Articles by Rakesh Sharma

  • KiSSFLOW Review – Adding Deeply Integrated Workflow Capability to Google Apps  

    23 September 2013
    Despite the variety of applications within the Google Apps ecosystem, one of the commonly required functionality is the ability to create workflows. This week, let’s take a look at KISSFLOW an application that does just that. In this KiSSFLOW review, we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use […]
  • Sleek Bill Review – Beautiful Invoices Available at a Click  

    11 September 2013
    Invoicing is a routine affair for most of us. What if it was a simple and beautiful process? This week, we will review Sleek Bill – an easy to use invoicing management software. In this Sleek Bill review, we will look at its interface, features, and see how it can be of use to you. Making […]
  • Qubole Review – Facebook Power for Your Data  

    4 September 2013
    What if you had the power of Facebook’s data infrastructure at your disposal? This week’s solution does just that. Headed by the former head of Facebook’s data infrastructure team – Ashish Thusoo – Qubole is a Big Data analytics software and managed big data service rolled into one. In this week’s Qubole review, let’s look […]
  • Acuity Scheduling Review – Making Sense of Your Business  

    2 September 2013
    Scheduling an appointment seems like a relatively simple task. Done right, however, it can be a potent tool to increase your bottom line and drive efficiencies across internal processes. This week, we will review one such appointment scheduling software. In this Acuity Scheduling review, we will look at its interface, features, and see how it […]
  • Bitium Review – a SaaS Operating System for Your SaaS Apps  

    30 August 2013
    SaaS applications are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they offer benefits like low cost and anywhere computing. However, their siloed nature can be a problem for management and productivity. This week we will take a look at a solution that lets companies and employees manage all of their corporate SaaS applications in one place […]
  • Halogen Talent Management Suite Review – a Holistic Solution  

    29 August 2013
    In its scope and execution, talent management is a complicated activity. Online solutions are rarely able to capture the complexity of this activity because they are focused on building and executing just one part of the process. This week, we will look at a solution that takes a holistic perspective of talent management. We will review […]
  • Mobile Forms Review – Making Sense of Mobile Data  

    27 August 2013
    Remember those Greenpeace activists on the street with clipboards? The proliferation of mobile devices may change the way they work. This is because with feedback management apps, using mobile devices, you can collect and process feedback immediately. This week we will look at Mobile Forms – a solution that enables you to get feedback from people […]
  • Decision Orchestrator Review – an Awesome App to Make Decisions  

    22 August 2013
    I am terrible at taking decisions. That is why I especially liked today’s solution. Decision Orchestrator is a cloud-based collaborative decision making tool. In this Decision Orchestrator review, we will look at its features, interface and see how it can be of use to you. Taking a Decision About a Decision Tool At the end […]
  • Five Apps for Inventory Management That You Can Order  

    20 August 2013
    Modern inventory management systems are a combination of logistics, sales forecasts, and stocks. They combine multiple departments and areas of expertise within an organization into a single, streamlined software system. In the process, such systems provide an operational simplicity that is, otherwise, absent in offline interactions between departments. Because of the nature of their operations, […]
  • Five Professional Service Automation Apps to Integrate Your Business  

    20 August 2013
    During my stint in the IT Services industry, I moved around between projects. The experience was enriching and exhilarating. However, it came with its own baggage. I had to constantly negotiate company bureaucracy. The interesting thing about this was the chain of blame. I blamed my organization’s officials and they blamed the system. It was […]
  • Five Apps to Automate Your Marketing Processes  

    20 August 2013
    Marketing is the lynchpin of a successful organization. After all, it connects your product with customers. Earlier, the process was manual. Lately, it has become mobile and social. The evolving paradigm has also led to a change in the type and nature of tools used to measure marketing efforts. For example, marketing automation has replaced […]
  • Top Five HR Applicant Tracking Apps  

    20 August 2013
    They say that people make an organization. The better your employees, the better your organization. Most big organizations attract top talent and they are routinely overwhelmed with a deluge of resumes. However, a deluge of resumes can be good news and bad news for small businesses. On the one hand, it demonstrates demand for an […]
  • Visitor Management Review – Better Visitor Management for Your Business  

    14 August 2013
    Have you wondered about visitor management software? I have. This week, I had the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity by reviewing Visitor Management – a solution that streamlines the process of receiving visitors into your lobby or reception area and makes it efficient. In this Visitor Management review, we will look at its features, interface, and […]
  • OnetoOne Text Review – Texting of a Different Kind  

    13 August 2013
    There are several things wrong with automated chat. They are inefficient and cost money. And, they generally result in more work than less. This week, we will review a solution that combines the benefits of automation with the simplicity of human intelligence. This week, we will review OnetoOne Text – a cloud-based automated chat management […]
  • BPMonline Review – Business Process Modeling and CRM Rolled Into One  

    12 August 2013
    In our earlier review of the solution, we had taken a comprehensive look at BPMonline – a CRM and BPM solution. We analyzed its features, interface, and provided interesting details. This week, let’s revisit the solution to see what has changed. In this BPMonline review, we will focus on its redesigned interface and see how […]
  • 5 Best Project Management Apps to Make Your Projects Efficient  

    7 August 2013
    Project management can easily go from a to-do list to a complicated affair involving lots of strategies, ever-changing timelines, and an Amazon-depleting amount of Post-it notes. However, project complexity does not necessarily call for more features. This is because multiple features and functionalities that perform the same task can confuse team members and cause scope creep […]
  • NetSuite OpenAir Review – Professional Services Automation Made Simple  

    31 July 2013
    Professional Services Organizations (PSO) can become very complex very quickly. You need to manage a geographically distributed team of consultants across numerous projects.  New projects come in every day, and you need to maximize your profitability and resource utilization while providing outstanding service to your customers.  Luckily, PSO’s have solutions to help them face these […]
  • TallyFox Review – a Comprehensive Approach to Knowledge Management  

    25 July 2013
    This week, let’s look at a different kind of knowledge management software. We will review TallyFox, an online knowledge management solution. In this TallyFox Review, we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you. An Open Source Approach To Knowledge Management Unlike traditional knowledge management tools, which are […]
  • Producteev Review – Social Task Management for Teams  

    24 July 2013
    KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid is an acronym that is lost on most task and project management solutions. They are crammed with features without any practical applications for businesses, teams and organizations that use them. This week, we will review Producteev – a task management solution. Producteev cuts right through the chase and focuses on […]
  • KumoTeam Review – Field Service Management With a Difference  

    23 July 2013
    Field Services Management is a complicated business. It involves mobility and requires applications that perform can real-time routing. However, gleaning data from such applications can be problematic the field and industry has largely been ignored by software providers. This week, we will review an application that is one of the pioneers in this space. We […]
  • SalesExec Review – Simple and Effective Lead Management  

    17 July 2013
    This week, we will review a solution that helps you optimize sales funnels through the usability focus. This focus translates into quick response times for your leads. Let’s look at SalesExec, a SaaS-based lead management software. In this SalesExec review, we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to […]
  • Klipfolio Review – the Story of Data  

    2 July 2013
    A revolution in database technologies has exponentially increased the quantity and availability of data. However, that data is not of much use, unless it can be used to craft a story. This week, in this Klipfolio review we will see how this analytics software can be used to craft dashboard stories for your organization. In the Klipfolio review, […]
  • LearnUpon Review – Simplifying E-Learning in the Cloud  

    20 June 2013
    E-learning offers convenience, scalability and flexibility. No wonder, then, it has become a popular tool with small businesses to educate their employees and disseminate information. This week, we will review a solution that adds SaaS benefits to this mix. We will review LearnUpon – a cloud-based e-learning solution. In the LearnUpon review, we will look […]
  • Mailrelay Review – Effective Email Marketing at Cheap (and Free) Prices  

    18 June 2013
    In an age of email, newsletters are, perhaps, one of the most effective forms of marketing techniques. A targeted newsletter can yield magnificent returns for small businesses at a fraction of the standard marketing costs. This week, we will review Mailrelay, an email marketing newsletter solution that combines the best of email marketing with cheap […]
  • New Relic Review – Going Above and Beyond Analytics  

