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Customer Thermometer Review – Customer Feedback in One Click

by Stephanie Faris
Published on 8 January 2014

Customer Thermometer Review - An easy-to-use customer survey creator

Businesses today have the ability to find out a vast range of information about customer preferences. But no information is as valuable as having insight into your own customers' ideas and perceptions. While there are many tools that can help collect customer feedback, businesses are finding that the process of leaving feedback must be both quick and painless for the customer. Customer Thermometer promises one-click feedback that provides immediate results for the companies that use it. This Customer Thermometer review will look at both the customer and business experience to determine if this app surpasses all others in its industry.

Adding a survey

About Customer Thermometer

Customers today are bombarded with requests for surveys. These requests are so commonplace, many of them simply skip past them without taking the time to complete them. Customer Thermometer works to ease the process of completing those surveys, giving customers one question with four possible answers. Once they've chosen an answer and hit "send," the results are immediate.

Main Functionality of Customer Thermometer

In mere minutes, users can create an attractive, professional customer response survey that is sent to a specified list of customers via e-mail. Customer Thermometer recommends businesses create a question that simply asks a customer how he or she is feeling. The one-question survey is designed to have four possible answers, but if a business chooses, questions can have only two or three possible answers. Surveys can also be set up to have numerical answers to give customers the opportunity to vote on a topic.

Benefits of Using Customer Thermometer

In addition to ease-of-use in the creation and completion of surveys, Customer Thermometer also offers a straightforward interface for creating survey contact lists. Each piece of contact information can be copied and pasted into form fields or a CSV file can be uploaded into the system to quickly populate contact lists.

Unlike other surveys, Customer Thermometer provides truly transparent results. Respondents aren't kept anonymous, as they are with other surveys, so businesses can directly trace results back to a specific customer experience. This allows them to take appropriate action if an employee needs to be rewarded or given additional customer service training.

Because Customer Thermometer buttons can be built into popular applications like and Zendesk, businesses can easily deploy surveys at the point of service. This, combined with the ease of the single-click format, generates a much higher response rate than other customer feedback surveys.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like

At first login, a user is taken to the "Manage Thermometers" screen. Clicking on "Add new Thermometer" brings up a form to walk users through the process of creating a new survey.

Adding a survey

Building your email text

Selecting your icon set

Naming your ratings

On this same page, you'll also be asked to specify information about the return e-mail address included with surveys.

Setting return email address

Enabling or disabling comments

You'll also be able to enable or disable comments on the thank you page and customize the thank you message they receive for each rating. At the end of the survey, you can choose to save and preview your survey to see it as the customer will see it.

Checking the survey

In the preview, users will be able to easily see their e-mail as customers will see it.

The next step is to create or upload a mailing list.

Once both your list and your Thermometer are in place, you'll be ready to combine the two. Click Send a Blast at the top of any screen.

Once your Blast has been sent, you'll be able to create reports to determine the success of your customer survey campaigns.

That'as how the app works standalone. You can also use it in conjunction with many 3rd party apps such as Zendesk and - and their list is expanding. In this embedded mode, you create a Thermometer and paste it into the relevant part of your 3rd party app which does the sending. The user experience and reporting then works in exactly the same way.

Pricing Information

Customers can sign up for a free trial account that includes ten "Thermometers." To send more, customers will be required to upgrade to a paid account. Plans start at $8.50 per month, with pricing depending on how many Thermometers a user hopes to send each month.

Customer Thermometer Review - The Bottom Line

Customer Thermometer is an easy-to-use customer survey creator that is more likely to drive results. Customers can see when they open the e-mail how easy it will be to participate in the survey, increasing the chance that they will participate. This high response rate means businesses can gain the feedback they need to make future decisions. However, to be truly effective, businesses will be required to put in some writing time in order to create surveys that match the creativity of the icons provided by Customer Thermometer.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 4/5


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