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Store, Search, Backup Documents and Emails in Google Apps — Cloudfinder Review

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 6 February 2013

Cloudfinder is a web-based product that works with your unique domain to store files and emails, enable you to search for files and emails, restore previous versions of files and even get back deleted files and emails. You cannot delete anything accidentally, any longer. It seamlessly links with your current Google apps (and in the future with Salesforce apps).

Sooner or later, everyone loses an important file or email. It has happened to me. One time, I had a client who used Google Documents (now Google Drive) to collaborate on articles that we would write together. One day, I just accidentally hit the "delete" icon. Unfortunately, we had not saved other versions and it was just gone. As a freelancer this was not a good thing!

Cloudfinder is something very much needed. Let's see how it works.

It's File & Email Storage, It's a Files & Emails Search, No … It's a Vault!

Guess what, it's really all three. Cloudfinder stores files, enables you to search for those files or emails and unless you ask them to erase your data, guess what, you can still access it! Sign into the intuitive portal and you immediately gain access to a dashboard that gives you updates on recent backups, new files added, and more. You can search for all your Google Drive files from one central search feed, which is very convenient. If you accidentally delete a file, or someone hacks into your Google account and edits or destroys your files, guess what? You can still retrieve them from the Cloudfinder server.

Document Centric Businesses and Freelancers Need Cloudfinder

Okay face it; despite trying to cut down on time wasting administration, most businesses have a lot of documents to deal with today. However, the days of outdated photocopied documents sitting in file cabinets are over. Today, documents need to be dynamic, collaborative, and most of all accessible - via digital document management technology.

If internal documents aren't easily accessible to your entire team, what point is there to use them? If collaborative material gets lost, knowledge sharing becomes a nightmare instead of the creative and productive force it can be with the right tools.

So, if you have any size business that has either internal or external documents that you need to keep updated, easy to find, and assessable then you need Cloudfinder.

Documentation and Information Drives Business

Information is the single most valuable asset that a business has today. The ability to create, share, and store documentation is the lifeblood of the freelancer and business owner. This is especially true when more businesses are shifting towards paperless office processes and virtual work environments. Therefore, any business with paperwork needs an application like Cloudfinder.

How Can Cloudfinder Help You Manage Your Documents?

First, and most importantly, Cloudfinder provides fast and secure access to all your Google apps and document files in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. This can save you time and protects your information when using Wi-Fi hotspots because you don't have to use your actual Google password.

Second, your document storage is unlimited and you can load up to 500 apps at once to this robust product. As it's operated by an independent cloud-based storage server, you don't have to worry about buying more external storage space, hard drives, or other paid file storage products. This is all you'll ever need.

Files are regularly backed up by Cloudfinder, so you never have to worry about the integrity of your data. If, for any reason, one of your Google files goes missing (which happens more than you can imagine) you simply get in touch with Cloudfinder's live support team and your file will be restored from their backup server.

No more lost or compromised documents. Since Google has a tendency to experience downtimes, this is an opportune time for hackers to try to break into Google app user accounts to steal data. Cloudfinder acts as another line of defense to keep your information safe. You'll see all activity displayed in a well-organized list on your dashboard at all times.

Having access to your data from anywhere is also a great feature of using Cloudfinder. Instead of needing to log into each Google app separately, it's all there at your disposal as soon as you log in using their secure, cloud system that's password protected and encrypted to the highest industry standards.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

Logging into the Cloudfinder portal - Two options:

Use your Google Apps Credentials


Sign in Directly


Using Cloudfinder search to find documents


Use search terms that you've created. One or two words is best.


See what types of documents you have.

180 Cloudfinder

What Are the Pros and Cons of Cloudfinder for the Docu-file?

There are several good aspects and not so good aspects to using Cloudfinder to manage all your Google apps. Keep in mind, this is a product that is still making improvements, including integrating with Salesforce apps, so this will update with time and keep improving.

Here's what I experienced as a user.

The Pros of Cloudfinder:

  • Very easy and simple to log in and navigate to find the information needed.
  • All Google files listed in order of recent updates for convenience.
  • User storage data and visuals to help me make the most of the space.
  • Easy to file the files or emails I am looking for using the central search feed.
  • Full online help database and support forum for users.
  • Simple and secure backup completed automatically.

The Cons of Cloudfinder:

  • Long-tail searches make it harder to find files so you should use one or two words only.
  • Currently no user-driven customization options available.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

Cloudfinder is easy to afford, even for the startup freelancer. Sign up for a free trial first, and then decide if the investment is right for your needs. Plans start at pennies a day per user, and there are also enterprise rates for companies with more than 200 employees as well as schools and colleges. Whether you are a small fry or a big company, Cloudfinder is cost effective and worth the money.

Is it For You?

Signing up and using Cloudfinder is so easy, even a novice Google App user can do it. I'd have to say that while I am a more advanced user and I've tried dozens of cloud storage options, I like the streamlined approach that Cloudfinder offers. I can find everything in one place, and I trust that my files and emails will always be there when I need them. Best of all, it's no risk to try it out, so what can you lose?

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 4.5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4.5/5


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