    13 June 2013
    In the past, we have reviewed solutions that enable you to quantify and monitor web analytics. This week, let’s take a look at a different kind of solution. New Relic is a website monitoring (SaaS) and an application performance monitoring solution that helps you optimize website performance by collecting and aggregating performance metrics for your […]
  • ZenPayroll Review – Peace of Mind for Payroll Processing and Taxes  

    4 June 2013
    With its assortment of forms and calculations, payroll processing and taxes are a headache for most businesses. They distract from the main business. Excel sheets can help but are messy and unwieldy. Tax software is expensive and aimed at large corporations. This week, we will review ZenPayroll – an affordable payroll and tax management solution for small […]
  • Formstack Review – Think Beyond Boring Forms  

    3 June 2013
    Forms are great data collection tools. That much we know. However, the true power of forms for small businesses lies in their extensibility and uses across multiple scenarios and situations. Cumulatively, these situations can affect your business’s bottom line. This week, we will review Formstack – a form-builder solution that introduces small businesses to the […]
  • AgileBid Review – Optimizing Your PPC Strategy  

    22 May 2013
    Despite the rise of social networks, search engines remain the single most powerful driver of traffic to small business websites. Pay-per-click or PPC, as it is popularly known, and Search Engine Marketing or SEM have become an important part of small business strategy. This week, we will review AgileBid – a SaaS-based tool that simplifies […]
  • PlanGuru Review – Simplify Your Accounting Practices  

    16 May 2013
    By itself, budgeting can be overwhelming task for small businesses. After all, this is where the rubber hits the road. Expensive on-premise software further complicates the task. Fortunately, a solution is on hand. In this PlanGuru review we will see how this budgeting and forecasting software simplifies and automates any forward looking financial analysis. We will look at […]
  • ProProfs Review – a Look at the All-in-One Online Training Solution  

    8 May 2013
    In this Proprofs review we will share insights on the “All-in-one training solution for creating and delivering online training and educational programs. We will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you. The Evolution of a Training Solution ProProfs started life as a popular free quiz website for certification exams. […]
  • Converge CRM Review – Solve All Your CRM Problems  

    6 May 2013
    There are two problems with most customer relationship management solutions (CRM) in the market. The first one is that they are too expensive for small businesses. The second one is that they are difficult to customize. For example, it is difficult to customize a solution that has pre-defined features and processes. In this Converge CRM review we […]
  • Fusebill Review — Simplify Your Billing Process  

    24 April 2013
    Typically, billing customers can be a mix  of homegrown systems, spreadsheets and paperwork for small-medium businesses. This week, we look at Fusebill a recurring billing and payments solution that simplifies all your billing. In this Fusebill review we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you. About Fusebill According to […]
  • New FreeAgent Review — an App to Enhance Your Freelance Career  

    23 April 2013
    In our previous review of FreeAgent, we focused on the tool’s utility for freelancers. We discussed the solution’s features and interface. Since we last discussed them, FreeAgent has added a slew of new features and functionality to make their tool better as well as a product re-design, which included a new overview page, new features […]
  • ProcessGene Review – Make Sense of Your Processes  

    19 April 2013
    Process management can make the difference between success and failure for businesses. It becomes even more important, when you add governance and risk compliance to the mix. This week we will review a solution that makes process management and the trio of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) easy and affordable for small- and mid-size businesses. […]
  • Oogwave Review – Sharing Social Content Across an Enterprise  

    16 April 2013
    There are several benefits to using social networks. Collaboration is one of them. This week we will review a solution that transposes the social network paradigm (and benefits) to businesses. In this Oogwave review we will see how this software can be used as complete platform for content sharing in an enterprise. We will look […]
  • ProWorkflow Review – Automating Your Project Workflow  

    12 April 2013
    For many small businesses and companies, project management equals multiple excel sheets. In turn, this complicates and lengthens project workflow because it requires manual processing. This week we will look at a solution that simplifies and can automate project workflow. In this ProWorkflow review we will see how this web-based application delivers easy project management. […]
  • CallRail Review – Analyzing Your Search Marketing Efforts With Phone Call Analytics  

    8 April 2013
    For most small businesses, search engine marketing is an end in itself. They forget that search engines only provide small businesses with traffic. The level and quality of follow-up drives conversion rates from prospects to customers. This week we will look at a solution that helps you follow up from search traffic. In this CallRail review we […]
  • MuleSoft Review – Taking the Donkey’s Work Out of Integration  

    3 April 2013
    We have written about the problems of integrating SaaS applications numerous times earlier on this blog. The integration problem is one of complexity and expense. This week we will look at a solution that solves this problem by making use of open source technologies. In this MuleSoft review -we will discover how an integration suite […]
  • Zopim Review – Simple and Engaging App for Customer Support  

    28 March 2013
    If you thought providing live customer support was a complex task, think again. This week we will review a solution that simplifies and converts this otherwise complicated task into a routine one.   In this review we will explain how you can use Zopim to engage visitors on your website with their live chat software. We will look at […]
  • Volerro Review – Content and Document Management, the Easy Way  

    27 March 2013
    Documents and other file types are an important part of project management. Indeed, project progress can be tracked and reviewed through its content. This week, we will review a solution that takes content management further and assimilates its practices into a separate project management practice. In this Volerro review we will see how a content […]
  • adCore Review – Optimize Your Small Business SEM in a Simple and Effective Way  

    26 March 2013
    For most small businesses the difference between SEO and SEM is that of a letter. In case you are not conversant with the terminology, SEO stands for search engine optimization and SEM stands for search engine management. While SEO is an organic method to grow your web presence through keywords and good content, SEM is […]
  • Workable Review – Streamlining Hiring and Making It Workable  

    25 March 2013
    Hiring decisions are difficult and rarely easy. Complexity is ingrained into the process. This week we will look at a solution that simplifies the hiring process using existing Internet tools and process. In this Workable review we will dive into an innovative hiring and tracking recruiting software. We will look at its features, interface, and […]
  • BillQuick New Release – Making a Good Accounting Tasks Automation Solution Better  

    20 March 2013
    If someone were to ask me about the elements that make up a good SaaS solution, constant iteration would be top of my list. In an industry where speed and agility is of essence, most solutions rush the first iteration of their product quickly out the door. Which is fine, as long as they iterate […]
  • TimeForge Review – Simplify Scheduling and HR With TimeForge  

    14 March 2013
    In their concept, scheduling solutions and human resource functions are supposed to be generic. In practice, however, they are specific. This means that they are dependent entirely on the type and nature of the industries they serve. This week, we will look at a solution designed specifically for the services and retail industry. In this […]
  • North Social Review – Make Social Media Work for Your Small Business  

    13 March 2013
    Although it focuses on personal relationships, Facebook can be an invaluable tool to build your small business. Within the confines of the one billion plus social network, you can try several permutations engage with customers and promote your small business. In this week North Social review- a SaaS solution that provides users with a suite […]
  • Ambassador Review – Build an Online Referral Network of Ambassadors  

    8 March 2013
    The new economy is all about networking and referrals. We are connected through an ecosystem of networks that, if used correctly, can multiply the effect of your business. This week, we will look at a solution that uses an innovative tack to help you benefit from networks. In this review we will discuss Ambassador, a referral marketing […]
  • ZingCheckout Review – Disrupting the Payments Industry With Affordable Solutions  

    6 March 2013
    There is a revolution happening the payment industry. From card readers to mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems, the industry has become cheaper and more accessible for small businesses. This week, we will do a full ZingCheckout review. A  solution that helps users in their bid to democratize the small business industry. The Logic Behind Zing Checkout […]
  • Ordoro Review – Simplify Your Online Stores’ Shipping, Dropshipping, and Inventory Management  

    4 March 2013
    Successful online retailers understand that selling online is about selling of course, but it’s also about everything that happens once an order is placed in their shopping cart or marketplace.  Managing orders from multiple channels and inventory management can be a complicated thing. Besides the fact that it involves a mix of online data and […]
  • TradeGecko Review – Deconstructing Order Management  

