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Comindware Project Review – Collaborative Project Management Solution

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 24 February 2014

Comindware Project Review - A complete project management software that takes collaboration to the next level

Project management platforms are a dime a dozen, but Comindware Project still manages to stand apart from the pack with its professional planning capabilities and simplified project scheduling features. Built on top of the company's enterprise social tool, Comindware Team Network, Comindware Project creates plans automatically when a user assigns tasks and defines priorities, which decreases the burden on management and increases the chance for team-wide success.

In this Comindware Project review, I will explain how the project management platform works and what makes it different from competitors. Specifically, I will go into detail explaining Comindware Project's predictive real-time Gantt charts, visual project structures, and automatic priority-based planning tools. I also hope to touch on the Comindware Team Network, an effective collaboration and execution tool that companies can use to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Comindware Project Review - About the Company

Although Comindware has been an innovator in the world of adaptive business project management systems for years, it's the recent launch of the company's latest solution, Comindware Project, that's drawing new attention to the company. Built with busy team managers in mind, Comindware Project simplifies the project management process with real-time visibility and social collaboration features.

Comindware Project's collaboration features, in particular, are what really make the solution stand out. By building Comindware Project on top of the Comindware Team Network, a social tool that adds collaboration capabilities into the company's project management software, the team behind Comindware Project was able to transform the traditional approach that most businesses take to project planning tasks.

Main Functionality of Comindware Project

Comindware Project offers teams a unified environment for handling all aspects of project planning and reporting, project execution, and team collaboration. The solution simplifies the way teams handle project planning by eliminating the need for manual resource scheduling. Instead, Comindware Project relies on automated priority-based planning. Plans are created automatically when a manager assigns tasks and defines priorities, and initial visual project plans are built using clean project structure and unlimited task hierarchy with the Comindware Work Breakdown Structure chart.

Predictive real-time Gantt charts make it possible for managers to check the status of multiple projects in real-time, understanding that Comindware Project will recalculate timelines and deadlines as tasks get delayed or completed ahead of schedule.

Teamwork is an incredibly important concept throughout Comindware Project. Because the solution is built on top of the Comindware Team Network, there are virtually no limitations in the way users can collaborate. Comindware encourages its users to collaborate across teams and outside their existing projects. The Comindware Team Network's powerful social directly also makes it easy for people to find colleagues with specific skills or talents, and then to start working together with those colleagues regardless of their geographic locations. Employers are able to award their most valuable employees with titles like "Top Performer" as a way to motivate fellow staffers to become more involved.

Benefits of Using Comindware Project

The more platforms a team uses to manage ongoing projects, the more chances there are for error. Comindware Project offers a streamlined solution for businesses that are looking to pare down the tools their teams use, with its combined solutions for project management, planning, and group collaboration.

Businesses can use Comindware Project in a number of ways that most people don't think of when it comes to traditional project management software. For example, IT departments can use the platform when communicating with internal customers and marketing teams can use the platform to track the status of multiple client projects in real-time. The company's "discussion rooms" are a particularly useful tool for groups that are looking for ways to collaborate on anything that lies beyond the scope of a certain project.

Advanced-level functionality allows businesses to create multi-configurable timesheets for accurate billing and predictive real-time Gantt charts for realistic project delivery estimates. Automated priority-based planning is another standout feature that groups dealing with new product development will find especially useful.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Check out an overview of everything your employees are working on within Comindware Project. On the marketing overview page, you'll find room for group discussions, along with a place for team members to upload any documents they'd like to share.

Marketing Room overview page

Projected due dates can change based on the status of individual tasks. Comindware Project helps alleviate the headaches that can result from unrealistic timetables with its predictive Gantt charts. Project estimates are automatically adjusted based on the dates when specific tasks are completed, ensuring that managers are always seeing the actual status of their teams' projects when they log in to Comindware Project.

Predictive Gantt charts

Track resource overload at your company, and head off any resource conflicts before they arise, using Comindware Project's resource allocation tools. Click on the "Workload" tab to review forecasts and check whether any employees have been assigned to cover multiple projects at the same time. In most cases, you can head off resource conflicts before they occur by utilizing Comindware Project's tools and allocating project resources based on distributed workload information.

Workload view

Support Information

Comindware Project takes customer support very seriously. Users are encouraged to search for the answers to their questions within the company's Knowledge Base or browse through help articles by topic. Additional support resources include data sheets, legal documents, ROI calculators, and video tutorials. Comindware Project also encourages users with technical questions to get in contact with their support team by submitting support requests or starting live chats online.

Pricing Information

Comindware Project offers pricing solutions for companies of all sizes. Pricing for the company's cloud service begins at $23.99 (per user, per month) or $239.92 (per user, per year) for teams with 100 to 249 members. Comindware Project's on-premise software is available for a one-time fee of between $360 and $450 (per user) depending on the size of the organization.

Comindware Project Review - The Bottom Line

Comindware Project has taken the features that most businesses expect from project management software and turned them up a notch. The solution's standout features include automated priority-based planning and predictive real-time Gantt charts. However, it's the Comindware Team Network that really takes Comindware Project to the next level. Users can collaborate within the context of projects, and they have space-in the form of discussion rooms-to work together collaboratively on matters that go beyond their assigned projects or tasks.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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