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Cloud-Based Content Management Systems Are Hot — Round Up

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 29 June 2012

If you think you don't need a content management system right now you might be wrong. If you have a website, you have content. If you have internal communications, you have content.

If you have any documentation that helps your business run better, you have content. Every small business has content, and they have a need to control and manage the content.

As a small business owner if you choose a good cloud-based content management solution you can save a lot of time and money, not to mention reduce your carbon footprint.

You're not alone anymore, even if you are a sole proprietor, there is a lot of help out there to help you choose the right cloud-based content management or other cloud-based apps for your small business.

Here Are A Few Blog Posts I Found Useful This Week:

DOL To Use Cloud For Case, Content Management - Even the US Federal Government via the Department of Labor is transitioning to cloud-based technology for maximum efficiency, including to manage content. By using cloud-based technology a small business can eliminate the need for IT, and so can large organizations like the government.

Content Management for Marketers: What's the Difference Between Open Source and Cloud Platforms? - This post discusses the difference between open-source and cloud-based content management systems specifically for marketers, but any small business owner can learn a lot reading this blog post. Learning the tech lingo can go a long way in helping you choose the right content management system, or any cloud-based technology for that matter, for your small business.

How To Choose Cloud-Based Content Management System - This post shows a good video helping you choose a good cloud-based management system for your small business. It focuses on a specific system, BitrixSoft's software, but you can still learn a lot about how to choose the right software for your small business by listening to the points made within the video which can apply to any type of software.

How To Choose The Right CMS - Another useful post that explains how to choose the right CMS for your small business. This post explains to the novice what exactly a CMS is, what it can do, and how to pick the right one for your business. They do recommend a few CMS at the end of the post which I've never tried, so I can't speak to their reviews, but over all their advice on how to choose is solid. They also discuss a few website content management systems, here we use WordPress and we love it.

Use a Cloud and Save the World!- This isn't just about content management systems, but it's an awesome blog post with stats regarding how much energy usage and money can be saved by switching to cloud based solutions. Today, most of us are concerned with reducing our carbon footprint in addition to running our small businesses lean and mean. Cloud based solutions offer the best of both worlds!

I know I love all my cloud-based apps that I use, what cloud-based apps are you currently using that you love?

If you want to find useful cloud-based applications for your small business to try out look no further than here. You can read reviews and submit your own review if you'd like.