    26 February 2013
    In its most basic form, SaaS is about deconstructing complex enterprise applications to basic, simple elements. This week, we will review one such application that deconstructs enterprise resource applications. In this TradeGecko review, we will see check how easy it is to use their inventory and order management solution. We will look at its features, […]
  • Tracker Review – the Crux of Customer Service  

    22 February 2013
    In an earlier post, we reviewed PhaseWare’s Tracker solution and its role in your customer support efforts. This week, we will revisit the solution in a new Tracker review and discuss its approach to customer support and the best way to use it. Mixing Experience And Partnership Based in Texas, PhaseWare was founded in 2005 […]
  • Twilio Review – Disrupt Your Business Communication Suite With a Communications API and Cloud Platform  

    14 February 2013
    With its high costs and complex infrastructure, telephony is an industry that has been ripe for disruption for some time now. The process has already started with technologies like voice over IP. But that technology alone can’t address the needs for businesses to reach its customers, improve employee productivity and reduce costs. This week, we […]
  • Resource Guru Review — Minimize Confusion and Gain Resource Scheduling Wisdom  

    7 February 2013
    On the best of days, resource scheduling using spreadsheets can be a painful and time-consuming affair. This is because it involves multiple tasks and headaches from wrestling with pivot tables and inscrutable formulas in Excel to finding out scheduling conflicts for your resources. To top it all off, there are very few solutions in the […]
  • LivePlan Review — Simplify Your Business Plans  

    5 February 2013
    Most small businesses start with an idea. Business plans add contours and a concrete road map to the idea. Writing a business plan, however, is easier said than done. The task is both arduous and confusing.  This week, we will look at a solution that simplifies this task. We will review LivePlan – a SaaS solution […]
  • Innotas Review – Managing Project and Application Portfolios Using the Cloud  

    4 February 2013
    IT departments play an important role in organizations, whether large or small. They have projects and initiatives, which interface with practically every department or business unit. As a result, multiple projects have become a norm rather than the exception for most IT departments. Managing these projects, however, is another matter. After all, there are only […]
  • Manage Projects Efficiently With a Cloud Project Management Solution- StrikeBase Review  

    31 January 2013
    Once in a while, you come across a solution that captures the zeitgeist of the day. This week we will review one such application. Strikebase is a SaaS-based project management software that simplifies project management. In our review, we will look at Strikebase’s features, interface and see how it can be of use to you. Striking […]
  • A Business Management Solution for Your Field Staff – Review of Jobber  

    28 January 2013
    Mobile devices can fragment and assimilate, in equal measure. For example, most mobile solutions for field service companies are piecemeal applications that integrate with other, on-premise solutions for project management. In some cases, this approach solves problems. More often than not, however, the approach causes integration complications and problems. This week, we will look at […]
  • Designing an Efficient Cloud Development Process – Review of CloudMunch  

    24 January 2013
    Ask developers about the software development process and they will wring their hands in despair. The reaction is similar for most participants in the process, including testers and build managers. Part of the problem is the process itself. It is an ad hoc mix of tools, sub-processes, and email chains, one that divides instead of […]
  • Simplify Project Management – Review of Teamwork PM  

    23 January 2013
    There is beauty in simplicity. All of us know that. With its schedules, resources, and messy deadlines, project management can be anything but simple. And, so it goes with project management solutions. However, help might be at hand. This week we will review Teamwork PM – a project management tool that is easy-to-use and increases […]
  • Simplifying Research With an Annotation Tool – Review of Annotary  

    21 January 2013
    In the connected age, information clutters up as bookmarked links on our browsers. Settling on credible sources and sifting through those bookmarks later can be a painful process later. Constructing a coherent- and well-researched piece can become that much more difficult. It is easy to forget the source and intent of a particular bookmark, a […]
  • Managing Data From Your Mobile Workforce – Review of clock.In  

    16 January 2013
    For better or worse, mobile workforces are here to stay. Connected devices and technologies have enabled workers of services organizations to transact on the road, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Combine these benefits with the cost-saving benefits of a cloud-based solution and you have a winner. This week, we review one such solution. We will review […]
  • Making Your Professional Service Firm Work in Difficult Times — Review of Projector PSA  

    15 January 2013
    Back before I became a professional analyst who specializes in the intersection amongst technology, business, and journalism, I worked in the IT services industry for many years. Immersion in the environment allowed me to develop a healthy appreciation of some of the key drivers that can mean the difference between success and failure in the […]
  • Helpdesk Managers: Get Your Mojo Back – Review of Mojo Helpdesk  

    14 January 2013
     This week, we will review Mojo Helpdesk – a web-based ticket tracking and help desk app that makes it easy for helpdesk managers, system administrators, and customer support experts to centralize, assign, and manage requests. We will look at its features and interface to see how it can be of use to you. The Value of Iteration […]
  • A Different Kind of Cloud HR Solution – Review of WebHR  

    11 January 2013
    Given the clutter of cloud-based HR solutions available in the market, finding a worthwhile solution that fits your business’s needs can be a difficult task. This week, we will review WebHR – a cloud-based HR solution that promises to be different. We will look at its interface, features, and see how it can be of […]
  • Building Websites Easily and Efficiently — Review of Easy WebContent  

    27 December 2012
    Building attractive and easy-to-use websites is key to a small business’s online presence. However, not all small business owners are technically inclined. Often, this can result in a gap between a small business owner’s vision and the technical reality of coding a website. This week we will review a solution that solves this problem by […]
  • Automating Your Hotel Management System – Review of Colibri Property Management  

    26 December 2012
    Remember hotel registers? Yes, I am referring to the thick, bound foolscaps, with pages divided into neat columns, that were earlier used by hotels to enter and track guest details. Although they had a certain charm, hotel registers created a silo of paper reservations that had to be painstakingly reconciled with other silos such as […]
  • An Easy Way to Backup in the Cloud — Review of JustCloud  

    19 December 2012
    According to a Dec 2011 report by Enterprise Strategy Group, a research firm based in Massachussetts, online file sharing is fast gaining ground over traditional, cost intensive methods of file-sharing. In a survey of 611 market professionals conducted by the company, more than 25 percent of professionals had already moved to the cloud for their […]
  • Important Business Intelligence Solutions and Who Should Use It  

    18 December 2012
    Sam Walton, founder of Walmart and entrepreneur extraordinaire, once said, “There is only one boss. The customer. And, he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money elsewhere.” That quote holds true for most small businesses. However, before you service a customer, you need to know their […]
  • Ship Products Easily From Your Online Store — Review of ShipStation  

    14 December 2012
    In an earlier post on this blog, I had discussed the importance of opting for a fully-integrated e-commerce solution, one that enables conversation between different departments, such as enterprise resource planning, of your small business. This week we will review a solution that extends integration points from your online store to the logistics of shipping […]
  • Monitoring Your Website 24X7 — Review of Dotcom-Monitor  

    13 December 2012
    As the ceaseless shift from the offline to online world continues, websites are increasingly important to small businesses. Moreover, websites increasingly set the tone of customer expectations for small businesses. That is why it is important that a small business’s website avoids downtime and is up and running properly 24×7 and is also able to […]
  • The Secret to Small Business Success? Cloud Apps, Mobility and Human Concierges  

    11 December 2012
    At GetApp, our primary concern is you. We are always interested in finding ways to help you optimize and innovate your small business with cloud apps. That is why, starting today, we have an interview series with small business owners and experts. In this series, we get down to the brass tacks and interview small […]
  • How to Run Your Small Business for Free With SaaS Software  

    5 December 2012
    The era of free is almost here. With their freemium pricing model, SaaS business applications have upended the software licensing paradigm. Cloud apps have hastened its demise. Although legacy systems are still available, small businesses and large organizations are clearly moving towards a business model underscored by free or extremely cheap offerings. The benefit of […]
  • Building an Integrated CRM Software — Review of Info@Hand  

    29 November 2012
    Customer relationship management marketing software does not work in isolation. To be effective, it must integrate with other parts of your business. However, most CRM software, SaaS-based ones included, are siloed and standalone affairs, which integrate with other modules only through complex and expensive API integration. How, then, do you derive a holistic view of […]
  • Business Intelligence Just Got Better — Review of Yurbi  

