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Will Business Intelligence Tools Improve My Small Business Bottom Line — a Roundup

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 3 August 2012

Business Intelligence (BI) is using data and metrics to help discover solutions to questions. Such as, what types of advertisements work better, banner ads, or text ads? What type of blog posts do my readers want to read? What parts of my business are providing an adequate return on investment and which are just sucking money? How can I better allocate my resources to improve my business's profits?

Below is a roundup of blog posts around the net that discuss variations on this issue. Click the title after reading the blurb below it to view the original post.

Big Data: Approaches, Myths & Skills

Analyzing data is very important aspect of collecting data. Essentially, we can collect "Big Data" all we want, but if no one understands how to use the data, what's the point. Additionally, we need to collect the right kind of data for a specific issue or problem. So, while there are many different BI software solutions available we still need to develop the proper skills to make proper use of the data. Using data properly will improve your business.

Fastest-Growing Category of Cloud Computing: Business Intelligence and Analytics

As excited as I already get when reading about cloud-based software solutions, this article gave me chills. When you read it, and see the possibilities of bringing BI to the cloud that still exists, you can see money falling from the sky. In the past, according the blog post, only a few analysts could use BI accurately, but with the movement toward the cloud, and better software resulting from the move, the possibilities are really endless.

Not Tracking Social Media ROI Your Fault

The technology is available to track social media business intelligence but surprisingly most small business owners don't even look at the data, much less analyze it. Personally, I have had clients who didn't want to include traceable links within their social media, or within their email campaigns, because "they look funny" so I know the frustration the author is expressing in this blog post, up close and personal. If you're one of the small business owners who aren't tracking your data, read this blog post and hopefully your mind will be opened.

If You Need BI Software

At GetApp we review a lot of different types of cloud-based software including business intelligence tools or software which includes BI capabilities within its core function. You can view a list of business intelligence software solutions here, and if you're not sure what kind you need don't hesitate to send us a message about what type of information you need about your business and we can help you choose the right BI software for your business needs.