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4 Useful Resources to Choose CRM and ERP Online Software

by Christophe Primault
Published on 2 December 2011

CRM AppsIf you're like most companies wondering about making a serious move to the Cloud, you're probably struggling to find and choose the right online business software that meet the exact needs of your business.

Comparing websites, pricing plans, reviewing huge lists of features is likely to generate confusion with even the most advanced software buyer, and with hundreds of different solutions to choose from, most businesses become overwhelmed.

When choosing ERP or a CRM apps, there is no room for approximation. We are sharing with you four easy to understand online resources to help you save time and avoid costly mistakes.While every company will have its unique reasons for purchasing CRM or ERP solutions, there are commun decision factors that are valid across the board and should not be overlooked.

Check these 4 invaluable evaluation resources: 2 buyers guides, a TCO comparison and a white-paper explaining the importance of Cloud Computing to the finance community.

CRM Cloud Computing and SaaS buyer's guide - By NetSuite

ERP Cloud Computing and SaaS buyer's guide - by Eval-Source

TCO comparison of cloud and on-premise business applications - by Hurwitz & Associates

W** hy cloud computing matters to finance** - white paper by NetSuite & IMA

You also view to comprehensive lists of web-based CRM and ERP software on