    22 November 2012
    It is time to focus. In our previous review of Yurbi, we discussed the solution’s features. In this edition of the review, we will focus on two specific features that define the solution. We will see their interface, discuss their importance, and see how it can be of use to you. An Outlier Within SaaS […]
  • Interesting Findings and Different Perspectives on SaaS Pricing  

    21 November 2012
    Should pricing be your sole benchmark for evaluating SaaS solutions? The answer to that question is a complicated one. Even as SaaS vendors re-evaluate and experiment with strategies, fundamental questions about SaaS pricing still remain. For example, the case for SaaS pricing is generally predicated on a bucket list of features. Does moving up the […]
  • Project Management for Below the Line Advertising — Review of Activity Management System BTL  

    20 November 2012
    One of the more interesting parts of my job involves learning about different industries. For example, I learned about below-the-line or BTL advertising today. Below-the-line advertising strategies use niche outreach tactics such as gifts, promotions or advertising on niche media to reach their customers. Given the multiple objects and parameters involved in its generation, tracking […]
  • Three Ways Business Intelligence Solutions Can Innovate Your Small Business  

    19 November 2012
    In the past, we have written about and reviewed several business intelligence solutions. Business Intelligence solutions help you analyze, define and design custom strategies for your customers. However, BI solutions can do this and much more. If you care to think outside the box, then business intelligence solutions can help you push the envelope. Here […]
  • An Innovative Approach to Knowledge Sharing — Review of Bloomfire  

    1 November 2012
    Most of us, as individual consumers, rarely get information from a single source. Instead, we use an assortment of sources and media to find out what we want. A similar situation exists in large organizations. Learning rarely occurs from a single source or in a structured manner. Instead, it bubbles up from people, social media or […]
  • Learning Management for E-Learning Content Vendors – Review of Firmwater LMS  

    29 October 2012
    In the information age, learning management systems are indispensable tools for knowledge management. Through reuse of learning courses and increased efficiencies, they offer the twin benefits of reduced administration costs and increased efficiencies. In addition, our solution for the week offers multiple other benefits. This week, we will review Firmwater – a hosted learning management […]
  • Reinventing Your POS in the Cloud — Review of Vend  

    24 October 2012
    This week we look at an exciting industry that is upgrading itself. With the advent of new technologies such as Square and cloud-based systems, the payment industry is becoming mobile and cheap. This week, we will review Vend – a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system. We will review its features, interface, and see how it can […]
  • Intuit Just Quickened Your Accounting  

    22 October 2012
    Count this as another strike for mobility. Accounting software company Intuit has introduced support for a mobile app version of Quicken, their popular software, last week. The app enables small businesses to sync accounts between desktops and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This feature enables small businesses to transact business anytime and anywhere. […]
  • Gaining New Productivity Insight — Review of Cirrus Insight  

    17 October 2012
    Never underestimate the power of conversations. Great things happen when two people talk to each other. Great things also happen when two popular applications talk to each other. This week, we review an application that integrates two top applications – an email application and a CRM application – for significant productivity and usability gains. We will […]
  • An Introduction to Big Data and Its Uses for Small Business  

    3 October 2012
    It is difficult to read an article or browse through technology news without reading about big data. Big data, after all, is a big deal. According to IBM, we create 2.5 quintillion (In case you did not know, that is 1 followed by 30 zeros) bytes of big data daily. This data is created from […]
  • Announces New Features at Dreamforce – Redefining Social Business Platforms  

    28 September 2012
    If you thought being social was restricted to social networks, think again. Well-known SaaS platform just upped the ante at its annual Dreamforce conference last week. Marc Benioff, founder of, proclaimed that business was social and that the social revolution was “unlike anything we’ve experienced before.” Hence, the Social CRM platform has included several […]
  • Four Ways to Fund Your Small Business  

    27 September 2012
    The relationship between small business funding and cloud-based business apps is tenuous, to say the least. The former deals with business finances while the latter deals with your business operations. So, what is a post about small business funding doing on a blog that discusses business application trends? Bear with me. All small businesses start off with […]
  • Simplifying Case Management — Review of CaseFox  

    20 September 2012
    Legal cases are complex creatures. They involve documents, arguments, and payments. Unlike IT projects, which are relatively simpler and more focused in scope and ambition, legal cases can be vast and unwieldy and involve multiple stakeholders. This week, we will review CaseFox – a SaaS solution that promises to make case management simpler and easier. […]
  • Engaging Customers and Tracking Statistics — a Review of WhosOn  

    19 September 2012
    In the age of big data, spare a thought for small data. By small data, I am referring to simple, everyday metrics that enable you to engage with statistics related to your small business. Your website data, for instance. This week, we look at a solution that enables you to track your website data and […]
  • Workflow Automation and Task Management Under the Same Roof — Review of Comindware Tracker  

    31 August 2012
    Workflows and tasks are equally important for small businesses. While the former activity establishes process and a method of doing things, the latter is associated with execution and delegation. As far as we are aware, there is no application that integrate them into a single application. Until we reviewed the latest release of Comindware. This week, […]
  • Design Your Own Cloud Database Applications With Caspio  

    26 July 2012
      Most cloud-based applications that we have reviewed, so far, are off-the-shelf, stand-alone and generic applications. In other words, they have been developed elsewhere, don’t generally integrate well with your in-house applications and processes, and have limited customization capability. We will review Caspio – an online database application software that enables you to create applications […]
  • The Benefits of a Cloud Based IT Service and Asset Management Solution — Review of Samanage  

    10 July 2012
    I love two-in-one deals. After all, they help save on business costs and effort. This week, we will take a look at a two-in-one IT management solution. It doubles up as an IT asset management solution and support desk  into one. We will review Samanage: an IT asset management and support software solution in one. […]
  • Five Ways Mobility Can Help Your Small Business  

    9 July 2012
    So, what’s the deal with mobility? It seems to have become the new buzzword. We live in an impatient post PC world populated by tablets and smartphones. And, it is fast catching on. According to research firm CompTIA’s Small and Medium Business Technology Adoptions Trends study, seven out of ten small and medium-sized businesses in […]
  • Four Areas of Your Small Business That Can Be Improved With Cloud Apps  

    3 July 2012
    Running a small business is hard work. Between managing tasks and taking care of mundane activities, owners rarely get time to think about their customers. Which is a pity, really, because customers should be their main concern.  After all, customers contribute to the small business bottomline and not manual and time-consuming tasks.  In the long run, […]
  • What Is An "App”? Mobile, Web-Based: What Does It Mean for Small Businesses?  

    30 June 2012
    “There’s an app for that,” is pretty much my friend’s stock response to practically any problem in the world. If the app does not exist, my friend suggests that someone should build an app for that problem. His world is an app world. But, he is not the only one. Almost everyone is jumping onto […]
  • Innovating Help Desk — Review of HappyFox Cloud-Based Customer Support  

    28 June 2012
    After reviewing multiple Help Desk applications, I thought I had seen it all. However, this week’s solution was a surprise in more ways than one. It packs innovative Helpdesk features with a great interface. Intrigued? Then, let’s get on with it. This week, we will review HappyFox – a customer support solution. We will review […]
  • Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing an E-Commerce Solution  

    25 June 2012
    Unfortunately, a dotcom bust intervened and eCommerce grew in fits and starts. However, the online retailing model seems to have come into its own recently. According to research by Forrester, eCommerce will account for nine percent of overall retail sales by 2016. That, incidentally, is a growth of over two percent from 2011 figures. For small […]
  • Freeing Up the Freelancer – Review of FreeAgent Accounting App  

    21 June 2012
    At some point of time, all of us have been there. We take on too many projects and too much work. The result is that we find ourselves confused and distracted. For freelancers, such frenzy can be especially debilitating since inefficiency and confusion can result in serious revenue loss. This week we will review FreeAgent […]
  • Four Ways the Cloud Is Changing Small Business Hiring  

    19 June 2012
    With its focus on human interactions and assessments, hiring must rank as one of the most important and time-consuming tasks for small businesses. After all, employees make or break a small business. As a small business owner, your main focus is on providing excellent service and products to your customers. Hence, it follows that the […]
  • Automate Support and Cut Costs: Review of Acobot  

