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An Innovative Recruitment Solution for Small Businesses – Careerpassport Review

by Michele Nachum
Published on 11 August 2011

Many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) understand how important it is to hire the right team. That said, taking the time to post jobs, review resumes and interview is time consuming and if you are not in HR, it probably does not rank as high on the "to do" list as it should. In addition, paying an expensive executive recruiting agency to help SMBs find the right staff may be right for some top level positions, but what about the mid-level and administrative levels?

That is where a solution like Careerpassport comes in. This is a recruiting solution that seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn and automates and organizes an SMBs hiring activities. On the job seeker side, it offers outstanding tools for connecting with perspective employers and for hiring companies and agencies, it also offers a nice alternative to some of the "big boy" solutions out there that may not be as user-friendly.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

Careerpassport consists of two different views: one for the job seeker and one for the hiring company or agency. The job seeker view provides tools to post a profile complete with resume/CV as well as a photo and other pertinent information that might endear them to perspective employers to know such as languages spoken. The applicant can then connect with any of the companies that are on Careerpassport and its sister job search network, by clicking on the Connect button.

Likewise, the view for hiring companies and agencies, can seamlessly integrate Careerpassport in their own web site. In addition, the hiring companies are presented with a dashboard that will track all of the applicant interactions. The company or agency can also implement searches for candidates and have the tools to shortlist to ensure the candidate search is streamlined and organized.


Job Seekers/Candidates:

As mentioned above, Careerpassport offers job seekers the tools to create their own profiles as well as the ability to search out jobs. The good news is that the service is free for applicants and once a job seeker attaches their CV/Resume, they can also link the Careerpassport profile to LinkedIn.

Job seekers can search out positions on - a site that also is managed by Careerpassport but displays job by other companies on the network.. The job searching tools work very well and it is easy to browse through the list of positions, read about the job requirements and ultimately connect with employers (by clicking on the Connect hyperlink). Candidates may also choose to "follow" a business or agency to ascertain future positions that may become available in the near future. Likewise, candidates may also block potential employers they do not want to work for.

applicant tracking software review

Hiring Company/Agency View :

Businesses and hiring agencies looking for candidates will find that the Careerpassport job seeking profiles are very detailed and easy to locate with advanced searches tools. Employers can easily enlist the search features to locate applicants based on experience level and other criteria such as languages spoken, schooling and more.

Prior to candidate searching however, once a hiring agent decides to join Careerpassport, their first item of business will be to create a company profile that can also be linked to their company website. Once that is complete, they can choose to advertise multiple vacancies within their agency or company. Businesses can also set up shortlisting questions that will help to ascertain which applicants have the desired skills and deserve an interview and/or follow-up.

Customised Email Templates:

Another important feature for employers is the ability to draft and save several email templates/communications to potential candidates. For example, if a candidate submits an application, an employer could send out the following email template (that can be personalized), such as "Dear Joe Bloggs, Thank you very much for your submission. We are reviewing your qualifications. ". This is especially helpful if there are 30 or more applicants for a certain position (or even multiple positions). They can also draft templates for rejection, interview procedures and more.

Candidate Profiles:

Once a company locates a candidate with the right qualifications, employers can create a candidate profile. This allows companies to keep track of everyone they interact with as well as record interview notes. These notes and profiles can also be shared out with other members of the employer organization.

applicant tracking software review


Shortlisting enables employers to more easily select which of their applicants to either interview or at least speak to based on a rating. The employer can set up shortlisting questions (i.e.: must speak German) and based on an applicant's response, a score will be assigned and published on the dashboard. So if you have 25 applicants - you can look at the shortlisting scores to see which of the candidates you may want to interact with - versus having to look through every profile to ascertain skill level.

Customizations and Add ons:

Careerpassport is designed to allow clients using the recruitment management system to customize functionalities, reports and module to match their processes and requirements. Companies, agencies as well as job boards can use the system to facilitate their processes by using it in its standard format, however, add ons can easily be added to enhance the management engine of Careerpassport.

Is it for you?

Careerpassport works beautifully - this applicant tracking tool is seamless and easy to learn and the solution will help both job seekers and employers find and fill the right positions, whilst reducing time to hire as well as costs to hire. They offer a free version, so it is definitely worth trying.


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