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5 Tips to Improve Business Blogging

by Lior Levin
Published on 16 June 2011

If your blog isn't quite living up to the expectations you had of it then you're probably making a few fundamental mistakes that are tripping up your efforts without you even realizing it. We've listed 5 tips below that should get your started on the right path to a happier business blogging experience both for you and your visitors.

1. Provide Value With Frequent Blog Updates

how to improve your business blog

If there's any one message that business bloggers need to hear it's that a blog that doesn't add value for its readers is wasting its time. People come to your blog to be entertained, to be informed or to be engaged at some level and if you're not doing that each visitor is a one shot prospect.

When your blog is glaringly devoid of fresh and updated content people will simply click away. You can't blame them for thinking that your blog is dead. If you fail to make a conscious effort to keep the "punters" coming back you are wasting your efforts.

They'll visit your blog once and if there's no reason to come back they simply won't. There's an old software programmer term called GIGO and it stands for Garbage In Garbage Out and this is definitely true of blogging.

Developing a frequent blogging schedule is key. Aim for at least one, better two blog posts each week. If you're struggling with time management then consider outsourcing your blogging.

The great part about regular blog updates is the lead generation. To build your list effortlessly you can:

  • Provide readers with a free report/eBook to build your list
  • Run regular competitions to build buzz
  • Offer a newsletter
  • Offer giveaways to get more link love from other business bloggers

2. Utilize CRM Apps

Keeping track of leads, team and business projects can be one of the hardest parts of being in business. Thankfully you have access to a large number of business CRM apps. These customer management systems can be installed on your website, on your PC/Mac or better still - in the cloud.

There are literally dozens of CRMs on the Net. When looking for a system to suit your business needs pay attention to potential growth. As your business grows you need a suite that is capable to deal with this.

Take a look at the following CRMs:

3. Manage Leads

Now that you have a great blogging schedule to attract leads and your blog is set up so that your lead generation is automated you need a software to manage your leads. With a good web-based CRM application that takes care of itself.

But if you prefer to manage your lists with another application then you can't look past autoreponder services like Aweber . Another popular email management tool is Pinpointe. The beauty of these services is that they are legit and reliable.

Handling leads is easy because you can move list subscribers from one list to another with a few clicks should the need arise.

It is an almost hands-free solution to managing leads. Naturally you have to write your email sequence first.

4. Use Business Apps

Business apps are a dime a dozen. There are thousands of apps available across OS platforms. Whether you are on a PC, Mac, iPhone/ iPad , Android, Ubuntu or else you can choose from a large number of apps to simplify business project management and operations.

Business apps are real time savers. If used correctly they can empower you to run your business while you're on the road - without loss of productivity. Sometimes it's actually better to simplify, because IMHO you get more done.

5. Encourage Guest Blogging

There will come a time when you'll eventually run out of things to blog about (hard to believe isn't it?) and at that point having an existing "panel" of guest bloggers to choose from can and will save you from panicking when you're just not able to get into your creative stride and produce your usual blogging brilliance. Having people guest blog for you and vice versa is also a really, really good way of networking with other business and blog owners too.

Improving the quality of your blogging doesn't need to be a master plan in online marketing - just follow the tips above and you're going to see improved numbers of long term visitors to your blog.


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