    14 June 2012
    Robots pioneered efficiency in manufacturing. This week we look at a solution that  makes customer support more efficient by automating routine support questions. It enables you to cut costs and increases efficiency. We will review Acobot – a chatbot that enables automated live chats for commonly-asked questions on your website. We will look at its […]
  • Manage Sales Pipeline Using Pipedrive  

    13 June 2012
    I like to cut corners, so I look for shortcuts and savings in all my expenses. I would much rather invest in customer relationship management software that integrates multiple sales channels and pipeline in a clunky and confusing fashion than in a solution exclusively designed for the purpose. Which is a pity, really, because managing sales pipelines […]
  • Review of Totango a Real-Time Customer Engagement Platform for Online Businesses  

    12 June 2012
    Bringing customers into your small business or application is the easy part. Engaging them, understanding how they interact with your application, and crafting specific products and marketing strategies for customers is the difficult part. This week, we will review Totango – a real-time customer engagement tool. We will look at its features, interface, and see […]
  • Designing a Flexible E-Commerce Store:Review of Vendorama  

    8 June 2012
    E-commerce is one of the more prominent successes of the Internet. It has enabled small businesses to cut costs, diversify product offerings, and reach, hitherto, untapped markets.    Many of these benefits depend on your choice of an e-commerce solution and how flexible it is to accommodate your small business needs. This week, we will […]
  • Making Your Own Business Intelligent: Review of Yurbi Business Intelligence App  

    7 June 2012
    So, your small business is doing great and you have a wealth of data about customer preferences. By itself, however, data is useless unless it is turned into actionable knowledge. This is where business intelligence comes in.  It converts your data into actionable items and trends. You can use this knowledge to create customer profiles […]
  • A New Way of Hiring and Testing — Review of Avancert, Video Interview and Examination Software  

    24 May 2012
    Have you ever wondered about the rationale behind paper-based tests and interviews? Such tests and interviews can seem especially wasteful when you consider that the Internet has eliminated geography and video chatting is a common reality. Thankfully, someone did wonder about this problem. And, he came up with a solution that promises to reduce time and […]
  • Testing in the Cloud — Review of SpiraTest, a Cloud-Based Test Management Suite  

    22 May 2012
    The problem with test solutions in the market is that they are piecemeal. Thus, you need to invest and spend on several test suites for each testing phase. This week we will look at a solution that enables you to streamlines and integrates multiple test phases into one application and combines it with the power […]
  • Signing in the Cloud — Review of E-SignLive, an Electronic Signature Service  

    21 May 2012
    Contracts are essential and important for small businesses. However, the effort associated with negotiating and signing a contract is equal to bureaucracy. This week we will review a solution that makes one part of that process simple. We will review eSignLive, a cloud-based electronic signature service. With Signatures Comes Experience eSignLive is packaged with experience. […]
  • Making the Most of Your Ideas — Review of TheIdeaWall, an Idea Management Software  

    18 May 2012
    Good small businesses thrive on new ideas and customer feedback. Generating ideas, however, is only part of the process. The real challenge is distilling ideas and feedback into actionable features. This week we will take a look at an application that helps you manage new ideas. We will review TheIdeaWall — an idea management application. […]
  • Maximizing Your CRM Experience Further: Review of Maximizer CRM  

    9 May 2012
    Much like life, cloud applications also get better. About a year ago, we reviewed Maximizer CRM, a pioneer in the web-based CRM applicationc space. Today we will revisit this app because the solution’s developers have included several enhancements based on customer feedback. We will look at its new interface and features and see how they […]
  • Small Business Retail Success: Review of iVend Retail  

    2 May 2012
    The value proposition of retail solutions for small businesses is enticing. They connect different parts of your business and enable efficiencies. However, finding a complete end-to-end retail solution is either too expensive or plain difficult for most small businesses. This is because most retailing solutions, such as the ones offered by large companies such as […]
  • Three Interesting Ideas to Create Lean Small Businesses  

    26 April 2012
    Starting a small business or creating a new product requires lots of capital and investment, right? Not really. That is, not if you follow the lean start up methodology. The methodology, which is fast turning into a movement, is a set of practices to help entrepreneurs increase their odds of building a successful business. It […]
  • Social Learning at Affordable Costs: Review of Knoodle  

    24 April 2012
    Learning systems are important for businesses because they inform, educate and enable knowledge transition between employees. However, traditional learning management systems are similar to CRM and ERP systems of the past. They can be cumbersome enterprise software that requires a costly multi-year contract with a systems integrator to implement and deploy. Not really what is expected by […]
  • Wiki-Style Collaboration for Project Management: Review of Clinked  

    23 April 2012
    Wikipedia is a daily part of our lives. Besides the amount of information it contains, Wikipedia is also a great example of project collaboration. All wiki pages are written and edited by volunteers located across the world. Factual mistakes, errors, and formatting are kept in check through collective wisdom. If only company projects were like […]
  • Enabling New Online Shopping Experiences – Review of Goecart360  

    20 April 2012
    Geography is history. Thanks to the worldwide web, even small businesses can leverage an international audience for their products now. To do that, however, they need to enable great shopping experiences for customers. Earlier it was shop assistants and cashiers who facilitated this experience. In the Internet-enabled world, eCommerce solutions do all the work. This […]
  • Unravel Hiring: Review of Unrabble Recruitment Software  

    19 April 2012
      During a desperate job search last summer, I updated my resume. “Add keywords from job descriptions and your chances of making it through their resume management system will increase,” suggested a friend. Sadly though, that job search (along with customized cover letters) did not work. Eventually, I got a job through friends of friends. […]
  • Light Up Your Non-Profit: Review of Little Green Light, an Online Donor Management Solution  

    17 April 2012
    On weekends, I volunteer at a non-profit. The work is rewarding and frustrating. It is rewarding because I am giving back to the community. It is frustrating because our processes and tools are pre-historic. Perhaps, this approach jells with our general image of non-profits with good intentions but bad inefficiencies. This week, we review Little […]
  • Taking E-Commerce to the Next Level: A Look at Brightpearl’s Recent Changes  

    16 April 2012
    I began my last review of Brightpearl with a sense of deja vu. Little did I know that I would be back in that mode a year later. This is because, as with all good solutions that are constantly evolving, Brightpearl has come back with refined versions of its software. The changes include functionality upgrades […]
  • Loving Your Customers Through Community-Building: Review of Get Satisfaction  

    12 April 2012
    Cultivating online communities can be a difficult job. Customers rarely praise a product through message boards or Facebook feeds. Instead, online communities often double-up as support forums, with the discussion moderator working with support teams to resolve customer issues. Why, then, do we need to bother with an online community? This week, we will look […]
  • A Robot to Help Manage Your Projects: Review of PMRobot  

    11 April 2012
    The word robot conjures up images of automated machines that dehumanize tasks and systems. However, robots also make systems (and projects) efficient. This week, we will review PMRobot,  a project and ticket management application for agile enterprises. We will review its features, the interface, and see how it can be of use to you. Humanizing […]
  • Managing Accounts and Projects in One Place: Review of BillQuick  

    10 April 2012
    “Accounting is a largely repetitive and difficult activity,” my friend told me sometime ago. “So, if you have seen one solution, you have seen them all.” While it is true that accounting can become mundane and boring (which profession isn’t?), the same cannot be said of online accounting software. There are several ways that firms […]
  • Automating Workflows and Processes: Review of Comindware  

    4 April 2012
    Right off the bat, let me admit I love working with processes. I love designing processes, assigning the associated tasks to stakeholders, and making sense of different pieces of the puzzle that comprise an organization. So I was pretty excited to review Comindware, this week’s solution. Comindware combines two business imperatives into one. It enables you […]
  • Making Data Import Into QuickBooks Easy: Review of Zed Axis  

    3 April 2012
    In one of my previous jobs, I converted reams of transactional data into system-importable formats. This meant I had to run excel macros on sheets with hundreds and thousands of cells. The process worked fine for small-to-moderately-sized sheets. However, the macro crashed for large sheets (with millions of populated columns). Converting data to system-importable formats is […]
  • Developing Unique Loyalty Programs: Review of Cinco Squared  

