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How to Choose Enterprise Resource Planning Software: A Handy Checklist

by Rhiân Davies
Published on 30 November 2016

how to choose enterprise resource planning software

There comes a time when small business owners, having deployed a myriad of software to manage their business - from CRMs, to HR apps and inventory management tools - can grow tired of monitoring and operating on multiple platforms.

Enter enterprise resource planning (ERP), the software solution that integrates multiple business applications with the intention of automating certain processes, increasing efficiency, and lowering business costs.

With Gartner predicting that 50 percent of spend on ERP systems will be SaaS-based within four years, we've put together a handy checklist for those businesses ready to take the plunge and invest in cloud-based ERP software.

how to choose enterprise resource planning checklist

If you want to download a copy of GetApp's ERP software checklist, click here for your own PDF.

Where to go from here?

Check out some of the most popular ERP software below:




You can also check out user reviews of ERP software on the market, and we'd love to hear about your experiences with ERP software - get in touch by emailing rhian.davies@getapp.com, or connect with me on Twitter @GetApp_Rhian.


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