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Clarizen Introduces New Collaboration Features

by Giancarlo Cammarota
Published on 27 February 2014

clarizen-thumbnailClarizen is one of the top solutions for project management and team collaboration. If you are considering it for evaluation, they just introduced some improvements and new features that are worth checking out.

The enhancements are focused on new resource management functionalities, a customizable interface, communication with external stakeholders and better internal notifications. Clarizen remarks that these improvements and new features were implemented to respond to feedback and requests from their users.

Here is a detailed explanation of the new features, taken from their press release:

  • Enhanced resource management: Expanding on its popular drag-and-drop functionality, Clarizen now allows users to instantly add a resource to a task, or replace the resource on a task directly from the resource management screen. Users can immediately see if a resource will become overloaded with the new assignment and undo changes if needed.
  • Customizable, branded user interface: For the first time, companies can use their own corporate branding on the Clarizen interface, including images, fonts and colors. On an individual level, users can drag and drop work items to reorder them in their work plan and create dependencies. Other new interface features allow users to eliminate any irrelevant information in any view by minimizing panels.
  • Expanded external communication: To streamline communication with customers and other stakeholders who aren't necessarily Clarizen users, companies can now share virtually any Clarizen view as a widget or email link. They can also edit views to select specific information to be shared with external parties.
  • New internal notifications: For immediate communication of important new policies and procedural changes, Clarizen now allows administrators to set pop-up notifications to inform users as soon as they log into the system, or whenever needed.

Clarizen is offering a webinar focused on these new features. You can register for both the Americas session or the EMEA session.

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