Dozeo Review – Beautify Digital Encounters

Dozeo Review – Beautify Digital Encounters

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 5 July 2013

Once upon a time, dozeo founder, Maximilian Mack of Stuttgart, Germany, had to travel all around presenting seminars, or worse, rely on inferior webinar software to help him make his point from a distance. He didn't like operating that way and an idea was born that would, two years later, revolution the way businesses conduct online meetings and webinars.

This dozeo review seeks to find out, did he succeed?

What is dozeo and How Can It Help Your Business?

Max had an idea, a mission really, to "beautify digital encounters." He accomplished this goal by creating dozeo, a B2B platform for online meetings. Businesses save money because they're able to conduct the same high quality seminars they'd like to without the high costs of traveling from one location to the next in order to do so. In fact, dozeo is completely scalable to handle large groups or settings that are more intimate. This means businesses can do multiple webinars in less time than it would typically take to accomplish one seminar saving time, labor, and travel expenses.

Which Businesses Stand to Benefit Most from dozeo?

Any business interested in expansion of market share, consumer base, or looking for partnerships stands to gain much by using dozeo for online meetings. Businesses that operate across state lines or across national borders also have much to gain (or, as the case may be, to save) by taking advantage of the dozeo service. The benefits, however, do not end with online seminars. The software is also highly useful for collaboration, customer service, sales, and even coordinating research and product developments. The possibilities are almost limitless for any business. Even companies that accommodate remote workers can easily include them in vital company meetings - no matter how remote their locations may actually be.

What Makes dozeo Different from Similar Products on the Market for Businesses?

There are several well-known solutions for webinars on the market today. Why should businesses consider dozeo over the other available options? The long and short of the answer is that dozeo is more elegant than the other products on the market. It's the difference between a Chevrolet and a Cadillac. The other platforms will get you there, but the ride won't be nearly as comfortable, seamless, or luxurious. They simply lack the bells and whistles that come with dozeo. These bells and whistles make the system so impressive.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

The landing page is inviting and informative without being overbearing. You're not overwhelmed with too much information.

Dozeo 1 - Landing Page

Once you reach the back office area there are small signs to point you in the right direction and the layout is very simplistic.

Dozeo 2 - Simple Instructions

You won't even have to worry about complicated processes for scheduling meetings. The process is a cinch that requires no real technical expertise to get rolling.

Dozeo 3 - Easy Meeting Scheduling

Adding new contacts is very simple process in the back office area. It's one of the simplest interfaces for this type of software available.

Dozeo 4 - Setup

The Good and the Bad about dozeo

dozeo almost seems too good to be true - especially for anyone who has struggled with complex software and platforms in the past. Not only is it easy to follow and navigate, but there are also plenty of bells and whistles that let you do more than simply "meet" online. Some of the popular features dozeo offers include: screen sharing, the ability to watch YouTube videos at the same time, uploading documents to share in the meeting. The fact that no downloads are required and that the system works with all browsers is an added benefit.

Features like SSL encryption, calendar integration, and extreme scalability make it a real win with businesses expecting growth in the future or that simply want more options when scheduling and planning their meetings.

So, what's the bad news? The bad news is that you must pay for the convenience. However, that pales in comparison with the money you'll save with improved efficiency, saved labor costs, and lower travel-related business expenses for things you can now handle online without missing a beat.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

While there are costs involved with dozeo, the system is a solid investment for your business that will generate a substantial return. There are three different monthly subscription plans at three price points. You can change your plan at any time. This means it's perfectly acceptable to start small and upgrade if, and when, needed. There is also a 14-day free trial. This allows you the opportunity to try the software out for yourself and see how you like it.

Is it For You?

There are few businesses dozeo can't help. The 14-day free trial allows you the opportunity to see exactly how much it can help your benefit. The truth is you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it out to see how much it can help your business break new records for sales, customer service, recruitment, and innovation.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 3/5 and ease of deployment 5/5