer connections are everything to a business, and yet it’s not always easy to build personal connections in an online environment. Five9 is a platform that provides businesses of all sizes with the infrastructure to launch their own cloud contact centers. Agents can interact with customers and […]
  • Wazala Review – Sell Physical and Digital Goods Online  

    28 October 2013
    Wazala Review – Create a store to sell both physical and digital goods online Online stores can become excellent sources of incremental income for retailers who already have brick-and-mortar outposts, but the realities of building an e-commerce store from scratch are challenging for sellers without a technical background. Wazala is a platform that aims to reduce […]
  • Setster Review – Accept Client Bookings Online  

    25 October 2013
    Setster Review – A scheduling platform that is easy to integrate and easy to use  Eight-in-10 American adults now uses the Internet on a regular basis, which means businesses that refuse to jump on board with the latest digital marketing tools are missing out on a significant source of revenue. Setster is a platform that businesses […]
  • How Business Travelers Can Increase Productivity With Expense Management Software  

    25 October 2013
    Almost all business travelers understand the headaches that manual expense tracking can cause. Misplacing important travel receipts can result in delays in reimbursement, while simple calculation errors that occur when people attempt to reconcile their expenses by hand can end up costing a company thousands of dollars at tax time. The average business now spends […]
  • Usersnap Review – Screenshots for Web Developers  

    17 October 2013
    Usersnap Review – Add a “Feedback” button to your website to get feedback and report bugs  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an annotated screenshot is at least worth a million. Usersnap is a cloud-based tool that web developers can use to communicate about issues and share information with clients, colleagues, and quality […]
  • Geckoboard Review – Business Data in Real-Time  

    16 October 2013
    Geckoboard Review – Helps business owners to make strategic decisions in minutes rather than days Websites can go offline, revenue can fluctuate, and outgoing orders can sometimes be delayed. Whether these incidents occur isn’t nearly as indicative of a business’ success as how quickly they are addressed. Geckoboard is a real-time business dashboard that continuously monitors […]
  • The Four Best Expenses Management Apps  

    15 October 2013
    Business travelers have to be organized if they want to be able to claim all the deductions they’re owed. Forgetting to ask for a hotel receipt, or losing an important document while traveling, can result in an expense that most likely will not be reimbursed by an employer. Meanwhile, simple computation errors that occur when […]
  • Top Store Builder and E-Commerce Shopping Cart Tools  

    14 October 2013
    A retailer can carry the best products in the world on his e-commerce website, but in order to turn a profit, he’s got to have a way to actually sell them. Retailers that don’t accept popular credit cards and other forms of mobile payments are doing themselves a great disservice by limiting the pool of […]
  • Top Four Apps for Sales Automation in the Cloud  

    11 October 2013
    Sales automation applications have gone mainstream, with more than 3.8 million global users now adopting these tools to manage client relationships, sales pipelines, and business process management at their companies. By the year 2017, it’s expected that one-quarter of all companies will have adopted an online system as a way to extend their customer service […]
  • ChargeOver Review – Automated Invoicing and Recurring Billing  

    8 October 2013
    ChargeOver Review – A straightforward solution for any business that charges customers at regular intervals Small business owners are spending too much time trying to collect on unpaid bills each month, preventing them from focusing on the products and services their customers have signed up to receive. ChargeOver is looking to eliminate this problem by developing […]
  • Review – Improve Your Email Workflow  

    3 October 2013
    Nearly everyone is looking to work smarter and faster these days, and one of the most effective ways to do that is by automating as many business processes as possible. is a web-based tool that automatically processes incoming emails and converts the information from those messages into structured data. This data can then be […]
  • Attendify Review – Engage Conference Attendees  

    2 October 2013
    When conference organizers spend all their time working on the logistics of their events, they miss out on the real reason why people attend industry gatherings—the networking opportunities. Industry events can be an excellent place for attendees to meet fellow professionals and make new business connections. Attendify is a tool that conference organizers can use […]
  • SDL BeGlobal Review – Translate Content for a Global Audience  

    30 September 2013
    More than 6,500 languages now exist in the world, and there’s no telling the one your next customer will speak. As businesses expand to reach global audiences, they’re looking for ways to break down cultural barriers and improve the customer experience for people in many different countries. SDL BeGlobal is a platform that does just […]
  • Mhelpdesk Review – Ultimate Management Tools for Service Technicians  

