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Best Marketing Influencers on Twitter

by Diana Berryman
Published on 10 July 2014

twitter-influencersMarketing in general, and particularly social media marketing, is taking over the world! Ok so I am slightly biased, being a social media marketer myself, but it is an exciting, ever-changing world of new and inspirational ways to make a success of your business. The very best thing about marketing your business on Twitter is that absolutely anyone can do it!

There is so much information out there, millions of blog posts to read. Thousands of great people to mentor you. A billion ideas for you to adapt to suit your own business and to inspire you to imagine brand new ideas. If you are new to marketing and social media it won't do you any harm at all to learn from the best.

I started writing this list with people in mind. The more research I did the more amazing, influential, marketers I came across. This may have to be the first of a series of articles about the people who know their marketing stuff on Twitter. Watch, read and learn folks!

Marc Benioff marc-benioff is the CEO of Salesforce who are a cloud-based CRM, connecting social accounts, mobile contacts and analytics. Marc turned the software industry upside down when he founded Salesforce in 1999. He is also the author of three successful books including Behind the Cloud.

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Mike Gerholdt is another Salesforce guy. His title is Salesforce Admin Evangelist and his mission is to grow the admin community, listen to your stories and inspire a passion for the Salesforce product. He is prolific on Twitter and aims to connect with as many people as he can. He is always on-hand to answer your questions.

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Mike Volpe mike_volpe is the CMO for HubSpot which is a marketing software platform, enabling marketers to research how people search for and buy products and services. Mike specializes in marketing, start-ups, blogging, social media and entrepreneurship amongst other things. He is also a keynote speaker on all things marketing, SEO and blogging.

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Dharmesh Shah dharmesh-shah is the founder/CTO of HubSpot. He is also a startup blogger at He is an expert blogger and marketer specializing in startup businesses. Dharmesh is an entrepreneur we can all look up to and hope to emulate. He has an informative yet amusing Twitter style which is always easy to follow.

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Dan Zarrella dan-zarrella is HubSpot's "Social Media Scientist". He appeals to the nerd in us all with his factual and informative tweets on all sorts of subjects. He is a Twitter guru of the highest order as he really just "gets it". If you take your Twitter marketing seriously you need to read his blog at for some fabulous insights.

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Kyle Lacy kyle-lacy is the director of content marketing and research at ExactTarget. He is the author of three fantastic, must-read books including Twitter Marketing for Dummies (highly recommended.) Kyle was recently interviewed by Social Media Examiner about why social CRM software is important for marketers. This guy knows his stuff!

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jay-baer Jay Baer is a New York Times best-selling author, a keynote speaker, marketing consultant and the president of the Convince and Convert team of digital marketing advisors. He is a content marketing advocate and provides workshops and strategic plans for content marketing and social media marketing for businesses.

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brian-honigman Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant, a tech writer and a speaker. He also contributes to Forbes, Mashable, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and others, making him a great and influential guy to follow. He proudly works with both well-established brands and start-ups focusing on marketing, business and technology.

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neal-schaffer Neal Schaffer is a social media speaker and the founder of maximize your social, a social media consultancy. Neal is an established author and has written books such as Maximize your Social and Maximizing LinkedIn. He is an expert on LinkedIn marketing and also an excellent social media coach and strategist.

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Guy Kawasaki guy-kawasaki is the last, but by no means least, on this prestigious list. He is a former Apple chief evangelist and is currently the chief evangelist of Canva, offering a new and simple way to do graphic design. Guy's mantra is "I empower people" and he certainly does. He tweets about no-nonsense productivity, social media and inspiring confidence in us all.

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If you are looking for more awesome influencers on Twitter check out our Top Ten Marketing Automation Guru's or Social Media Greats.

I feel a little silly adding myself to the bottom of this awesome list, but here I am in case you want to follow my babbling's too… (Plus it can't hurt to have a woman in this list!)

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These guys all have several things in common. Firstly they all, without exception, know their subject. From marketing and content marketing, social media and speaking, to blogging and writing fabulous books, they know what they are talking about. Another common factor is an air of confidence. Not for a single solitary second would any of us mere mortals suspect that these are not all super-confident individuals. Even if they aren't, they give the illusion that they are, which goes on to inspire our confidence in them.

Another thing these marvelous marketers do the same, is to use apps and software to save time in their busy working days. I am sure they will agree that life isn't all about work. Invest in automated marketing and social media automation software and the return on investment of time saved to live your life will become priceless.

Forgive me if I missed you off the list, ten places just isn't enough! Let me know who has influenced you in the Social Media Marketing world. Or indeed if you think you should be on the list. I look forward to "meeting" more awesome Twitter folk really soon! You never know, next time it could be YOU!


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