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CRM That Integrates Seamlessly With Google Apps – MogoCRM Review

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 2 August 2012

mogocrm review Mogo is a CRM solution that runs well with Google Docs and other Google Apps, tools and features such as Gmail, calendar, contacts, voice, and other websites.

A CRM is a customer relationship management application which is used for managing customer interactions, communications, sales, and clients in one place.

If you are an avid user of Google mail and apps, then MogoCRM would be perfect for you! It offers a variety of tools and features, including Google Apps integration, social media tools, collaborative selling tactics, social insights, and sales tips.

CRM That Works With Google Docs, Email, And More

Mogo's CRM works with all sites, tools, and features of Google, and useful for Google Apps, Google Docs, Gmail, calendar, contacts, voice, and other of their sites. If you use Gmail, you can create a CRM lead in your Gmail account and view all of your recent conversations from a prospective customer from Mogo. Mogo CRM also lets you integrate all of your Google Apps, create leads from your Google contacts, create appointments in your Google calendar within leads and view your meetings, events, and appointments in Mogo, and many more features. If you need social insights, sales tips, or social tips, Mogo CRM has you covered as well! Never before has there been one place to integrate all of your Google CRM uses through a single application.

Business Find Outstanding Benefits With Mogo CRM

Any type of business with a website or blog that is looking for management of your contacts, emails, leads, social media, marketing, or applications will find dozens of benefits from Mogo. It gives you a single application to incorporate and integrate all the various tools and websites from Google that you use, whether you choose to view events and appointments from your Google Calendar, send leads from Google email and contacts, or get tips for social media marketing and advertising.

Mogo Mobile Makes CRM Easier Than Ever

Not only do you get the desktop version of Mogo CRM but it is also available for mobile phones and tablet computer devices! The mobile app includes one-click visits and conference calls that make using your calendar and setting appointments easier than ever from your mobile phone. You can have up to 800 conference calls and passcodes programmed into the Mogo app, along with setting meeting places, saving call notes from your various conference calls, and having a live feed at your fingertips for different types of business leads and opportunities.

B2B and B2C Templates To Meet Your Business Scenario

A very neat feature that has been released by Mogo recently and set them apart from competitors is a set of templates that are guiding companies on how to use the CRM differently is they are B2B or B2C.

You can use the B2B templates if your company mostly does business with other businesses. An example could be a wholesale distributing company mostly sells its products and services to other retail businesses, the B2B template provides focus on how to use the CRM with businesses.

There is a B2C template ready to use if you are in a business of selling products and services directly to consumers. An example could be a neighborhood florist selling flower arrangements directly to the consumers. A restaurant, bakery, a fitness coach, boutique clothing company, etc. that sells directly to consumers. This template is suited to using a CRM when focusing on consumers

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Mogo has a very simple and straightforward look to it that makes it easy to use and manage your Google sites, leads, and campaigns. Once you have signed up and logged into your account, you will be on the Welcome page. From this page, you have access to everything you will need including your campaigns, leads, opportunities, Twitter insights, and more. You will find links to your various campaigns, leads and other resources on the top of the page as well as buttons on your left sidebar.

MogoCRM for Google Apps review

If you click on Campaigns, you will see a list of all your ongoing and future campaigns with their details, such as the campaign name, channel, products, target revenue, owner, start date, and end date.

MogoCRM for Google Apps review

The Leads page is also well detailed and easy to navigate, with color codes and sections for their Status (open, closed, won or lost) and Qualification (cold, warm, or hot). Below that is a list of your leads with the company, products, qualification, owner, date updated, and date created.

mogocrm review

Pros And Cons Of MogoCRM

Mogo CRM includes a variety of tools and features that make the advantages of the software easy to spot. With Mogo, you will have easy integration of Google Apps, sales tips, social media dashboard, data and dashboards, marketing tips, administration tools, and other features already listed on this review such as a mobile app. The disadvantage will be that while you do have a 30-day free trial, there is only one way to pay which is a yearly membership.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

If you are a new user of Mogo, you get the opportunity of trying out the application for free for the first 30 days, with no obligation to purchase it. If you like how it works and find it beneficial, you can pay a yearly membership fee. The first year of your membership will be a lower, discounted price and will increase to the normal yearly price at the start of your second year.

Is It For You?

If you run a small business whether online or offline and often use Google websites like Apps, Gmail, calendar, contacts and other Google sites, then you will most definitely find Mogo CRM to be helpful. The integration is flawless, interface is user-friendly, and membership fee is reasonable for the excellent app that you're getting.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4.5/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4.5/5


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