    27 September 2013
    Mhelpdesk Review – Give service technicians the freedom to complete their work from inside or outside the office Businesses in the service and repair industries have special challenges when it comes to managing off-site technicians, on-site technicians, schedules, work orders, and even billing issues. Mhelpdesk is a tool that these companies can use to get a handle […]
  • 3PL Central Review – Global Warehouse Management  

    17 September 2013
    In today’s global economy, having access to accurate, real-time inventory data is critically important for all third-party logistics providers, public warehouses, and other warehouse operations. Warehouse companies seeking growth and scalability need to be able to track inventory and provide up-to-the-minute location information to supply chain business partners, like manufacturers, factories, and retailers. 3PL Central’s 3PL […]
  • Volusion Review – Create an E-Commerce Store  

    16 September 2013
    Whether you’re a knitter, a painter, or an antiques importer, there’s a good chance you could expand your business by selling your goods online. Volusion is an e-commerce web-based application that gives businesspeople a way to do just that, offering DIY tools that anyone can use to market and sell their products across the web. […]
  • ShrinkTheWeb Review – Reliable Tools to Capture Screenshots  

    12 September 2013
    Why use 1,000 words to describe a picture, when you can post a single screenshot instead? ShrinkTheWeb is a useful platform that makes it easy for people to automatically capture, crop, shrink, save, upload, and display screenshots from any website or online property. In this ShrinkTheWeb review, I will explain what makes the online platform […]
  • Five Innovative Apps for Internet and Online Businesses  

    11 September 2013
    E-commerce retailers have their work cut out for them. Not only do online business owners have to manage inventory, handle orders, and process payments, but they also have to juggle complex shipping and distribution issues. As online businesses have flourished in the last decade, the associated challenges have increased exponentially. Advanced apps for internet and […]
  • Remarkety Review – Drive Repeat Sales With Email Marketing  

    10 September 2013
    The cost of acquiring a new customer can be six to seven times higher than retaining an existing one, which is why small businesses are increasingly searching for marketing tools built to increase repeat sales. Remarkety is one such tool, providing small businesses with a way to increase sales from their existing customers with email […]
  • actiTIME Review – Track Time With Ease  

    5 September 2013
    When you are running a business, you are looking to keep the teams efficient and organize services to come in time. However, having to carry out numerous spreadsheets can be a hassle. In this case, a web-based time-tracker might be the way to go. One of those time tracking apps, actiTIME is well worth a talk. In this […]
  • Sellsy Review – Intuitive Sales Management  

    3 September 2013
    Who says sales management platforms have to be boring? Sellsy is an intuitive CRM solution that businesses can use for online invoicing, time tracking, purchases, inventory management, collaboration, and help desk management. By combining mobile tools that let salespeople work outside the office with real-time activity management features, Sellsy has been able to develop a […]
  • Wave Review – Free Accounting, Invoicing and Payroll for Small Business  

    28 August 2013
    Small business accounting is not for the faint of heart. The challenges of understanding various tax codes, collecting on overdue invoices, and staying up-to-date on payroll can give even the savviest business owner reason to think twice about managing his or her own accounting. Thankfully, a technology platform called Wave has stepped in to provide […]
  • Avalara Review – Sales Tax Simplified  

    19 August 2013
    As states begin ramping up sales tax enforcement efforts, an increasing number of businesses are targeted for sales & use tax audits.  Minor mistakes in the collection of sales tax can result in tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines and penalties. This is one reason why companies of all sizes are now searching […]
  • The Best Collaboration Apps to Keep Teams Organized  

    13 August 2013
    The days when colleagues would huddle around a conference room table brainstorming ideas have largely passed. With 24 percent of workforces are now telecommuting from home on a regular basis, businesses are looking for digital tools that they can use to foster a sense of teamwork among those employees outside the office. Unlike their colleagues from previous […]
  • uberVU Review – Use Social Media to Gain Brand Insights  

    6 August 2013
    The sheer volume of messages being sent out each day on social media can quickly become overwhelming for brands and marketers. uberVU is a tool that companies can use to harness that information and put it to use, tracking mentions on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn and using the information to make more […]
  • Deskero Review – an Elegant Help Desk Solution  

    2 August 2013
    We live in a 24/7 society where customers are no longer willing to wait days or weeks for responses to their urgent queries. Deskero offers an innovative solution for companies with demanding clients, combining traditional help desk features with modern technology that makes it easier for businesses to engage in multi-channel communication. In this Deskero […]
  • Salesforce Review – CRM Tools for Small Businesses  

    1 August 2013
    Through the power of the cloud, Salesforce has been serving the needs of small, medium and large businesses. The CRM and sales application is able to take the security and big data needs of large enterprises and deliver those through a scalable and affordable monthly subscription model that works extremely well for small business owners. […]
  • Agorapulse Review – Facebook Page Management  

