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Six Best Small Business Integrations in the Xero Add-on Marketplace

by Todd Spear
Published on 21 October 2014

6Xero is gaining popularity in the cloud-based small business accounting software space, as you may have heard by now. The app is in use at more than 334,000 businesses at present. If you're one of its many fans, you may have heard about the new Xero Add-On Marketplace.

Recently launched, the Xero Add-On Marketplace brings you more than 350 small business integrations that help you customize your accounting system, all within Xero's interface.

The Xero Add-On Marketplace works quite like the Firefox Add-On store or Google Play. It's a simple Web interface with a search box that let's you search for add-ons by name or keyword. You can also browse the integrated applications by category or industry, including (appreciably enough), specific add-ons for winemakers.

Although there are many great small business integrations in the Xero Add-On Marketplace, we thought we'd highlight a few of the most helpful ones for small business. Running the gamut from eCommerce to invoicing, here are six integrated applications for small businesses available at the Xero Add-On Marketplace.


TradeGecko is a Xero add-on that serves up inventory management and order fulfillment in a stylish, intuitive interface.

The basic idea is simple: you have merchandise, you take orders, deliver goods, and re-order as inventory levels necessitate it.

TradeGecko puts those tasks together with Xero's accounting capabilities with amazing (you might say, "beautiful") simplicity. The minimalistic interface puts the important info - ordering, invoicing, reporting, and analytics - at your fingertips, without the need to deep dive into complex menus to find things.


The old saying "time is money" still rings true in the midst of the digital age, and WorkflowMax is a time tracking and invoicing add-on for Xero that full respects the enduring truthfulness of that somewhat cliche maxim.

WorkflowMax is a Xero product, so that makes it a must-have add-on. WorkflowMax has a particularly profit-savvy set of features. Together with Xero, WorkflowMax starts with facilitating lead management, quotes, and client management.

To those features, WorkflowMax tracks the processes involved in doing business: time tracking, document management, and collaborations, all the way through reporting the profits realized from the effort.

Debtor Daddy

One of the most annoying aspects of running a small business is, yes you guessed it: collecting late payments. This especially true for service providers, who customarily wait until after the work is performed to collect payment.

If debt settlement is a fact of life for you and your business, there's no reason to keep doing it the old fashioned way, with threatening letters and tense phone calls. Now, indeed there's an add-on for Xero, for that!

Debtor Daddy takes care of the unpleasant work of sending payment reminders thanks to automatic, set-it-and-forget-it chasing. That means no more oh-so awkward emails between you, the small business owner, and the customers you'd ultimately like to retain - just as long as they pay up!

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an indispensable email marketing tool. It's used to create professional messages that get results - as in actions!

Xero provides seamless integration with Constant Contact, which is a leading email marketing tool. Each time your email marketing routine results in a sale, Constant Contact updates Xero, keeping you happily informed as to the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Constant Contact further bridges the worlds of marketing and accounting, as it introduces to Xero not only email marketing, but events, surveys, and social media, too.


Does Evernote really need an introduction at this point? It's such a versatile tool to help you keep track of…well…everything you could imagine, that if you're not already using it, all we can do is say "get it, now!"

But Xero has full integration with Evernote. This integration adds a powerful set of features to Xero that help you capture ideas, images, and contacts as you go about managing your business. Evernote can help with business management or project management - even high-level strategy.

There are only about a million ways to use Evernote together with Xero, but when you start to stack up integrations, you can easily see that the ability to capture ever idea or point of further research that happens across to cross your path is, ultimately, a helpful tool for managing your small business.


No matter what kind of business you're in, you're going to have to capture a signature at some point. Whether it's from a customer, and employee, or a contractor hired to help you complete a particular project, the good ole' John Hancock is still worth more than a handshake or verbal agreement - and it's the only one that will hold up in a court of law!

With your business, like all others, increasingly relying on cloud-based digital tools, there are simply ever fewer file cabinets in which to store scraps of paper.

RightSignature is a Xero add-on that lets you capture handwritten electronic signatures with signer guidance, support for iOS and Blackberry devices, and PDF import/export to make signature capture in the digital space even easier than it is using pen and paper.

Xero + Add-Ons: An All-In-One Solution for Small Businesses

From this list, you can tell that the integrated applications now available for Xero can provide small business operators with an able set of tools to get most any job done, from planning to payments. With more than 350 integration partners already working with Xero, you have plenty of options, and Xero plans to add more as new integration partners emerge.

Don't forget to check out GetApp's regularly updated, always evolving list of integration solutions for small businesses and compare the offerings to the Xero Add-On Marketplace. Chances are good that you'll find the perfect companion for Xero on both lists!

Are you unsure still if Xero is the right small business accounting app for you? Check out Xero versus the competition!


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