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Cyfe Review — All-in-One Business Dashboard

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 7 May 2013

Businesses today live and die by having access to the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, most businesses have the tools they use to analyze and understand various data points scattered from one end of the World Wide Web to another. It makes it difficult to keep up with all the information, as it's needed.

That's how Cyfe came to be. Deven Patel, founder of Cyfe, saw a real need in the business community for a method of gathering and collecting data in one place. As an entrepreneur, he was well aware of how much time was spent on gathering data, creating reports, and interacting with various portals and services throughout the day. Today, in my Cyfe review, we'll find out if Deven succeeded.


All Your Key Business Data in One Convenient Location

There was a need in the business community to provide access to vital information in one convenient location. Not only is gathering information from all corners of the Internet a painstaking process, but it's also time-consuming. Cyfe makes the entire process fast and easy.

Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you monitor and analyze data scattered across all your online services like Google Analytics, MailChimp, Pinterest, Alexa, Klout, Instagram, SEOmoz, PayPal, LinkedIn, AdSense, Facebook, Constant Contact, AWeber, Salesforce, WordPress, and more.from one single location in real-time. You can connect your website, blog, email, social media accounts, and so much more to your Cyfe dashboards. You can even bring your company's internal data into Cyfe via custom widgets.

It's more than a simple dashboard or access point however. You can download reports, schedule email reports, and share the information with your team so that everyone is on the same page - literally.

You don't have to stare at tiny little widgets all day and pray your eyesight holds out either. You can use TV mode to easily switch one or more of the dashboards on your monitor to the big screen monitor. If you prefer a certain look or want branded reports, the customization options available with Cyfe are sure to please too.

Internet Business Owners and Email Marketers - This is the Tool for You

There's finally a tool out there that's designed to make your job on the Internet much easier. Anyone who does a lot of switching back and forth on the Internet, for whatever reason, though can greatly benefit from Cyfe. This includes social media mavens who are constantly switching from Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, KLOUT, Pinterest and all points in between.

Startups can utilize this tool to monitor their day to day operations such as keeping tabs on number of new sign ups, conversions, and revenue.

Stock analysts who need real time access to data about stocks as they stream across the Internet are other people who can appreciate the capabilities that Cyfe represents for them.

Cyfe dashboards help you make better business decisions and save a ton of time by bringing all your business performance data under one roof and not having to log into multiple services every day.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

Based on your specific business needs you can configure Cyfe to look like however you want. You can have a social media dashboard, web analytics dashboard, business operations dashboard, or marketing dashboard. There are infinite possibilities. Below is an example of a fully configured dashboard.

Once you sign up for the Cyfe free membership, an excellent starting point for anyone considering Cyfe, you'll be taken to the dashboard area where you can begin installing widgets.

There is no need for complex or lengthy instructions. The "back office" area of the dashboard is extremely self-explanatory. You click on the little box on the tool bar to install your widgets and choose from the drop down menu. The widgets then appear on your blank canvas for you to arrange as you prefer.

Once you have the widgets you want installed (free trial subscribers have access to a limited number of widgets, you'll have to upgrade your account for more) on your dashboard, you're free to play around with the background and layout. You can add your own background or you can use one of the preset options available through Cyfe.

The Good: Fast Access to Vital Information - The Bad: Temptation is Front and Center

The best thing about Cyfe is that it gives you all the information you need at your fingertips. No more sorting through open windows in your browser. No more accidentally shutting down the wrong window because you have so many open that your mouse is constantly finding the wrong one. The Cyfe solution for getting all your vital information in one location is so elegant and simple it feels as if it's almost too easy. This dashboard is the perfect eye candy for anyone with a slight deficiency in the attention department.

The downside however, especially for those who find social networks to be a supreme temptation or who have trouble not checking email boxes every five seconds is that temptation is there, right before your very eyes with Cyfe. There's no hiding from it unless you have the willpower to delete the widget. In other words, you must exercise self-control. On the flip side, having real-time access to business performance data means that you can fix problems occurring in your business as fast as possible.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

This is perfect question to ask and the answer is a resounding, "Yes." Free works with almost any budget. While you'll only have access to a limited number of widgets, your free Cyfe account is the perfect tool to allow you to explore the potential of this dashboard for your Internet business and play. If you find the limit too restricting then you can explore the surprisingly affordable upgrade options.

Is It For You?

If you're a serious business owner or manager looking to take your business to the next level with invaluable real-time insights then, it's for you. With a free membership, there's no reason to put off finding out for you. Try it on for size and see how you like the fit and feel of all your favorite places online on your all-in-one business dashboard.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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