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Easy to Setup eCommerce Platforms to Start Selling Online Today

by Diana Berryman
Published on 10 December 2014

ecomm platforms featured Selling online should be easy right? But eCommerce platforms look daunting and difficult to set up and manage? That isn't (always) the case, most eCommerce platforms are simple and not as time consuming as you may assume. Ok so it's a little scary to get started but once you do you will see that you had nothing whatsoever to worry about after all. We want to show you just how easy it is to set up your eCommerce in five simple steps.

When you venture into selling online you are creating a business to sell your wares. Whether you sell, shoes, books, crafts or whatever, you need your software to do the work for you so you can concentrate on other aspects of your biz. So, with the help of this awesome software provider, let's walk through the steps of setting up your sparkly new eCommerce platform so you can get started selling your gorgeous goods online.

Our teachers today are the guys from Handshake which is an eCommerce platform for all you budding wholesalers out there.…

Step 1: Sign up for a free Handshake trial.


Step 2 : Gather your customer list and product price list. Typically, Handshake customers have Excel spreadsheets of this information, either from their order form or a quick export from their accounting system.


Step 3: In your Handshake account, import your product, price and customer information using the easy uploader. This process takes just minutes. You can also import product images at this point for a great visual presentation experience.


Step 4: Download the Handshake App to your iPad or iPhone and log in.


Step 5: Write your first order following the simple instructions given in the Handshake app. Send a confirmation to the customer and to your Customer Service department for instant processing and fulfillment.

handshake-orders-step 5

All five steps take just minutes to complete for each app so you can be up and running in a morning and ready to sell, sell, sell! It really is that simple to do so what do you have to lose?

Other awesome eCommerce platforms include Prestashop whose set-up is as easy as downloading their free software and customizing to match your brand. Marty Shue the CEO of Carolina Custom Designs says "PrestaShop is packed with all the essential tools that any online business needs to build an e-commerce site and sell products."

Another alternative eCommerce platform is LightCMS where you can sign up for free and take just 60 seconds to join and start customizing your platform. Trey Woods the founder of Hoboken Coffee Roasters said this: "Our website represents us perfectly. I'm excited as a business owner to have a presence online that I can point people to and be proud of, I would definitely recommend LightCMS to any small business owner."

As you can see setting up your first eCommerce platform is neither difficult nor time-consuming so if you have the products to sell what are you waiting for? Time is money so let's get selling online today! For a full list of eCommerce and shopping cart software you should visit our marketplace here on GetApp. For more great ecommerce choices read our App Guinea Pig: Four Awesome eCommerce Apps for Small Business.

Diana Berryman, aka the Social Butterfly, is a social media marketer and content creator.


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