Articles by Jonathan Garro

  • WORKetc Review – All-in-One Business Management Software  

    6 February 2014
    WORKetc Review – A business app that can manage several different aspects of your business Compartmentalization is a dangerous pitfall that traps business of all shapes and sizes, often without its victim’s notice. Over time, different departments within a company have the tendency to separate themselves from each other, only communicating with each other when absolutely […]
  • Skillmeter Review – Simple Candidate Evaluations  

    23 January 2014
    Skillmeter Review – An easy-to-use app for creating tests for job applicants. When your company is hiring for a position, the ramifications of your judgment can have lasting impacts on the performance of your organization as a whole. Consequently, both you and the applicants deserve to get a clear picture of the applicants’ skills that are […]
  • Review – Performance Management Solution  

    10 December 2013 Review –  Web tools to help your business perform better When the success of your business depends on the success of your employees, giving them the tools they need becomes a top priority. on Salesforce helps improve the performance of your team through recognition, coaching and feedback. The three tiers of products, known as Motivate, […]
  • Instiller Review – Powerful Email Marketing for Agencies  

    4 December 2013
    Instiller Review – An email marketing suite designed specifically for agencies With the huge volume of email-users in the internet age, an effective marketing strategy must tap into this enormous audience. However, creating a campaign that utilizes email can be overwhelming given the challenges revolving around complexities and scale. Agencies that get hired to handle email […]
  • LeanKit Review – Highly Visual Collaboration Software  

    26 November 2013
    LeanKit Review – Team collaboration made easy Businesses have an abundance of moving parts that can be difficult to keep track of, and managing disparate teams working on several projects at once can be a logistical nightmare. Fortunately, there are several solutions available to help organize your teams in order to help them work more […]
  • Post Affiliate Pro Review – Powerful Affiliate Management  

    25 November 2013
    Post Affiliate Pro Review – Creating an effective solution for your affiliate services As the web continues to grow, online businesses need to explore new means for driving traffic to their sites. Affiliate programs represent a cost-effective and easy way to accumulate new visitors, but keeping track of leads and payments to your affiliates can […]
  • Xero Review – Modern Online Accounting Software  

    18 November 2013
    Xero Review – Accounting made easy for small businesses When it comes to your business, few things are more important than keeping your accounts updated and accurate. The challenge of maintaining a single ledger grows as more people become involved, and desktop software can compound this problem if syncing between computers can lead to inaccuracies […]
  • Wagepoint Pay Review – Online Payroll Software  

    7 November 2013
    Wagepoint Pay Review – Online payroll accessible to businesses of all size in Canada Running your business requires the help of your dedicated employees, so ensuring that they get paid on time is tremendously important. However, navigating the complex world of payroll procedure becomes increasingly difficult as your business grows and tax law becomes more […]
  • Shoeboxed Review – Scan Your Receipts to the Cloud  

    30 October 2013
    Shoeboxed Review – Scan or mail your receipts to create a searchable database Keeping a meticulous record of your receipts is an essential part of good accounting practices, but with the daily barrage of receipts that a business typically takes in, that can be difficult to accomplish. Shoeboxed helps you save important receipts and make […]
  • Feedbackstr Review – a Powerful Survey Creation Tool  

    24 October 2013
    In the modern economy, understanding your customer is immensely important. Identifying business strategies that work and addressing customer service hiccups requires getting direct and honest feedback. Feedbackstr helps you quickly and easily create customer experience surveys that users can fill out on their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In this Feedbackstr review, we will take […]
  • GoBig Review – Guest WiFi Marketing and Lead Generation  

    22 October 2013
    In an era when people want to be able to connect their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to the Internet wherever they go, it has become increasingly important to have WiFi hotspots at your business. While simply plugging in a wireless router can meet the demands of your customers, it likely doesn’t help your business in […]
  • Yonyx Review – Interactive Self-Service  

    24 September 2013
    When troubleshooting a problem with a product or service, customers are frequently faced with finding & reviewing complicated articles that are difficult to follow. Long winded articles that have to be reviewed while skipping over sections not relevant to you can feel daunting, and moving back and forth between the article and the product in […]
  • Homestead Review – Simple and Professional Website Creation  

    18 September 2013
    In the information age, having a website for your business is essential, regardless of the industry you operate in or the size of your company. Professionally constructed websites offer credibility and give current and potential customers a number of important resources that they need. However, learning how to code your own custom site is impractical […]