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Entryless Review – Accounts Payable as a Service and Bill Automation

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 22 April 2013

Entryless reviewWhen overworked business owners manage high volumes of bills and invoices on their own, mistakes are bound to occur. Entryless is an accounts payable as a service suite that aims to enable companies to see, manage and pay all their AP online under one platform, thus reducing the chances for financial errors by automating the process of managing invoices and reducing the workload for busy entrepreneurs.

In this Entryless review, I will take a close look at the Entryless accounts payable as a service platform for processing bills, categorizing payments, paying vendor invoices, and reconciling company accounts. I will determine what makes Entryless stand apart from other accounting AP cloud apps that integrate with accounting systems and explain how merchants can best utilize its feature to improve their business practices.

About Entryless

When business owners spend less time worrying about approving accounts payable bills and sending payments, they free up their time for more important endeavors. Entryless provides tools to make it easier for entrepreneurs to manage their companies' finances, automating processes to speed up the workflow and reduce human errors.

Entryless handles the most time consuming parts of small business accounting, so its customers don't have to. Business owners who use the accounting suite can send all paper incoming bills to the Entryless processing center in California, or via e-mail forwarding or web upload, where they will be categorized, verified, and processed immediately upon receipt.

Main Functionality of Entryless

Entryless functions as a digital accounts payable department for businesses of all sizes. The platform automates the process of collecting and managing incoming bills for businesses in many industries, from manufacturing companies, restaurants and fitness studios to medical offices, automotive dealerships, and other large corporations.

Get started by uploading your vendors and accounts to Entryless as CSV or Excel files. You can also connect the online suite to your existing Xero, Quickbooks or Freshbooks accounts, for even faster integration.

Entryless offers free vendor on boarding for six months. During this time, the company will send instructions to each of your vendors to reroute your paper bills to the company's processing center, or simply instruct the e-mail forwarding address where Entryless will download and process the bills. Entryless ensures its customers that all of their vendors will comply with their new accounting process in less than six month's time, thus allowing peace of mind to customers from Day 1.

Having your bills routed directly to Entryless allows you to take a back seat in the payment collection process. Access your Entryless account to review your accounts payable department whenever you have time. Entryless provides you with information on the status of all invoices, along with the number of bills that have been processed, approved, rejected, and disputed. Entryless offers same-day processing for electronic and paper bills, while still giving business owners the option to sort and approve accounts payable bills in their own time.

Benefits of Using Entryless

By transitioning to Entryless, businesses can save money and reduce accounting errors. They can also implement varying access levels for individual employees, limiting the information that junior-level staffers have access to within the Entryless platform.

The cost to use Entryless is significantly less than the costs associated with employing a staff to run an in-house accounts payable department, even for businesses that choose Entryless' enterprise-level service, they free up staff resources that allows them to focus on revenue generating tasks. Entryless also decreases the chance for human computation errors by automating all of the bills capture processes. Business owners are less likely to make erroneous keystrokes or calculation mistakes when the entire accounting process is managed online, which is by far the greatest benefit to using an automated AP as a Service platform like Entryless.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

The Entryless interface is extremely straightforward, making it easy for business owners and managers to get started using the application within minutes of signing up for an account. The application's dashboard page lists the number bills at each stage of the approval process, along with the total expenses a business has incurred and an activity feed that updates as new invoices are processed.

entry 1

Companies from day 1 can start seeing online their accounts payable without any effort, Entryless does the rest. All bills processed are ready for audit and approval, bills are auto-categorized, and all key data is captured automatically, allowing businesses to forget about typing their bills again into their cloud accounting systems, thus one of the biggest gains on using Entryless is on visibility.

entry 2

Managers can drag and drop invoices from their desktops into the Entryless platform. Entryless accepts bills in PDF, Excel, Word, and JPG formats.

entry 3

Entryless also provides users with the option to submit accounts payable bills manually for any adjustment needed.

As Entryless is capable of processing accounts payable bills on a company's behalf, the application offers managers the option of viewing all historic approved, rejected, pending, or disputed invoices. Bills can be sorted by vendor name and approval date.

entry 4

Entryless syncs with the most popular cloud accounting applications in the market. Companies can always ask for custom integrations, or simply export reports in .csv.

entry 5

Support Information

The application maintains a detailed knowledge base, where users can browse through frequently asked questions and submit their own queries to the Entryless support team. Entryless also encourages users to submit feedback and suggestions for how the AP platform could be adjusted to better meet the needs of small business users.

Pricing Information

Entryless offers four levels of pricing, starting at $99 per month. The most popular plan for small business owners is the Entryless Gold plan, at $179 per month. For that price, Entryless will process up to 1,000 electronic invoices and 250 paper invoices each month. Entryless also provides an Enterprise plan for large businesses that needs high volume bills processing and role-based users. I recommend that businesses choose a plan based on the number of invoices they expect to process in an average month.

The Bottom Line

Time is a precious commodity for business owners and managers. For that reason, I highly recommend that business owners who do not have the time or resources to dedicate to processing multiple accounts payable bills each month let Entryless take over the job. By using Entryless, business owners can reduce their workflows and ensure that their bills will be paid on time. Entryless may also save businesses money, by improving accuracy and eliminating the costs associated with human error.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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