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Mobile Productivity, File Sharing & Collaboration on Steroids — a Review of Soonr

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 2 August 2012

Soonr reviewSoonr is a mobile content management and collaboration tool that offers a comprehensive secure cloud-based system for businesses of all sizes and their employees who are looking for a way to upload and share large files, when working on projects involving multiple team members inside and outside of the office and/or across offices, using any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet). Soonr offers a secure and private place for you to organize, collaborate and share your important files using advanced syncing technology.

Project Management, File Storage, Backup & File Synchronization

No matter what size business you have, chances are that digital files play a key role, such as sales collateral, product specs, financial plans or proposals. By keeping them on your own server or computers in the office, you are at risk for possible theft or damage to them. By using a trusted cloud-based system such as Soonr ,they claim that over 125,000 businesses use the solution, you have a way to have them automatically backed up, keep previous versions and even files that have been deleted.

Soonr is based on a team-based model, where each user is provisioned by the team admin. With this you can ensure that all your data is stored in one central place that you have full control over. Soonr has a strong story around its data-centers and associated security. For instance any data stored with Soonr is always stored in 2 different data-centers, and is encrypted during transmission and while stored.

Now backup is just the beginning with Soonr. For instance files stored can easily be searched and shared with others in a secure way as you can only share with other users that have been provisioned by your team Admin.

Not only can you share files online with others, but you can also access the backed up files and access Soonr online or offline! Yes, I said offline! Any Project stored in Soonr can be synced down on the PC for local access by any team member who has access and by marking individual files as favorites, they'll be saved to your mobile device for viewing without an Internet connection! YES! Your meeting presentation is saved! Plus, everything is easily organized into various projects you will create and edit yourself.

Mobile Access For All Soonr Users Offers Increased Accessibility

As mentioned before, Soonr has online and offline capabilities, but the company's advanced innovative technology also includes a mobile app. Not just one mobile app, but several such as the Soonr Workplace and Soonr Scribble. If you have an iPad, Android device, or a Blackberry , you can use Soonr on your mobile device. It offers and easy way to access your projects, team lists, and digital files than to use the Soonr Mobile apps.

This means as long as your smart phone or tablet PC is with you, you have immediate access to everything on your Soonr account. Another thing to mention here is that you don't need any other download to work with your files. The Soonr technology allows you to work with files using just the Soonr app. For instance if you need to do a quick change to a Powerpoint presentation, you can do that from Soonr Workplace. Want to annotate files quickly? Get Soonr Scribble so that you can mark up documents. Now you just got even more productive!

Content Management & Deliverables

I can't sing the praises enough of the super productivity a business can experience when implementing all of the features that Soonr offers. When your business chooses Soonr for your cloud-based project management, content management, content creation, file storage, secure file sharing, and productivity software, you will notice that employees begin improving their productivity right away. You can see who has worked on what, and when from your dashboard and set up notifications to be emailed to you when any file is changed. Finally should any employee leave the company, the company will be assured that their data doesn't leave with them as the management features of Soonr ensures that the Administrators can easily turn off access.

What's more, you'll also notice that your own productivity has increased exponentially. With the easy to organize projects, team aspects, connections, easy syncing technology, and the cloud-based program, you are able to easily share ideas, files, and other important information in a quick and efficient manner. By performing these important functions faster, productivity increases automatically making Soonr more than worth the price.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

I know I sound like a woman in love, but that's only because I am. Believe me when I say that I'm signing up for Soonr myself. It's that good! One of the best things about the Soonr cloud-based system is how easy it is to use and navigate. Once you sign up for your Soonr account, you will be automatically directed to the home page where a download for the desktop version of the program begins downloading. At this point, you will be instructed to follow the simple steps for installing Soonr on your desktop, but you can skip this option if you choose.

soonr review

Once you have the program installed, you can either use Soonr on your desktop or online from their website using any device. If you choose the online version, you should start by clicking on your Dashboard to edit basic information. Here, you will edit your company information, (brand it for your own company for pro accounts) see how much data you have left to use, view files that are uploaded or backed up, and have access to recent projects, team Members, Connections and files.

If you want to add or edit a project, simply click on the Projects tab at the top of the page and follow the simple, on-screen instructions. It is very easy to add, edit, and delete projects in order to keep your business and digital files updated and maintained. For each project, you can add specific team members that have access to those projects and associated files.

soonr review

Pros And Cons

One of the advantages to using Soonr is the ability to create teams with your choice of administrators, members and connections. Administrators will be able to create different team accounts, while Members are going to be co-workers who you feel comfortable sharing company information and your Connections will be partners, clients, customers, and suppliers.

This is an amazing benefit to using Soonr. Honestly, the only disadvantage I found to Soonr was the price for a freelancer like me, but when you factor in the other benefits to using the program, the price far outweighs this disadvantage. For instance with Soonr, I now have a great way to share files with my clients, and I can write articles on the beach with my tablet. In fact, once I get things organized and sign up, I think I'll save money because I currently use three separate programs to do what Soonr does, all inclusive.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

When you first sign up for Soonr, you will have access to a 14-day free trial in order to try it out and decide if you like it. After that, you have a choice of 3 different plans, which themselves have different levels. All three plans are significantly different in price and each charge monthly or yearly, depending on your preferences. The main differences in plans are what you get as far as the amount of space you can have, how many team members, connections and how many projects.

Is It For You?

The thing that sets Soonr apart is that it's made for business. Many cloud-based programs are not necessarily made for business, and for instance make it easy to post data on Facebook or lack in security. Businesses that are looking for an easier and safer way to save and share files, backup files, and become more productive will enjoy using Soonr. It has many benefits and very little disadvantages, and lets you access the program online, off-line, or from your mobile devices and tablet computers. The added benefit to using Soonr is the staff, everyone is very helpful. You can arrange for someone to walk you through the set up and the features live, and they are very open to answering support questions specific to your business' needs.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 4.5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5