    8 July 2013
    Facebook has become a central tool in every marketer’s toolbox, as cultivating a digital following and engaging online fans becomes even more important for businesses and agencies of all sizes. Agorapulse is an all-in-one, self-serve platform that marketing professionals can use to attract more fans to their Facebook pages through quizzes, photo contests, personality tests, […]
  • Allthings Review – Create Shareable Lists  

    3 July 2013
    The secret to staying organized in your personal and professional life has nothing to do with desktop calendars or meticulous filing cabinets. It has to do with lists. To-do lists are the backbone of any organizational system, since they make it easier for people to focus on the tasks at hand without losing track of […]
  • Twproject Review – a Reliable Project Management Solution  

    1 July 2013
    Project management platforms should be reliable and robust, offering all the tools that teams need to get work done in a fast-paced business environment. Twproject is a web-based solution that does just that, providing clients with the features they need to efficiently manage projects in any field. In this Twproject review, I will share details of my […]
  • MightyCall Review – Professional Phone Services for Small Businesses  

    19 June 2013
    First impressions count, especially for small business owners who are trying to present their companies in a professional way to prospective clients and customers. MightyCall is a web-based platform that professionals with small businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage. In this MightyCall review, I will look closely at the value MightyCall provides for […]
  • WorkZone Review – User-Friendly Project Management  

    11 June 2013
    WorkZone is a web-based project management application that hits the sweet spot for larger organizations and marketing departments, combining the sophisticated tools typically reserved for high-end platforms (like Microsoft Project) with the intuitive design that entry-level task management systems (like Basecamp) have become known for. In this WorkZone review, I will demonstrate how marketing agencies […]
  • Deputy Review – Streamline Workplace Communication  

    7 June 2013
    The goal of every business owner should be to work smarter, not harder. Deputy is a platform that aids in that process, streamlining basic business management tasks like scheduling, timesheets, payroll, and employee communication. Business owners can spend less time worrying about what their staff is doing, and more time focusing on growing their companies […]
  • Hotelogix Review – a Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution  

    28 May 2013
    As international hotel chains gain a foothold in the competitive hospitality and tourism industry, smaller hotels, inns, and resorts are increasingly looking for ways to keep up. Hotelogix is a platform that helps boutique properties do just that, providing managers with the sophisticated tools they need to manage online bookings, housekeeping logistics, digital marketing, and other […]
  • Megaventory Review – Cloud-Based Inventory Management  

    23 May 2013
    Megaventory is an inventory management platform that was built to provide businesses with the tools they need to manage the flow of products in their warehouses, create quotes, log sales and purchase orders, issue work orders, and create detailed inventory reports. Ask any small business owner about the most challenging part of the job, and you’re […]
  • Datafield Review – Build Mobile Forms and Surveys  

    15 May 2013
    When it comes to data collection, paper is passé. To conduct surveys, collect customer feedback, and perform internal audits, smart executives are putting down their clipboards and pens, and picking up their mobile devices. Datafield is an application that capitalizes on this trend, providing businesses and other types of organizations with a streamlined method for data […]
  • Agendize Review – Improve Customer Communication  

    29 April 2013
    Two in three Americans said they would spend more with a business that provided “excellent customer service,” according to a 2012 survey by American Express. Agendize is an all-in-one platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to offer exceptional customer service. By adding online scheduling, click-to-call buttons, and live chat windows to their […]
  • Entryless Review – Accounts Payable as a Service and Bill Automation  

    22 April 2013
    When overworked business owners manage high volumes of bills and invoices on their own, mistakes are bound to occur. Entryless is an accounts payable as a service suite that aims to enable companies to see, manage and pay all their AP online under one platform, thus reducing the chances for financial errors by automating the process […]
  • Mindflash Review – Host Employee Training Courses Online  

    18 April 2013
    Employee training is big business. In the U.S. alone, organizations spend an estimated $156 billion on employee learning each year, according to the American Society for Training and Development. Mindflash is an innovative platform that can help firms reduce those costs, enabling human resources and training departments to host employee training classes and company seminars […]
  • Xero Review – Intuitive Accounting Software  

    29 March 2012
    Simple accounting errors can be costly to a small business owner, with late penalties and overdraft fees eating away at a company’s bottom line. Xero for small business is an online accounting platform that aims to help businesses reduce those types of critical mistakes, making it easier for merchants to keep their financial houses in order. In […]