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Cloud Based Systems Assist With Disaster Recovery — Weekly Blog Roundup

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 23 May 2012

Ever since the April 27, 2011 when tornadoes occurred in my area of Alabama causing a week long power outage, and destroying hundreds of homes and businesses, disaster recovery has been on my mind. Before the tornadoes, I wasn't using the cloud in a way that best protected my data. I still used all the systems based on my PC, such as Outlook to check email, and My Documents to store documents.

I did use some cloud based systems with my clients for project management, but I needed to go farther. I had not considered what would happen if disaster struck. What if I could not access my computer, or even my external hard drive? What if I couldn't get to my email, or my client's work? What would I do? I hadn't given it much thought until disaster really did strike.

While my family and I were able to escape from the damaged area to the beach and I had my laptop, I still had to email clients to explain why I didn't have access to their data.

For a small business owner this is a nightmare. It could mean an extreme loss of income or even the end of a business.

Here Are Some Important Blog Posts About Disaster Recovery And The Cloud

  • Disaster Recovery Plan May Not Be Sexy, But It Will Save Your Business Assets - What is involved in disaster recovery and what your small business should consider when creating a disaster recovery plan is discussed. Some disasters can be prevented, others cannot. As a small business owner you'll need to do what you can to overt the former and lesson the effects of the latter.

  • Cloud Storage Does That? - Noting the expense of IT budgets, and the lowering cost of storage in the cloud, this blog post discusses how you can leverage the cloud to make disaster recovery simpler and less expensive. So not only is storing data cheaper in the cloud, so is data recovery. It is important to ask your provider what THEY do in the event of a disaster too.

  • How Cloud Solves the IT Maintenance Dilemma - The high cost of maintaining existing IT infrastructures is a topic of concern for small businesses. Now, with the availability and increased security of the cloud, IT expenditures are finally dropping. IT can focus on other aspects like creating new products, or disaster recovery, instead of simply maintaining at increasing expense year after year.

How has your business coped with disaster? Do you have a plan in place? How safe is your data?

Here are a variety of cloud based options from which to consider