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How to Efficiently Open Your eBay Store With eBay Management Software!

by Christophe Primault
Published on 1 October 2012

Opening an eBay store may seem like a great idea and easy to run. In fact, sometimes it can be harder than running a physical store or independent e-commerce store. One should not forget the fact that there are many eBay customers who are connected to thousands of sellers through one site, eBay. Consider the fact that eBay has its own search engine which operates separately from other search engines such as Google. Therefore, e-bay stores need special optimization for its own search engine. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is impossible for an individual to open and run an eBay store. There are many success stories! There are several ways eBay entrepreneurs can obtain a competitive advantage. For instance, look to collaborate with people who have experience in certain fields, and consider outsourcing activities like inventory tracking. Or, look for cloud based eCommerce applications that can help entrepreneurs automate and facilitate many operations. Cloud based applications only need an Internet connection and a web browser. Here we brought together eBay management software solutions that should be considered before opening an eBay store.

For Clean & Accurate Financial Data Tracking: Xero

Since many eBay stores run by selling products constantly, it is essential to keep excellent track of all transactions. There are many accounting applications that address this need. However, we suggest you use Xero which can automate the transactions from and to PayPal so that transactions can appear directly on the application's interface. Or you can use the eBay connector by One SaaS which allows you to automatically push your sales and invoice data from eBay to Xero.

Online Store Apps

For Accurate Inventory Control: Brightpearl

According to the eBay business model, most payments are made before shipping. So, great inventory control is a must to keep customers happy and avoid negative reviews on e-bay accounts. Cloud based inventory management applications offer great solutions for the self-employed and sole proprietor business owners. We suggest one top rank app which has an very user friendly interface, Brightpearl. Brightpearl offers a special eBay integration to save time with synchronized prices and inventory and allows you to see the transactions feed straight into your accounts.

Right Shippings On Time: Shipwire

In an eBay business, customer satisfaction is directly related to shipping. eBay is full of examples of parcels that do not reach to buyers on time or, worse, do not reach them at all. Therefore, if one wants to have an eBay account with 100% positive reviews, then a smart business owner should not leave the shipping to chance. Shipwire is a cloud based shipping solution specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. It also offers free e-commerce connections to google, amazon, eBay and more, to automate order processing.

What Is The Total Cost?

Xero= $19/month BrightPearl= $59/month Shipwire= $30/month Total= $108/month

Is It Worth The Price?

It is natural to ask if it worth paying around $100 month for software to help run an e-bay business. If one consider the benefits of these applications such as clear accounting, inventory control and shipping on time, the answer would be yes. Moreover, thanks to the automation features in of all these applications, the business can be run by just one person. What can be better than that?


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