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Deskero Review – an Elegant Help Desk Solution

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 2 August 2013

We live in a 24/7 society where customers are no longer willing to wait days or weeks for responses to their urgent queries. Deskero offers an innovative solution for companies with demanding clients, combining traditional help desk features with modern technology that makes it easier for businesses to engage in multi-channel communication.

In this Deskero review, I will look at how the web-based application helps businesses communicate with customers through social media and other online channels. I will also test Deskero's ticketing solution to determine whether the platform can truly help businesses run more efficiently. Because social media is becoming especially important to online merchants, I will pay close attention to how Deskero's integration with platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter ultimately serves to improve the customer support process.

About Deskero

Deskero aims to empower businesses by providing them with the necessary tools to foster efficient customer communication. Deskero is a robust traditional help desk software but with a difference: it is proactive.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for queries to come to them, Deskero encourages its clients to reach out to their customers via mail, telephone, chat, web, and even social networking platforms. Companies can monitor what is being said about them, their products, and even their competitors online.

Once they start understanding a little more about the needs and wants of their customers, businesses can use Deskero's help desk tools to convert requests or queries into support tickets. Individual support tickets can be prioritized and categorized in any number of ways, while one-click responses and automatic agent assignments help keep customers in the loop on the status of their complaints. Deskero also offers tools that businesses can use to proactively reach out to customers - as well as potential customers - before they've aired their grievances publicly. Natively integrated social media connections make it possible for businesses to insert themselves into online conversations without coming off as invasive.

Main Functionality of Deskero

At the core of the Deskero platform is the basic ticket management system. Businesses can collect feedback, queries, and other support requests from their own websites by embedding a special Deskero widget. They can also direct outside requests that come in by phone, chat, web, mail, or social media into a centralized portal. Requests can instantly be converted into tickets and prioritized based on the level of importance. Advanced ticketing features allow companies to group and tag existing tickets. Ticket configuration rules can also be set up to streamline the workflow.

In addition its robust ticketing features, Deskero offers self-serve tools that businesses can use to create their own online knowledge bases, along with social media integrations for monitoring relevant customer conversations. The data that companies generate from their Deskero accounts can be adapted into visual reports. Deskero provides users with more than 20 pre-made graphical report templates, along with custom reporting tools.

Benefits of Using Deskero

Deskero's help desk solution is easy to implement and easy to use. Feedback widgets can be integrated into existing websites and configured with zero help required from internal IT support channels, and visual reports can be generated automatically using Deskero's pre-made templates. Basic actions can be completed in one click, shaving precious minutes off the time it takes agents to respond to each customer query or complaint.

Speaking of customer queries, Deskero's multi-channel social media integrations encourage customer communication and take engagement to an entirely new level. By bringing messages from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks together with traditional email and telephone messages, businesses are able to expand the number of customers they reach and increase the volume of support tickets they process each day.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Start your day by checking out your Deskero dashboard. Here, you'll find an overview of all the latest activity going on at your company. See the last five client tickets, the last five priority tickets, or the last five pending tickets. You can also filter tickets by status or channel.


Connect Deskero to your Facebook or Twitter account and add new searches to your social monitor. By setting up social monitor searches, you can track mentions of your brand, products, and competitors across social media. Relevant content can be flagged and added to the support ticketing queue.


Get to work designing a knowledge base for your customers to use. Enter a few of the questions most frequently asked by customers, along with your responses to those questions. Uploading additional files (such as images, demos, or screenshots) is an excellent way to ensure customers can resolve their issues from within your knowledge base, decreasing the chance of a customer needing to contact an in-house agent for additional support.


Finally, come back around to what your company is all about: customers. Deskero helps you keep tabs on customers, with customizable profiles for each new customer at your business. Profiles can be created to include basic contact information, along with reminder notes and links to each customer's social media profiles.


Support Information

It makes sense that a help desk provider would offer an exceptionally robust support system for new and existing users. Customers who are having trouble with Deskero are encouraged to submit their queries online for immediate help. They can also visit Deskero's custom support website to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Pricing Information

New users can join Deskero without paying a dime. The help desk provider offers a Newbie plan with a one-agent limit for free. Companies with more robust needs can sign up for the Social, Business, or Power plans, which range in price from $15 to $78 per agent, per month. All plans include Deskero's one-click reply, custom ticket tagging, instant chat tickets, full text search, email importing with smart filtering, and email attachment importing features. The platform also provides multi-language support.

Talking about Deskero's difference, they have designed the Social Plan as a separate plan, aimed for a slightly different use: more "social" less "traditional help desk". It is well suited for a target of social media manager that also have to take care of customer care through social networks.

The Bottom Line

By creating their own online help desks, companies can reduce the workload on support agents and solve more customer complaints and questions in less time. Being able to resolve customer issues in a timely manner is incredibly important for any business that relies on reviews or feedback for growth. Deskero's social media integrations and add-on tools are also extremely useful for businesses that are interested in listening to what people are saying about them, as well as their competitors, in public forums online.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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