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BookerLooker Review – Online Appointment Scheduler

by Stephanie Faris
Published on 9 September 2013

Customers today are accustomed to paying bills, checking bank balances, and locating the nearest restaurant online. So tasks that require making a phone call can easily be put off, including making medical appointments and scheduling haircuts.

BookerLooker gives customers the ability to schedule appointments for participating businesses using a smartphone, tablet or PC. In this BookerLooker Review, I'll take a look at BookerLooker's functionality through the eyes of a busy consumer, interested in quickly and reliably make appointments online.

About BookerLooker

BookerLooker was created when its founders noticed that many establishments were still booking appointments using pen and paper. Such processes are not only error-prone, they're outdated in today's technology-driven business world. Appointments should be moved online, where professionals can access them from home or work.

BookerLooker works with customer service-based businesses such as hair salons, massage parlors, spas, and law firms to automate scheduling and provide web-based access to their customers. By allowing online scheduling, BookerLooker gives customer service businesses the ability to gain an edge over the competition.

Main Functionality of the App

BookerLooker provides a dashboard that allows a business to see an appointment book for an entire team. Appointments can be manually entered by workers and printed for easy portability. Multiple staff members can be displayed on one screen, with each worker having his or her own column.

Dates at the bottom of the screen allow workers to easily move between dates within a month. The system can also be set to denote whether an appointment has been paid or not, as well as designating those who set appointments over the Internet.

Through BookerLooker's Clients List section, businesses can store and access a full address book listing every client alphabetically. Unlike a traditional address book, the BookerLooker Clients List provides the opportunity to track expenses and number of visits. A reporting section provides businesses information on visit activity and income for selected periods of time.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

BookerLooker's online appointment book has a clean, simple interface that closely mimics a traditional appointment book. To add an appointment, workers can either click on the timeslot or choose "Add Appointment."


On the customer side, scheduling an appointment is easy. Clients can use the BookerLooker Widget to book appointments either through the business's website or Facebook page, which is great for marketing. A new visitor to a hair salon's Facebook page, for instance, might see the widget and feel tempted to make an appointment while they're there.

When the day of the appointment nears, BookerLooker can send e-mail or text reminders to customers to ensure they don't forget.

BookerLooker Message

Benefits of Using BookerLooker

By providing customers the opportunity to make appointments online, establishments will reduce the number of phone calls, freeing up staff to focus on more important tasks. Automated reminders also take employees off the phones, since they'll no longer have to call clients to confirm appointments. Customers like being able to schedule appointments online, as well, since they can do so using their favorite mobile devices without having to make a phone call.

But BookerLooker goes beyond online appointment-setting. The app becomes a businesses' appointment book, with staff able to manually add appointments, as well. Since the app is Cloud-based, when an employee turns the book to a specific date, it's already updated, including any appointments that have been placed online. This helps prevent dual bookings and allows workers to see how busy their schedule is for weeks in advance.

Extra Features

One of the best features of online appointment-scheduling is that customers can set an appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more calling a hair salon on Monday, only to remember most salons are closed that day. And for businesses that require payment as appointments are made, BookerLooker offers payment integration via PayPal.

BookerLooker also adds a few extra touches, such as the ability to send "Happy birthday" e-mails to clients. Within the Clients List section of the app, businesses can add in small details about each client, including preferences. Because the app captures the visit history of each customer, employees can easily learn more about a client before they walk in.

BookerLooker can help a business ramp up its marketing efforts by automating invitations to special events, like customer appreciation parties. And because BookerLooker provides support for a variety of languages, businesses can better serve their diverse customer bases.

Support Information

BookerLooker prides itself on its stellar customer support, feeling that its clients are its business partners. When a business requests an update or new feature, BookerLooker takes that request very seriously. Customers can obtain support both online and via telephone, although the link to customer support was not visible in the version I tested.

Pricing Information

Monthly subscriptions are available for $15 for one user or $29 per month for two to five user licenses. For larger businesses, BookerLooker offers a monthly plan that costs $49 per month and provides an unlimited number of licenses.

If a business wants to try out BookerLooker before buying, the company offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

The Bottom Line

BookerLooker is more than a Cloud-based appointment book. The app makes the process of scheduling appointments for services easy and well-organized, preventing errors while freeing up staff time to focus on their current appointments. Through BookerLooker's "extras," staff can provide customer service they would not normally be able to offer, like birthday e-mails and automated reminders.


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