    2 April 2012
    One of my friends is a pro at loyalty programs. On last count, he had collected points from at least a dozen loyalty programs. He maintains an excel sheet to track them. “And how many have you redeemed so far?” I asked him one day. His face went blank. That is a predicament most loyalty […]
  • A Solution to Help Small Businesses With AdWords Success – Review of WordWatch  

    30 March 2012
    Google Adwords is a terrific opportunity for small businesses to get more customers and popularize their products. However, most small businesses shy away from the solution because it involves much time and resources. Besides, the bidding and chance involved in Google Adwords makes it seem like stock trading. Or so, a small business owner told […]
  • Making the Paperless Office a Reality – Review of FileHold Document Management Software  

    29 March 2012
    The concept of a “paperless office” has gripped popular imagination for quite some time. Besides being environmentally friendly, the paperless office improves productivity and saves companies money. The advent of cloud technology has only brought that concept closer to reality. This week we will look at a solution that brings the paperless office concept even […]
  • Managing Clients & Work With AffinityLive – Review of AffinityLive PSA  

    28 March 2012
    Online applications that manage projects, clients or tasks are a dime a dozen. What’s more, their feature sets are almost identical across the board. Besides unimaginative developers, the roots of this problem lie in the assumption that all business sectors are identical.  They are not. Another problem is that developers focus on what suits them, […]
  • The PPM Solution for Project Management Offices – Daptiv Review  

    22 March 2012
    Managing single projects is not difficult. Things get complicated when projects multiply. That is why companies have Project Management Offices or PMOs. PMOs are intensely focused on aligning company initiatives with business objectives. This means that PMOs make sure that company projects and resources are directed singly towards business goals. To do this, they require […]
  • Try a Smorgasbord of an Integrated Business Management App – Review of WorkBook.Net  

    22 March 2012
    May I digress? Smorgasbord is a delicious Scandinavian meal that consists of multiple dishes across several courses. Typically, courses are sequential and dishes are eaten in succession. The modern version of this meal, however, economizes on time and money — patrons can skip courses to their favorite or preferred dish. This week, we will review […]
  • Tracking Objects Differently With QR Codes – Review of MapYourTag  

    21 March 2012
    They seem to be everywhere. From large mall promotions to private parties, all you have to do is flash your smartphone and you are in. I am, of course, referring to Quick Response or QR codes as they are popularly known. While they are extremely popular with large corporations, QR codes have yet to gain traction […]
  • A Fresh Look at the New Freshdesk – Online Help Desk App  

    19 March 2012
      Most help desk applications are crammed with features that promise to make life easier for  customers. Whether they make life easy for agents is a moot point. That’s a pity really because the surest way to keep customers happy and coming back is delivering exceptional service. And providing this kind of service requires super-productive […]
  • Making Your Network Alert: Review of Alertia, Website Monitoring App  

    15 March 2012
      Let me start this one with two questions. What does server monitoring bring to mind? Probably the image you have in mind consists of a black screen filled with white lines of  CLI (command line interface, for the uninitiated) commands and reams of unintelligible complex status updates. Not for the technically-challenged, right? Similarly, are server […]
  • Overcoming Procrastination: A Review of Sandglaz, Task Management App  

    13 March 2012
    I confess. I procrastinate. I postpone tasks and projects. I leave things to the last minute, hoping for a flash of inspiration and concentration. If something can be done today, I prefer to do it tomorrow. Yet, I know I can do good if only I could organize myself. This week’s solution might just help me […]
  • Scaling Your Projects Affordably – Review of ZilicusPM Online Project Management  

    7 March 2012
    The other day my friend, who is a small business owner, complained that he was sick of SaaS solutions. “They always promise much and deliver little,” he said. As an example, he recounted the tale of an online project management software he had tried out. “It was not scalable, crashed repeatedly, and had very few […]
  • Planning Your Agile Strategy – a Review of Planbox  

    5 March 2012
    Although it emphasizes people and stakeholders over processes and tools, the agile methodology for project management has had limited success with non-technical audiences. Which is a pity, really, because agile is more than a methodology; instead, it is a philosophy and approach to project management. This week, we will review Planbox – an agile online […]
  • 4 Surprising Reasons Why Businesses Love SaaS  

    20 February 2012
    In our previous post, we discussed ways to disrupt your small business. One of the quickest ways to do this is to implement SaaS in your business. In case you did not know it, SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. Thus, instead of purchasing software, you can rent it. Because it is scalable and cheap, SaaS has […]
  • 4 Tempting Ideas to Disrupt Your Small Business  

    16 February 2012
    In his 80s bestseller “Thriving in Chaos,” well-known management guru Tom Peters touted the benefits of miniaturization. In an example, he wrote about the success of mini-steel mills or small mills that supported local markets. In turn, these mills were about to be eclipsed by micro-mills, or steel mills every 25 miles or so. This […]
  • Managing Your Business Documents Online: Review of Cabinet NG Safe  

    9 February 2012
    Documents are the bane of a technical writer’s life. We produce, edit, and write them. After all this hard work, we shepherd them to stakeholders through work flows to make sure they are accurate and timely. Whilst the process may sound simple, it can be pretty tedious and difficult. This week’s solution – Cabinet NG […]
  • Enabling Google Apps Security for Small Businesses – Review of DomainWatch  

    8 February 2012
    Because it is free, the Google Apps suite is a cheap and effective way to improve small business productivity. However, most small businesses assume that Google Apps is a complete solution by itself. It is not. Much like any other basic, no-frills product, Google Apps needs to be customized for small businesses. As we blogged […]
  • A Virtual Call Center for Any Businesses: Review of simplyCT  

    7 February 2012
    In my previous avatar as a technical writer for a large multinational corporation, I often worked late. On such evenings, as I waited for the company cab to take me back home, crowds of twenty-somethings streamed into our offices and transformed our work spaces into a call center. The scale and enormity of their impressions […]
  • A New Way to Measure Cloud Metrics – Review of Librato Metrics  

    26 January 2012
    Just as we expect telephone service to be available 24/7/365, we increasingly expect Internet or Intranet based services to be available without interruption. To provide this quality of service, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers have to be able to detect and respond instantly to any unforeseen events that […]
  • Supporting Your B2B Business – Review of TeamSupport Customer Support Software  

    23 January 2012
      Redux is a Latin word, which means to lead back. This week’s review is a redux post of sorts. We reviewed business-to-business support software TeamSupport back in February 2011. Much has changed since then. The company has come out with a new version of the same product and has bundled in great features to boot. […]
  • Making Data Accessible With a Managed Data Extraction Tool – Review of Grepsr  

    16 January 2012
    One of the more interesting lessons I learned at J-school was the importance of data. “Data provides context and understanding to a story,” intoned a professor. “And, that is why you must know how to program or query databases.” Of course, he was right. Data provides meaning to trends and occurrences around us. What’s more, […]
  • Making Your Drawings Smart – Review of SmartDraw  

    10 January 2012
    I still remember my first experience with diagramming software. I disconnected connectors, drew out-sized process boxes, and had a difficult time figuring out how to group the entire diagram together. Things have improved marginally since then. But, I still wish that those connectors would connect automatically, boxes resize, and grouping happened by magic. There has […]
  • Powering Your Accounting Online – FinancialForce Review  

    5 January 2012
    For all their benefits, online accounting applications are not always a winning proposition. While they may be cost-effective and scalable, these solutions do not always translate into process improvements. For example, stand-alone cloud systems with limited integration and time-consuming processes are just like on-premise solutions, minus the maintenance headache. To achieve real efficiencies, cloud accounting […]
  • Make Your Employee Schedules Nimble – Review of NimbleSchedule  

    2 January 2012
    My order was delayed at a restaurant recently. That I was famished did not help matters. Irritated, I scolded the owner. “One of our workers called in sick at the last minute,” she apologized. “It was difficult for me to schedule a replacement.” Unfortunately, such problems are common rather than rare in the hospitality sector. […]
  • Five Things You Should Know About Software Free Trials  

    9 November 2011
    Is there such a thing as free lunch? Probably not. However, business software or at least it´s web-based SaaS version, offers a close approximation to businesses in the form of freemium pricing and free trials. Even within these two formats, however, there are distinctions. “The main difference between freemium and free trial is limited by […]
  • How You Can Benefit From a Cloud Emailing Platform – Review of Mailjet  

