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5 Cloud Solutions That Will Make Your Customer Service Unbeatable

by Christophe Primault
Published on 23 July 2012

One of the most important factors in creating a long lasting small business is providing excellent customer service.

Unfortunately, when you have a small business it can be harder to provide efficient client care due to lack of personnel. Fortunately, due to cloud-based customer support apps small businesses can now provide excellent customer service by using enterprise level customer support applications, and visually integrated help desk applications.

Help desk online software usually allows your customers to submit issues via a ticketing system so that customer service reps (which might be you) can answer the questions or fix the issues in a streamlined manner. Typically the customer can indicate whether the issue is urgent or not and issues will be ordered for the agents in terms of importance and when they were sent by the client and can even be directed to the correct department for servicing.

Often times, before the user enters their problem to be sent to the agent, the help desk software will direct the user to some possible solutions first. These solutions are based on the words they used on their question, then finally only allowing them to send the ticket if nothing in the database matches their needs.

Help desk applications are becoming essential to doing business well. If you don' t have any yet, you should consider the two leading online customer support solution Zendesk and but also take a look at these five less known solutions for better customer care.

Customer Service Apps1. WORKetc - You thought this was just a CRM but it's also comprises customer support applications. Customer can open a ticket, and multiple people can work on the ticket leaving notes, or passing it on to another person within the system to ensure that the client gets the topnotch assistance they need. If you're looking for an all in one type of software that can accomplish multiple functions try it.

Customer Service App2. Freshdesk - Your agents can manage, update, assign, and reply to tickets all from email. A really awesome feature is that it can also allow the agent to email a question and solution to the knowledge base which can eliminate many hours of agent support costs and data entry issues when customers can use the knowledge base to answer their own uestions. What's more, it's easy to use, and it's affordable.

Customer Service App3. Zoho Support - A customer service software application you can trust since Zoho creates awesome products. This customer support software has amazingly robust features that is intuitive and customizable via a WYSIWYG interface - that's right, no programming skills required. If a help desk application you can truly make your own is a requirement for your small business, try this one.

Answerbase Help Desk App4. Answerbase - If you've ever thought of having a Q & A community on your website, based off your products and services, then this is the software to consider. Customer support software doesn't always have to mean ticketing solutions, it can also mean self-help solutions allowing both agents, and other customers to answer questions. Many open-source software communities use this model to great advantage. It's just a fact that collaboration provides the best answers to problems.

Customer Support App5. HappyFox - If you want cloud-based customer support software then HappyFox is a great solution to try. It's very easy to use, and there is even a free solution to try. You'll be able to organize and assign agents the right questions based on their area and make it easier to respond quickly and efficiently to all requests. Customer support software that tracks everything all the time like this is a good find, at this price.

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