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Using Video Tutorials to Choose Project Management Software

by Jessica O' Loughlin
Published on 5 March 2014

collaboration-puzzle (2)When it comes to choosing project management and collaboration tools there are plenty of options out there. The abundance of choice is great but it also makes selecting the right software tricky for those who are unfamiliar with these products.

A great way of gaining a better understanding of the purpose and benefits of a collaboration tool are the tutorial videos offered by individual vendors. Tutorial videos are not only aimed at educating existing users, but they can also offer a quick visualization of how a software can potentially benefit your business.

Your choice of project management software will of course depend on your needs, size of business and specific industry. However, there are three online project management applications that are popular with our users and cater to a broad range of needs: Mavenlink, Wrike and Asana. Each of these vendors provide a series of clean, straightforward and easy-to-follow video tutorials through their online resources.

We have chosen three of these tutorial videos, one from each of these vendors, that will give you an insight into which tool would be most beneficial to your business.

1. Using Asana for project management

2.** Building a project in Wrike**

  • Wrike has 17 instructional and introductory videos on their help pages, including a half-hour webinar for newcomers and 4 newly uploaded videos.

3. Creating a project in Mavenlink

  • Mavenlink offers a variety of online tutorials to help get the most out of the software. You can also check out our previous post on Mavenlink's integrations tutorials.

If you want to compare these three products further then head over to our comparison pages.

If you are still in two minds about the best kind of software for you, then see our full listings of top project management software and collaboration software.


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