    8 November 2011
    Did you check your Inbox this morning? Chances are you have received at least some newsletters or daily deals emails in your Inbox. Most probably, these emails are personalized and offer attractive discounts or information about your areas of interest. For businesses, such emails are a cheap and cost-effective marketing strategy. This week, we will […]
  • Simplifying Online HR Collaboration- Review of Resfly  

    4 November 2011
    Have you ever wondered what happens to your resume after you apply to a job? The end of the application process triggers the review and hiring process. That is when the folks in human resources get busy. This week, we will review a solution that makes the process simpler and easier for HR.  We will review […]
  • Simplifying Electronic Payments for Small Businesses – Review of PaySimple  

    3 November 2011
    There was a time when most small businesses received payments exclusively through cash. Then, the credit card payment revolution happened. The Internet complicated matters with online payments. With multiple options for payment, which one do you opt for? This week we look at a service that provides a possible answer to that question. We will review […]
  • CRM Pioneers Offer Choice of Deployment Options – Review of Maximizer CRM  

    2 November 2011
    Over the past several weeks, we have looked at several customer relationship management solutions. This week, we will look at a solution that was a pioneer in the same space. Maximizer CRM has been around for more than 20 years, providing solutions which enable small- and medium-sized businesses to gain a complete view of their customers, accessible […]
  • Managing Your Business the SaaS Way – Review of MYCO Suite  

    28 October 2011
    Ewout van Loon, founder of MYCO Suite, was not happy with existing solutions to manage his software company in China. So he created an integrated small business management solution of his own. ” The concept came from ideas on how a management system should work, look and feel,” he says. “It also came from personal […]
  • Talking About Jobs Online – Review of JobPage.Com  

    25 October 2011
    Lets talk jobs today. That word seems to be everywhere from eulogies for the Apple genius to President Obama’s recent jobs bill to revive the U.S. economy. However, we are concerned about a different kind of job. The sort that helps pay your bills and run the world economy. As someone who has jumped around […]
  • Cracking the Small Business Conundrum in Australia With Cloud Apps  

    3 October 2011
    At, we help small business owners discover and choose the best options for small business software that can make their company more productive and competitive. Knowing that each geography is different, we are analyzing small business needs for multiple geographies, including the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.. Based on economics, vendor support and customer preferences, we provide […]
  • Making Easy Application Installations to Your Website – Review of Softaculous  

    30 September 2011
    As a technical writer, I straddled the worlds of techie geeks, who crunched complex and arcane code, and communication-focused marketing folks, who preferred simplicity in writing and communication.  A fringe benefit of this experience is that I learnt to appreciate my job. After all, deconstructing complex technology into a simple experience requires talent and the […]
  • A World Class Way to Collaborate – Review of SAP StreamWork  

    29 September 2011
    Making important business decisions was much simpler earlier, when work spaces were bunched in one location. The rise of the Internet has complicated the decision making process. Collaboration has taken a hit due to distributed work spaces that span across cities and countries. Similarly, the availability (and glut) of information has made transparency in the […]
  • Why Acquired Assistly and What´S Next  

    23 September 2011
      This is what happy endings are made up of. To ramp up its presence in the cloud computing application service space, enterprise cloud-computing giant snapped up service desk provider Assistly for an $50 million all-cash deal. Assistly’s name will ring a bell for regular readers of our blog. It´s all going social We […]
  • Planning Smartly for Your Projects – Review of Doolphy Smart Planner  

    20 September 2011
    Admittedly, the image of a project manager brings to mind an organized individual, someone who is good at time management and details.   That image is, however, far from reality.  The complicated nature of our society makes competing demands for our attention.  Project managers are no different. This week we review a tool that offers […]
  • Oh Canada! A View on How Canadian Small Businesses Can Benefit From Cloud Apps  

    19 September 2011
    At, we help small business owners discover and choose the best options of business software solutions for small businesses that can make their company more productive and competitive. Knowing that each geography is different, we are analyzing small business needs for multiple geographies, including the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Based on economics, vendor support […]
  • How SMBs in the UK Can Beat the Recession With Cloud Apps  

    14 September 2011
      At, we are focused on providing an array of options for small business software to help solve your efficiency and productivity problems. Acknowledging that each geography is specific, we are analyzing small business needs for multiple geographies, including the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.. Based on economics, vendor support and customer preferences, we provide […]
  • A Business Software Perspective on US Small Businesses and Recession – Part 2  

    12 September 2011
    This is the second part of a post on popular software solutions for small businesses in the United States and how using cloud-based applications can help you beat the recession. Building on a survey from The Growth Coach about changes to operating strategy for small businesses, we highlight four key areas of growth identified by small businesses in […]
  • A Business Software Perspective on US Small Businesses and Recession – Part 1  

    8 September 2011
    At, we are focused on providing an array of options for small business software to help solve your efficiency and productivity problems. Acknowledging that each geography is specific, we are analyzing small business needs for multiple geographies. Based on economics, vendor support and customer preferences, we provide a list of SaaS (Software as a Service) […]
  • Making Project Management Easy – Review of Easy Projects .NET  

    6 September 2011
    Products distinguish themselves in various ways. Some offer niche novelty (think Apple) while others offer excellent support (think Dell).  This week, we look at an online project management application that distinguishes itself through its focus on collaboration and support. Easy Projects .NET is a SaaS-based project management application that makes project management easy and manageable. […]
  • Accounting Your Cash With KashFlow -Review of an Accounting Software for UK SMEs  

    31 August 2011
    With it’s predictable ledgers and account books, accounting software, just like the field it serves, is boring and unexciting. Reviews, understandably, are predictable as well. However, this week’s software review is different: KashFlow accounting was developed and designed by a former convict, received kudos from Bill Gates, and has been developed completely based on user […]
  • Project Management Software for Agile Developers- Review of Pivotal Tracker  

    16 August 2011
    Developing software can be a complicated process because it combines multiple activities and modules at the same time. The waterfall model, which splits the process into tasks (much like the manufacturing method of assembling a unit) was the preferred software development for many years.  That is, until the Agile methodology came along. Unlike the waterfall […]
  • A Cloud-Based Project Management Solution That Adapts to Your Projects – Review of Project Drive  

    11 August 2011
    All projects are alike. Or, at least that’s what one would be led to believe by most online project management software. They contain the same functionality packaged in a different brand and interface. What this means is that you need to tailor your project interface and work flow to adapt to the software, instead of […]
  • Managing Your Identity With an Online Solution – Review of Okta  

    10 August 2011
    Sometimes, I wish we were back in simpler times when I had to remember only my email username and password. Given the increasing amounts of information that we have to deal with, login credentials should be the least of our worries. Unfortunately, the worldwide web’s growth has paralleled an explosion of sensitive and behind-closed-doors information. […]
  • A Cloud-Based ERP Solution With a Difference – Review of Epicor Manufacturing Express Edition  

    21 July 2011
    In one of my previous posts, I had written about popular SaaS solutions. CRM and ERP came out tops. Both solutions integrate multiple modules of an organization into a single solution. The problem with their popularity is that almost everyone wants a share of the SaaS pie. As a result, we have multiple ERP solutions […]
  • Constructing a Solution With Construction Management Software – EADOC Review  

    13 July 2011
    This one’s a first for me. Most software that we have reviewed, so far, seems to belong either to the financial services industry or some aspect of the technology industry. This week, we will look at a different kind of industry: construction management. We will review EADOC: a SaaS application targeted at professionals in the […]
  • Assistly Review: Helping Out With Helpdesks  

    12 July 2011
      The other day I called up my bank for some business and was rerouted to a call center. After endless options, I was put on hold with classical music in the background. Initially, it was nice; after fifteen minutes of repetition, however, it became irritating. Exasperated, I tweeted about it. The experience increased my […]
  • A Cloud Based Help Desk App With an ITIL Difference – CMDB Cloud Software Review  

