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Falcon Social Review – Social Media Collaboration Tool

by Stephanie Faris
Published on 11 October 2013

Modern social media marketing campaigns often involve team members across several departments within one organization. As customer service, sales, marketing, and HR staff connect to deploy and track social media efforts, it's vital that all team members are able to collaborate, with transparency. Falcon Social provides an easy answer, with an innovative tool that keeps social media campaigns moving forward.

This Falcon Social review covers the functionality of this unique platform, which has the ability to bring workers together in collaborations not previously available. Their customers use the platform to coordinate social efforts regardless of geographic location, using a sophisticated organization model. The app has achieved several honors, including being named by Facebook as a Global Top 10 Preferred Marketing Developer, and a Young Bull award for innovation in technology from WhiteBull Summits.

About Falcon Social

Falcon Social is a social media platform that brings team members across a company's organizational structure together. Through its easy-to-use interface, users can deploy social media campaigns and track results. Used by big-name companies such as Pandora, Warner Music, and Carlsberg, Falcon Social integrates with a business's other social media activities with the goal of making marketers' jobs easier.

But Falcon is much more. The app gives marketers the ability to manage large-scale social media campaigns with analytics and reporting. Through Falcon Social's editorial calendar, marketers can more easily manage multiple social media campaigns to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Main Functionality of Falcon Social

Falcon Social focuses on team collaboration, bringing staff members together to work on social media campaigns. Businesses can manage their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tumblr profiles through Falcon Social, assigning tasks to specific team members in order to ensure the workload is distributed evenly.

The platform implements a collaborative business model, and aims for cross-functional enhancement for integrations and alliances. Falcon Social integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Service, and Balanced Scorecards (BSC).

Organizations can also create apps directly within the interface, reducing the need to outsource app development, or add to the workload of an R&D department.

Benefits of Using Falcon Social

With so many major social media networks now on the scene, businesses are challenged to stay in control of their campaigns. Falcon Social brings everything together, allowing teams to organize multiple campaigns on multiple social media sites, utilizing multiple team members.

While there are other social media dashboard sites out there, Falcon Social puts an emphasis on collaboration. Being able to view and manage multiple social media profiles in one place is a big bonus, as well. For businesses keeping up with multiple social media campaigns, Falcon Social can be a great cost-saving measure, saving hours of work and avoiding missed opportunities when launching a new campaign.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

When you first log into Falcon Social, you'll be prompted to integrate your social media profiles. Adding your company's social media profiles prepares you to begin managing your profiles through the Falcon Social dashboard, which is divided into five sections:

Moderation - easily view, respond, and assign comments to different teams within your organization for immediate, qualified representation.


Publishing - the easy calendar overview also provides a look at reach and performance, to show what's being published, and how it's doing.

calender - weeklyListening - by setting up some queries within your relevant parameters, you get an overview of the related conversation, and the trending topics and influencers.


Applications - design and create your own Facebook applications for mobile, desktop, and tablet in minutes, without waiting for a design or engineering team.


Analytics - analyze actions, engagement, show growth and influence, and benchmark yourself against competitors using key metrics.


Team management/governance - Falcon is built to manage social by collaborative effort, to ensure quick response, and offer effective crisis management, should that ever become necessary.

Support Information

Falcon Social places an emphasis on customer service, training each staff member to put the customer first. When a customer suggests an upgrade or enhancement, Falcon Social takes that request seriously, considering it as part of its product development phase.

Customer support is available seven days a week, free of charge via e-mail or through the site's support forum. Falcon Social also has a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ section that can often answer any questions a customer might have.

Pricing Information

As the Falcon platform is developed for enterprises and organizations of across multiple industries and sizes, pricing is dependent on elements such as number of users, business units, connected channels, volume of messages, and integration points.

The Bottom Line

Providing a much more robust social media dashboard than its competitors, Falcon Social is a great tool for organizing a business's social media efforts. It's ideal for businesses that have multiple social media sites managed by multiple team members.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 4/5


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