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The 5 Best Infographics to Understand Business Intelligence

by Christophe Primault
Published on 19 October 2012

Even the smallest business tries to understand who it is performing and where it is headed. Using Business Intelligence tools, such as Yurb or Zoho Reports can here represent a great asset for those businesses that know how to take advantage of them. Business Intelligence takes data that on first sight seemed meaningless and transforms it into powerful insights. As a result businesses get an overview of their business present and future and can justify decisions from this data.

What many small businesses fail to understand is why Business Intelligence is that important and how they can use it for their business. GetApp has brought together the 5 best business intelligence infographics that help you understand the power of BI.

Business Intelligence Infographics

Business Intelligence In Infographics

1) A History of Business Intelligence

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Our favorite piece of information: In 1997 the term "Business Intelligence" becomes widely used. Tweet this!

2) Benefits of a Business Intelligence and Analytics Strategy

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Our favorite piece of information: Currently only 13.5% of organizations have wide-spread reliance on BI/analytics on a daily or ongoing basis. Tweet this!

3) Business Intelligence Consumerization

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Our favorite piece of information: 19.4% of the surveyed business intelligence professionals consider BI in the cloud as the top priority in the next 12 months. Tweet this!

4) The Progress of Mobile Business Intelligence

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Our favorite piece of information: By the beginning of 2013, 33% of Business Intelligence functionality will be handheld via devices! Tweet this!

5) The Future of Business Intelligence

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Our favorite piece of information: The adoption of Business Intelligence functionality of non-technical users is expected to rise dramatically in the next year. Tweet this!


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