    12 July 2011
    Help desk apps come in various shapes and sizes. Yet, most of them have some common attributes. This week, we will look at a different kind of help desk applications.  We will review CMDB cloud, a software that, according to it’s founders, is ITIL-compliant and comes with some interesting features. We will look at its […]
  • Surveys for Your Business – SurveyTool Software Review  

    10 July 2011
    Audience is king. At least, that is one of the most enduring lessons from my grad school experience. You cannot design a product or service without audience participation.  And, how do you connect with audiences? Quite simple: design a survey. There are a plethora of survey tools out there. This week, we will review SurveyTool […]
  • An All-in-One Cloud Solution for Small Business – NetSuite Review  

    5 July 2011
    All-in-one is a much abused term. There are several products that claim to do several things but do very little. This week we will look at a software that promises and delivers several things at the same time. We will look at NetSuite‘s interface, functionality, and see how it can be of use to you. […]
  • Phasing Your Support Solution – Phaseware Software Review  

    30 June 2011
    We have been looking at customer support and help desk applications for some time now. However, most such solutions are pre-configured in terms of screens. However, this week we will look at a solution that enables you to customize screens. This week we will look at a different kind of solution. PhaseWare is a customer […]
  • Keeping Your Accounts Intacct – Accounting Software Review  

    30 June 2011
    By itself, accounting can be a pretty intensive and time-consuming job. Multiply that job with global operations and business intelligence (or making sense of numbers using analytics) and the task becomes even more complex. Cloud-based accounting offers solutions for such complex problems. This week we will look at one such solution: Intacct is a cloud-based […]
  • Accounting Your Accounts on the Cloud – Xero Software Review  

    21 June 2011
    Isn’t accounting complicated? Let’s make it simpler! This week we will review Xero: an online accounting software. We will look at its features, interface and how it can be of use to you. THE BEGINNINGS In 2003, Rod Drury, a serial entrepreneur, and Hamish Edwards, an accountant, came up with the idea to design and build […]
  • All in One IT Services Management Software – Autotask Review  

    13 June 2011
    So far, we have been looking at software that integrate multiple modules of your organization. But, organizations are complex creatures. For example, let’s suppose you have outsourced work to a vendor. How will you track their productivity? Similarly, what if you need to track against contracts? This week we will look at Autotask: a web-based […]
  • An Intelligent App About Business Intelligence – Centius Qi Review  

    8 June 2011
    In case you missed it, let me introduce you to the information revolution. Almost everything can be measured and quantified now, in the offline and online world. What’s more, you can now gather reams of data about your business and customers using special tools. But, how does one make sense of this data? Enter Business […]
  • Mapping and Automating Your Business With BPM – Interneer Review  

    6 June 2011
    My cousin runs an electronics showroom. His setup started small but has grown over the years. Sales growth has been matched by increased operational complexity because he has to perform complicated tasks such as warehousing, purchase and budgeting. To scale the complexity, my cousin increased the number of people working with him. As a result, […]
  • Atlantic Global Review: Integrating Project Management With CRM  

    30 May 2011
    Project planning is an essential part of business. So is taking care of your customers. Since these are two different activities, they require software with different capabilities and functionality. This translates into extra costs for your business. This week, however, we will look at Atlantic Global: a solution that combines project management capabilities with customer […]
  • 6 Productivity Apps for Small Businesses Integrated With  

    26 May 2011 is a phenomenally popular service, used by vendors and customers alike. Part of it’s popularity is because it has a publicly-available API. This enables you to mix-n-match cloud capabilities. This means that you do not necessarily need to move your data onto Instead, you can port selected data using integrators such as Dell’s Boomi. […]
  • Open Source ERP: A Review XTuple ERP  

    25 May 2011
    All of us have a bit of open source in our lives, whether it is in that Android smartphone or the streaming music application on our MP3 player or iPod. Open source development is kind of a big deal right now because it is a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective way to develop application. What’s more, […]
  • The Good Stuff About Testuff – Cloud Tracking Review  

    24 May 2011
    For years now, testing has been regarded as a stepchild of during the software development process. After all, developers do the hard work while testers simply log defects. A consequence of this attitude has been that organizations scrimp on test software solutions. I have worked with startups that used rudimentary Office solutions such as Microsoft […]
  • Business Management Software at a Fraction of the Cost – BusinessManCRM Review  

    22 May 2011
    Managing customers is a big deal because satisfied customers are happy customers. And, happy customers mean return business. But, how do you “manage” customers? In this day and age, that means managing everything related to your customers including data, information products, and financial data. The idea is to pull data about your customers from different […]
  • Securing Your Business With Incapsula  

    12 May 2011
    I was pretty happy when I received the first comment on my website blog. “I finally have company,” I thought to myself. My website, you see, was pretty much the dreary outpost of the Internet. But my happiness quickly turned to disappointment and horror when I clicked the commenter’s website link to thank them. I […]
  • Product Management Software Review: Listening to Your Customer Through FeatureSet  

    27 April 2011
    All of us like good deals. Isn’t it great when you get more for less? Or, when you can do  several things with the same product. So far, I have been reviewing products that enable you to perform a specific task related to your business. The menu for this week is different. This week I will […]
  • The Small Business Applications Productivity War!  

    26 April 2011
    Do you remember “Video killed the radio stars?” This song has been stuck in my head for quite some time. For those who haven’t heard it, the song is about radio being overwhelmed by the video in the early 1980s as the preferred medium for news and entertainment. The song seems oddly prescient: video (and visual […]
  • Web Site Optimization Review: The Ion Platform  

    25 April 2011
    Online marketing was like the wild wild west until Google came along. Why, you ask? Given the scale and complexity of the worldwide web, it was hard to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Science was absent and marketers pretty much tried all sorts of tricks to get audiences to their webpages. Thankfully, we […]
  • WorkforceTrack Review: Working With Your Work Force  

    19 April 2011
    Managing your workforce can be arduous task, especially if you are small organization. Consider the number of investments required: dedicated personnel, proprietary software, and expensive customization and scaling costs (as your organization increases in size). As always, we look to cloud technology to provide the answer. This week, I will review a website that […]
  • What’s the Big Deal About Productivity Applications  

    11 April 2011
    Hindsight always brings wisdom. While in college, I worked with a website that highlighted green issues. This was at the height of the dot-com boom period and we, as in a bunch of college kids, thought we could combine social entrepreneurship with money-making. Easier said than done. For a small business, our operating costs were […]
  • Linking Your Business With Blue Link Software  

    10 April 2011
      In our blog reviews, so far, I have mostly been focused on solutions developed for cloud computing and with revenue models customized for SaaS. The menu for this week is different. This week, I will review Blue Link: an inventory and accounting management software that was originally designed and implemented as an on-premise solution […]
  • Field Services Management and You  

    4 April 2011
    In a previous post, I reviewed a shift planning software. That’s a pretty useful software for employees who are static i.e., people who are located in a single physical space. But, what happens if your employees are out in the field? Also, what happens if you have a dynamic rotation of jobs and customers? Managing […]
  • Forming Connections Between Cloud Apps Data  

    30 March 2011
    With its promise of simple and inexpensive solutions, SaaS applications might just be the thing for your small business. However, purchasing a SaaS solution is only half the job done. The other half consists of integrating your existing internal business applications with the external SaaS application to enable exchange of data and information. Then, there […]
  • Brightening Up Your Business With Brightpearl  

    18 March 2011
    Its déjà vu time once again. In another one of my previous avatars, I documented an enterprise resource planning system. The only thing I remember from that stint is that it was a complicated and time-consuming affair. There were multiple menu structures and entry through a command line interface only made it more confusing. In […]
  • How to Plan Your Shifts Efficiently With Shiftplanning  

    15 March 2011
    In a previous avatar, I provided IT support to employees in a manufacturing plant. Every day I would punch a plastic card into a machine slot to mark my attendance. The practice was strange and archaic, considering that smart cards were already ubiquitous everywhere. In a few years, smart cards might become strange. Cloud computing […]
  • NetAtlantic: Marketing Your Business Through Emails  

    10 March 2011
    In the social media age, email marketing can be a great tool for businesses to connect with their customers. In the following article, we will review an email marketing product – Net Atlantic. We will look at its interface, functionality, and how it can be of use to you. Email marketing: Is it for you? […]